Mud Fetish--Proliferation
As for the WAM community, well we were all around, we all thought we were odd because of our love of Mud, playing in it and getting sexually aroused by it. We never discovered we were not alone until the internet happened or we were very, very lucky. I was one of the latter, I found a guy called Roger Carpenter in England (I am English) who was really a general WAM enthusiast, but did organize events that had some Mud Wrestling in them called Aquantics. I almost had a heart attack when I saw hot girls do this live, I actually married one of them! The nice thing about events and the internet was one not only felt a bit more normal but one also meet like kind people. Its was at one of these events I met Rob Blaine, a WAM producer specializing in Mud Videos from Austin Texas.

He and 2 models actually flew in early for an event and that gave us time to talk. Back in those days models were few and far between and fees were super high, I know Rob paid over US$600 for a single shoot most of the time, most came from strip clubs, some were just free spirits, one of Rob's first models 'Shaun' was such a girl, she and Rob did many of the very early videos. I later went on to make her my wife. Storage technology was in its infancy at this time, video cameras were very low res and sensitive to damage, no such thing as a digital camera, a modest editing suite was tens of thousands of dollars, I spent many a long night with Rob keeping the early Avid system on Windows NT working. As a result of super high modelling fees and equipment costs Rob had to sell his videos on VCR tapes for US$60+ each. But back then this was first of all amazing that you could watch a hot girl playing in Mud again and again, but also the fact that Rob started to shoot video more and more regularly.

Texas was also somewhat unique as its climate was very hot in Summer, its big and much of the countryside of vacant of life for dozens of miles, but it also had these amazing mud pits that were actually the slurry from rock/cement production. Shooting was extremely difficult, equipment was heavy and sensitive to dust, the locations were very hard to get to and involved hiking many miles, attempting to get a small crew and models to the location was like herding cats on a hot tin roof! One of the questions I am asked the most is: "How do you find Mud Pits?" Well back in the days when Rob was around there was no Google Earth to search, luckily we were both pilots, so we would spend an entire day flying low looking for them, and even then 9 times out of 10 they were to hard to get to, so their location was a closely guarded secret, even today.

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