Vegas Vacation
Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 7:00pm
Chillin in Vegas again, for 5 days. It's our 21st birthday so come hang!

Another big official gathering probably won't happen until UMD's 25th birthday, but I will probably be in Vegas annually for vacay going forward. Come and chill and have some fun!!

Note: Ariel and Jewel are doing sessions and have room for just one more. If you want to get messy with them in Vegas, please e-mail

We are keeping in touch via the groupme app.
Event page quick link: https//

Friday, May 3: Meet up at the Handle Bar on Fremont St.
Saturday, May 4: Pool party at 10; Meet up at the Handle Bar at 7.
Sunday, May 5: Pool party at 10; Meet up at the Handle Bar at 7 for pregame to go to the Strip!
Location & Info:
Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada (Old Vegas)
Messmaster Google Voice: (302) 786-9144 (please text)

Uber is a great way to get around Vegas, including from the airport. Temperatures in May will probably be 89 degrees (31 celsius) and 66 (19) at night. This is a real desert and the dry climate is very real. It'll suck the moisture right out of you even when it's cool out. Bring lotion and drink tons of water!!

Please contact MM if you have organized any other meet-ups!

Fremont Street Hotels:
The Golden Nugget
A popular hotel located in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience, this place is full of old school charm. Even though renovated, you feel history just walking through the place. You can't help feeling relaxed and groovy staying here. This is headquarters for the event. The best wing is the Gold Tower. They said sorry, no clothes in the pool :(
The D
A decent and reasonably priced hotel about a block from the Golden Nugget. The pool isn't that great, but the rooms are decent.
Four Queens
The Plaza

About Fremont Street:
There are two Las Vegases. The newer, glossier one is called "the strip" and it's where you'll find mega-hotels like the Bellagio and Paris. But 15 minutes downtown sits the old original Vegas. The one with the neon cowboy. The one from old James Bond movies. The main scene is on Fremont Street. Nowadays it's been blocked off to traffic, and to compete with the gloss of the new Vegas, they've cranked up the fun! There's a giant overhead screen and bars and casinos and music everywhere. It's where you go to really have fun, not spend a lot, and let loose with 3 blocks worth of other people doing the same thing! It's symbolic that UMD's new hosting center happens to be just one block away.

Meeting each other:
This event is being thrown purely for fun. To keep it that way, we'll show maximum respect for each other, just like we do on this site. Some of us are shy and some are outgoing, but nobody is to be made to feel intimidated. Please be mindful of everyone's space and keep your hands to yourself. Please ask before taking anyone's picture or video. Be mindful that some people may prefer to be called by their screen names, so use that first. No wam events are being officially planned by UMD, and models are not obligated to perform or book sessions.
More Vegas Info:
Vegas Hotel Guide
Vegas Food and Drink Guide

Pool party rsvp's:
Please rsvp with messmaster

Event Conversation:
wamfan  4/23/19
I'm gonna try and head out there...I don't have a solid plan yet.   Edit  Report
rctowsu  4/23/19
I am on the way and I am looking to make money while I am out there so I am looking to get messy as much as possible and looking for some help I am trying to raise money for childrens hospital cancer reserch any help would greatly be welcome at the end of my journey I will post video and all clips will be posted will be heading out in aa couple of days   Edit  Report
VegasWAM  4/16/19
Not sure if I can make any of the scheduled events but I live in Vegas so I would be happy to meet up some other time and have some fun.    Edit  Report
Messmaster  4/12/19
We will also be in town Sunday, leaving Monday.... Down to chill   Edit  Report
WetAtc  4/10/19
I'll be in town starting that Sunday if any festivities are still planned   Edit  Report
PhillyWAMAddict  4/10/19
Wish I could go... let's get some pictures and video from this event and post it for the group... messy or not! It would be great to see Wammers together!   Edit  Report
soundguy  4/9/19
I'm unable to fit the dates into my schedule this year, so sadly I won't be in attendance.   Edit  Report
Sploshman  2/21/19
Hopefully will be there again - was brilliant last year.   Edit  Report
messydreams  2/11/19
Would love to attend again, it was a blast last year! But sadly I have a wedding that weekend. I hope we make it an annual event!   Edit  Report
gopher1  2/10/19
Sounds good. Will check schedule.   Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  2/7/19
I'd love to come hang again man, but it's just not possible. But let's catch up again some time at home.   Edit  Report
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