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Hot wam in High Definition!

Last updated 7/30/14
Added 1/30/09
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Lane's turn in the Extreme Gunge Bath!
Messy Jessie is back at hotwamhd for some crazy head dunking in black treacle, chocolate pudding and yellow custard, along with some custard pies and more!
Lane drenched in custard at HotwamHD! She fills her denim hotpants, velvet body and sheer black tights with custard, before stripping naked for head dunking and pie sitting.
Lorna is your Christmas gift from hotwamhd. Dressed is sexy xmas lingerie, she covers herself in gunge and strips naked to ensure you have a very happy christmas!
Jessie and Sophia get slimey and sensual in (and out of) their lingerie! Lot of gunge and lots of kissing, all in FullHD.
Lane goes from clothed to nude as she tries a variety of sticky and sloppy puddings in Lane's English Desserts. Including custard pie, treacle tart, sticky toffee Lane, and Eton mess, all served with...
Lornas first-ever gunge bath, and it is freezing cold! Treacle, custard, porridge, gunge and mixed up muck rain down on her, before she scoops up the mess from the tub to pour all over her naked body...
Messy Jessie is Hogtied and Gunged! Wearing nothing but some tiny thong knickers, Jessie wriggles and writhes helplessly as a massive barrage of gunge rains down on her!
Lane's Messy Bondage session continues, as her hair is trashed with mess before she is stripped naked, pelted with sweet and savoury pies to the face, and then lays naked in a pool of goo while more s...
Lane is tied up, blindfold, and subjected to Messy Feet Bondage! She has to plunge her feet into bowls of various freezing cold food, while she moans, gasps and tries to resist. Custard, syrup, bean...
Lanes first scene at hotwamhd! She wears a tiny see-through nurse outfit and gets covered in syrup and treacle. Sticky shampoos, syrup facials, treacle head dunking and more!
Free out-take trailer added for Sophia and Jessies Extreme Gunge Bath! See the girls fooling around and giggling as the gunge rains down on them!
Jessie and Sophia face the Extreme Gunge Bath! Total coverage in treacle, custard, gunge and yucky leftovers, with messy shampoos, head dunking and total submersion.
Lorna covers herself and her sexy lingerie in thick custard, before getting naked for total coverage and head dunking!
User reviews

Sensual, teasing and arousing!
Review: jessie and Sophia's messy kissing lesson. Lovely messy video with two beautiful girls. It starts with jessie giving the gorgeous Sophia a taste of her own medicine...spaghetti on her breasts, beans over her head and my favourite...custard in her knickers! Sophia squeals throughout Jessie's punishment, before turning the tables and messing jessie and her expensive suit, very sexy! The two then strip and get even messier, culminating in porridge kisses and coverage, very arousing messy intimacy. The scene finishes with leftover coverage, a real treat seeing jessie shake her savoury covered boobs! A really sexy scene! - Beanscustard

Jessie's Gunge Bath
Review for Jessie's Gunge bath: The gorgeous Messy Jessie goes topless and sockless. First, her gorgeous and long blond hair goes black thanks to treacle (loving the new color Jessie) which is followed by GALLONS of mess that looks like melted ice cream. Throughout the shower, she giggles and even shrieks at least once. Once that downpour is done, she submerges herself in the mess multiple times. Wringing out her hair a couple times to and smiling throughout. A must buy for extreme mess fans and fans of WAM's best blond in my opinion. - lfa

Unique, Fun, Custard and Treacle Galore, Lane's English Desserts
HotWamHD is a wonderfully unique and fantastic site. The models are lovely and look like they are truly having a great time. If you love treacle and custard, then this is definitely the site for you because none do it better than HotWamHD. I most recently acquired Lane's English Desserts, and Lane is incredible as usual. The variety of mess includes a whipped cream pie, honey, yogurt, and gallons and gallons of custard and treacle. Lane wears the mess well and truly has fun with the mess. The setup is quite entertaining as well. Definitely recommend! - Pie Queen

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