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Messed for success.

Now the party really begins. Kick off your shoes (or keep them on) and slip into the muckiest lounge ever!

May Spring thaw your every mud pit.
- Carmella the UMD Goddess

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What's New: Thursday, April 24
Sporty Adventure  From Perfect Wetlook    
24 pics (1280×960 size), 08:22 minutes long videos Jane takes the fully-clothed shower wearing black sporty leggings with purple sports t-shirt and white socks. She steps into the bathtub and slowly...
2 Bowls, 1Girl  From Slimey Sophie's Store    
2 Bowls, 1 Girl has a very simple premise. I have 2 bowls and I am a girl! Both bowls have screwed up paper with the names of a messy substance, the other with an instruction. I use mainly...
Selena On Safe Sex  From's store    
We sat down with Selena to discuss her take on safe sex. A heavy topic to say the least. Of course, a heavy topic sometimes needs a light touch in terms of adding something like humor. We don't rea...
Splatter the Baggyboy  From GermanGungeGuy's store    
Baggyboy is sitting in a small paddingpool and gets splatterd with green, orange and yellow slime by a friend. He is wearing a southpole trackingsuit and a white shirt. First he gets the slime from...
Wet Lingerie  From GirlsInRainBoots's store    
Alina in sexy lingerie, corsage and stockings, makes her body wet in shower and bathtub. She plays with water, shower gel and foam and rubs it on her clothes and body
Porridge Time  From hot guy speedos and gunge    
hot guy in pink and yellow speedos suffers the chilled milk and chilled porridge over his head and down his speedo... watch him squirm as the chilled milk gets tipped over his head.
Pink Cream Man  From hot guy speedos and gunge    
Pink cream man dances and takes French-style thick and creamy yoghurt over his head, and cold water in his face. Watch him shake and shiver the cold!  
Video of Kordeila pied at a wet t-shirt contest.  
Two videos featuring Liz and Lane have been added to our download store.
Filthy boots    
New movie from Nerea online to purchase. Dressed in her sexy underwear and thigh boots, she wollows in the deep thick mud.
Vexx Is up to No Good  From Always Wet & Sexy    
So we have yet another slime and chocolate combined super sexy video clip. They seemed to come in 3's. Vexx was introduced to us by a fellow photographer friend. You can see her first tame messy cl...
Mudding in Camo and Assault Boots  From Gay Slime & Gunge Fun    
A great mudding experience--and the first one in a while now that the weather is back! Starts off with a tease of what the kit looks like normally, then no time is wasted until the model is face firs...
Savannah Gets Away from It All  From Always Wet & Sexy      
Savannah wants to get away from the noise of the party. She steps into the bath to find a wonderfully inviting bubble bath. She has nothing to wear… but the little satin cocktail dress with her high...  
Episode 60 Part 2 Tina is playing Don't Laugh Or You'll Lose against a very determined Hannah but did she giggle and get the gunge?

What's New: Wednesday, April 23
Golden Scarf  From Beautywam's store    
Gold scarf is a beautiful fashion accessory in black dress and overknee leather boots. That's how Samantha dressed in a beautiful sunny day. Favorite place full of mud and water, exactly as she like...
Gungeychris Gets Painted As Revenge.  From Gungeychris's store    
After Meg got destroyed with a mix of paints in her art critic video, she thought it only fair to demonstrate on Gungeychris how to paint a live model... Wearing just boxer shorts and a shirt, Meg kn...
Chocolate Waterfall  From louse's store    
The wife and I are at it again, sharing our messy sex with all. In this one Lisa starts off naked and has a bowl of pink cake batter that she rubs on herself. With my help of course... Im behind he...
Sammie Tarred and Feathered at the Gym  From SoftFocus's store    
Sammie shows up at her 'alternative' workout style gym. Nobody is in the classroom but the instructor has left directions for her work out. Sammie can't believe what she has to do. Pies followed b...    
Unedited site: Movie and images of a girl in the pool in a t-shirt, white pants and shoes, which she now and then looses in the water. She takes a shower afterwards (only shown in one of the photoset...
Anal Masturbation In The Shower  From Messy Mounds    
There's nothing more enjoyable then getting dirty in the shower while getting Myself clean. In this video clip I wear a shower cap to keep My long curly mane out of the way so you can see everything...
Messy Twister Game--Diana Vs. Jordan  From Skylar    
Twister Game--Skylar hosts and spins the board as two contestants play a messy game of twister. Same typical rules of twister applies. First contestant to fall and loose their balance is the loser....  
New easter speical movie online staring the amazing Messy Jessie In her hunters and sexy bunny outfit she breaks eggs into her wellies together with other messy treats for some seasonally messy fun!...  
Another session from the former WAM outlet project has been added to the store. Two pretty girls are playing in the mud for a while completely ruining their clothes. More details and f...  
Madalina and Timi have a great fun splashing and soaking each other in the pool, fuly dressed of course and their casual clothes are looking great when wet. Update contains: 15 minutes video (720p),...
Saturation Hall    
Three uniformed nurses drenching each other in uniform, now on photos and video!

What's New: Tuesday, April 22  
Watch this dirty foursome smear, smudge and stain their clothes with mucky messy condiments as this scene makes for a birthday party with a difference!
Uniform Wetlook Study with Prudence  From Saturation Hall Downloads    
Join Prudence, smartly dressed in bottle green knee-length skirt, pale green blouse, and black leather boots, for a slow and careful fully-dressed hosing down, as she checks if this outfit is suitable...    
We really love this video! The jeans outfit is perfect to drench it in the pool. Maddelynn wears a blue Levis Curve ID, blue jeans jacket, grey tank top and black leather boots. She is jumping into...
Kaydens' Green Slime Slam  From Kaydens' Messy Store    
I start off completely naked except for some cute ankle socks! I pour smooth green slime all over them and rub it in nicely, then take my socks off and slowly slime my feet! I massage my feet in the...
Soaping Up The Twins  From Messy Mounds    
The wonder twins get all soapy and sudsy in the shower just to drive you wild with passion as you worship them proper in a hypnotic state of amazement watching eyes wide open and jaw dropped!
Fluff Damsel Painted  From guy seeks girl to join's store      
In my opinion this is by far the most exiting view on bondage combined with messy substances this model has been put into., besides the mudbath situation before... Given this girl a serious reason to...
The Humiliation of Thunder Girl  From ThunderWAM      
the hapless British Super heroine Thunder Girl has been captured by an evil agent of w.a.m. tired of seeing the blonde bimbo prancing around in her leotard it is decided that she will be punished. f...
Episode 55 Part 1  From's store    
We welcome two gunge virgins to Messymayhem, Patience the dark haired beauty with the pale skin and Tindra the busty, blonde Icelandic babe with a seriously sexy accent. To decide which of these girl...
Episode 55 Part 2  From's store    
In our version of this “reality TV entertainment” the “talent” is provided by gorgeous blonde Icelandic babe Tindra and the very hot dark haired Patience. Our version pretty matches the talent levels...
Episode 55 Part 3  From's store    
We're playing Messed her Mind to test the girl's general knowledge and either raven haired cutie Patience or busty, blonde, beauty Tindra is about to get strapped in and sloppy!If you're a fan of Mast...
Drenches Her Head in Bowl of Sauce  From Splosh&FootFetishUK    
Shorter clip of Axa continuing to try and find the sweets in a bowl of chocolate sauce, she adores the sensation of sticky chocolate custard on her face so spends ages swirling her head around in the...    
In the wam outlet section we just added another clip with Kata, wearing a pair of dark jeans, green shirt, open toe heels, Nylon socks for an outdoor shower. Hopefully you will enjoy watching her jus...    
New update in the download store for the sexy wetlook fans. Imola and Kinga are kissing and having a great time with each other in our pool. Fully-clothed of course ;) Update contains: 14-minute vi...
Jayce Gets Nude, Muddy and Dressed in Pajamas!  From Jayce & Jilly's House of MESS    
Jayce wakes up one morning in her cutie pajamas along with her soft fluffy robe and slippers. She decides she is going to strip down nude, put her clothes in a bag and head out to her fave mud spot t...
Another Erotic Messy Shoot  From Always Wet & Sexy      
Sidney loves getting slimed up and adds some chocolate to her whole getting messy. She gets very sexy when she pulls her panties aside to show her pink pussy. She is wearing a Lelo vibrator that is...
Ludella Gets Stuck  From WAM Erotica    
Ludella has been hired for a messy photo shoot but when she gets on set the photographer is no where in site. She sees a bucket of slime that she assumes is for her and she figures she might as well...  umd sponsor
Sweet girlies and teenies show wet and messy bondage action--Bad girls take bondage and frozen torture--Femdom teenies celebrating wet and muddy games--Little naughty muddygirlies in trouble  umd sponsor
Ritzy, dressed-up girls get super-soaked in fake cum in a fake glory hole. They end up getting covered head-first, and ruin their expensive clothes in the slimy goo.  umd sponsor
Cute sexy little Pattycake's online download store. With exclusive content of her doing messy and wetlook in all different substances, clothed and nude. And now she's even doing what you've been waiting for--she gets raunchy and explicit...  umd sponsor
Asian sex site with lots of gooey, slimy sex-massage scenes. First they get naked and bathe, then it's on to the mat where the girls lube up and rub their slippery bodies all over the man, Soapland style. Then they end up having hardcore...
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