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It is... ☻
Photo: ῀King Snake῀11/17/13report
Oh yes ;-D ... melting~
Photo: ♥ touch it, smell it, taste it so sweet... 11/12/13report
Oh, don't know what ☺ but it was SUPER & MASSIVE ;-D
Photo: ▼Poison or Remedy▲11/12/13report
Photo: ῀King Snake῀11/6/13report
Photo: ▼Poison or Remedy▲11/1/13report
Photo: Master ☺f Puppets11/1/13report
Now this is really funny ☻ Finally after so many years NOW I know that I can move that pic 2 my 'Heroes' photoalbum... ;-D Thank u ☺
Photo: Beware of the elbows !! ;-D10/30/13report
... she's on fire !!
Exposed... ;-)
might b here right beside... ;-)
Photo: ῀King Snake῀10/24/13report
Strike a pose... ;-P
Thanx :-) Yes, those coincidences r really rare... :-O I hope u enjoyed it ;-D
Photo: Open your eyes, open your mind APES10/20/13report
LOL ! Yes/NO ! We should wait till every body is sitting @/on the table... |-D !?
Photo: Like my favourite biscuit... !?10/18/13report
No I can't resist it ! ---> Now hold me back no body's save... ;-O
Photo: Like my favourite biscuit... !?10/17/13report
tell me now... can u follow my see's ?
Photo: hmmm there's no p☺int ?10/2/13report
---> Maybe if u look @ her with a whole hearted smile ;-)... she moves over !?
Photo: No matter how much u implore...9/30/13report
Oh, trust me... we're two of a kind !?
Photo: hmmm there's no p☺int ?9/27/13report words can soothe her !
Photo: No matter how much u implore...9/26/13report
Thanx :-x & No, but u can follow me here... ;-) !?
User: Tyra9/15/13report
Can u feel it ?
Photo: Welcome feel it Enough to make systems blow ?9/10/13report
Thank u ;-) ...if and when, i will keep that in my mind... ;-)
User: Tyra8/31/13report
... u're gonna b mine ;-)
Photo: Sooner or later...8/6/13report
Stay 4 the play... ;-D
Photo: F A N T A S Y7/23/13report
Thanx ;-) and many kisses :-x :-x ;-x
User: Tyra7/20/13report
Come on people ! Ever tried 2 try ?
Photo: Try me :-)7/19/13report
Once you get a taste you'll b coming back for more... ;-P
Photo: She can make everything magical... ;-D7/10/13report
She's all mine, I can paint her... :-)
;-D ...not built 4 the garden ?
Photo: I kissed a girl...6/26/13report
I know the dream, that you're dreamin' of... ;-D
Photo: Make A Little Space Make A Better Place...6/22/13report
...tell me, it's not all that glitters is gold ?
Photo: ...worth much more than gold :-)6/22/13report
Any1 who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist :-)
Photo: :-♥☺★☻♥-:6/20/13report
Can I follow ?
Photo: A few animals r left out...6/20/13report
found each other, like destiny... Is this going too fast?
Photo: slowly melted away almost like a dream come true6/20/13report
...golden again :-) feels so amazing...
Photo: Fly Like an Eagle6/19/13report
Another Rock in the ocean... :-)
Golden living dreams of visions...
look at one another short of breath...
Photo: I kissed a girl...6/18/13report
Laughing in the open air... :-D
Passion ---> People in motion...
Photo: Life is a dance floor... :-)6/17/13report
What kind of candy do u want ? Sweet chocolate? :-)
Candy ? U can get some... :-)
Thank u :-) !!
Yeah yeah :-) this is great ! What would it b if YOU were faced with me ?
Photo: ♥V☻☻d☺☺♠6/17/13report
like the the way she dance ? She got the fire...
Photo: Nothing left 2 do but dance... :-D6/16/13report
...that girl put a spell on me ;-)
Photo: Don't u dare... ~Magic People~ 6/16/13report
Photo: Don't u dare... ~Magic People~ 6/16/13report
So weak dude. Dark times...
Photo: Don't u dare... ~Magic People~ 6/16/13report
ballons on their way...
I wanna stick around a while... :-D
Seeking candy ? ;-D
...So I Come With Adrenaline !! ;-O
Photo: ☻6/15/13report
---> love it madly... ;-D
Photo: She's nice 2 see...6/14/13report
Photo: IZ ON you can see it in their faces 6/14/13report
---> u can meet Good girls on a combat mission... Wait whats happening !? ;-P
Photo: I'm a beast ... does it turn u on ? ;-D6/12/13report
Come join... that's how it's supposed 2 b !!
Photo: I'm a beast ... does it turn u on ? ;-D6/11/13report
...they call me SPITFIRE !!! ;-O
Photo: ONly dreaMin ☺ just a flamE...6/11/13report
Welcome 2 the jungle... ;-D
...and I liked it :-P
Photo: I kissed a girl...6/11/13report
Recognize... someone's always playing wet games :-D
she loves Rock 'n' Roll...
Photo: Rock 'N' Roll Train6/7/13report
...saw her dancing there ?
Photo: The Adventures ☺f Rain Dance6/7/13report
...know 4 sure :-) gotta sweat or u won't get far...
Photo: Lets get rocked !6/7/13report
Thanx 4 the positive feedback... Always welcome :-)
Photo: ....she's soft 2 touch !!6/4/13report
A golden Glance...
...A golden Dream
...I ain't wasting no more time... :-)
Photo: here I go again5/29/13report
Still catch my eye ? ;-D
...I can c clearly now... :-D
Photo: :-D 5/18/13report
here comes the sun... :-)
Photo: :-D 5/17/13report
..`.. dreaming ..`..
Photo: Reaching for... Stardust ? Jump off !5/17/13report
Photo: Try 2 scream but ... :-O5/16/13report
;-) Thanx !!
Photo: with you i can feel again5/16/13report
want 2 feel it from the inside ? ;-D Come closer...
Photo: O-: Oh strange I'm in red orbit around :-O5/16/13report
buried deep... u have 2 face ;-D
Photo: O-: Oh strange I'm in red orbit around :-O5/16/13report
I must confess... I'm 2 strong 2 lose! ;-D
Photo: Photo from messy-online.com5/16/13report
Yo Lady... ;-D
Photo: Closed ;-D5/16/13report
Come... u say u wanted more ;-D What r u waiting 4 ?
Photo: Photo from messy-online.com5/15/13report
sexy back ? ;-D
Come over here ! I make u want 2 taste it... ;-D
Photo: Photo from messy-online.com5/15/13report
Nothing changes, can't escape from all this... ;-D
Photo: Try 2 scream but ... :-O5/15/13report
And look how the veil lifts... ;-D
Photo: ▼Poison or Remedy▲5/15/13report
Yee-haw! The age of man is over... ;-D
Nothing u can do... u will always b discovered ;-D
Photo: Like my favourite biscuit... !?5/14/13report
Come inside... u know u can't deny ! Look in2 my eye ;-)
Photo: Photo from messy-online.com5/13/13report
There is no other place I want 2 b...
Photo: Don't worry about a thing... ☺5/11/13report
I should have bought much more of that sweet & sticky stuff... ;-P
Indeed :-) She has a great sense of humor & she always got the brand-new jokes... ;-D
So far away...
Hello again... :-x
Don't let the sun go down... !
Oh, it's easy 2 make, just a powder water mixture with some fingerpaint.
Also very easy 2 get off the skin, but it leaves signs on the wall :-D
Photo: ▼Poison or Remedy▲10/23/12report
Did I have a view ?
Photo: ▼Poison or Remedy▲10/19/12report
Gold is swallowing me whole, yeah !
Photo: ...worth much more than gold :-)9/13/12report
Always under attack !
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