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Monday, Apr 8, 2024 at 12:00am

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Was thinking if we do it in Dallas we could catch the solar eclipse there on April 8. Plus the pie catapult is local, MG is only a couple hours' drive, and Darla is somewhere in Texas too. I think a really long drive but still within the state at least!

(This is not a real, official, sanctioned event yet!)
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Dallas somewhere
geyemessy1  1/18/24
I will conveniently be in Texas for the Eclipse so if I can add in some WAM fun I'd be happy to joinReport
WaxAndCrisco  12/24/23
I wish I could get to America. This is on my birthday!Report
JoeMama  8/28/23
I'm in if this happens, although I would recommend the date be set on a weekend. And I will definitely splurge for the Fruitkitty super pie/gunge package Report
TannerQS  8/16/23
I'd attend if mud was involved.Report
Slapdash WAM  8/16/23
I live outside Houston so I'd be up for an easy trip.Report
Professor Bob  5/15/23
Imagine trying to get the pie catapult thru customsReport
spacewam  5/13/23
we do UK/euro meet up sometime .Report
Darla DeVour  5/13/23
I would love to do a meet up in Dallas! That being said, I agree with Bob that we should do a poll to see what would be best for the majority. After we give people some time to recuperate from Vegas, I would be down to help put together the pollReport
Professor Bob  5/12/23
I am about 6 hour outside of Dallas, but maybe we should do a poll east coast would be ok to
Professor Bob
Wambassador  5/11/23
And you can fly direct there from just about anywhere in the country! As long as you can stomach flying on American... lol

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