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Hi, I am a bisexual/pansexual Californian furry that loves wam. Slime, pies, shaving cream, mud, clay, and even quicksand. I am always up to chat and meet new people too!

Other fetishes I really enjoy the thought of: Vore, peril, domination, bondage, rubber/latex, costumes and others that come and go with moods (Ask away and see what I am feeling!) I also enjoy roleplay from time to time and very rarely write.

I got my start in WAM watching messy game shows that a lot of us could easily name. I love the wild and wacky antics of those shows, I love the brash colors, garish designs, and loud music. It just all looked so fun and freeing to me. WAM from there on forth became a major love of mine.

In addition to that on the internet I stumbled across Quicksand Visuals and Mud Puddle Visuals, as well as movie and television show clips uploaded on the internet which also had a really profound effect on me, adding quicksand and perilous sinkings to my fetish loves, and also soaring mud and clay to be my favorite substances to play with (Alongside slime and shaving cream).

In terms of non-fetish hobbies, I enjoy pc gaming (creative, tycoon/management, rpgs, and fps games are particular favorites), miniature modeling/model railroading, theme/amusement parks, traveling, and learning about history and culture.

I am more likely to see inbox messages than chats but I do try to reach out when I get messages.

So please feel free to drop me a message and say hello! I always like meeting new people
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