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What's New: Tuesday, September 23
New Chest Waders  From Beautywam's store    
New chest waders. Samantha wore a chest waders and went to test how deep the water is in the stream. It was just after a heavy rain. A lot of water...    
New video online: long shiny coat and leather boots in the bathtub.
X-Rated Couple Ice Cream Sundae HD  From WAMFuckers    
It's the weekend and that means Adam and Jilly are going to get nasty, as usual. They get in the kitchen in their undies and decide to make ice cream...  
Ariel, Jayce and Jilly go savory sweet and freakin' nuts!
Wet Jeans--Wet-Shirt  From GirlsInRainBoots's store    
Alina with black hair in a bathtub. She wears jeans, a white T-Shirt and gymnastic shoes. She plays with the shower head and sit in the bathtub full...
Jeans Shoot: Nashville and Toronto Girls  From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
Nashville and Toronto Girls in wetlook jeans scenes using their local models. Assigned to Wamtec from Producers WN and Wetscape. Camera operators: W...
Louise!  From Street Splash Public      
The very glamorous Louise had just finished a jod interview and named her price to get in the tub! Louise was wearing a great see-threw shirt, high...
Sophie and Beth!  From Street Splash Public      
We pitched up in Cardiff City centre and filled the bath with hot we had to get some volunteers! After a few "no way"s and "what? No!",...
Cerys and Jamilla!  From Street Splash Public      
Cerys and Jamilla were watching our first two volunteers doing their shoots, and (either by chance, or because they were busy watching) they missed th...
Rhiannan, Jess and Charlotte!  From Street Splash Public      
We had more volunteers from the crowd who were watching the earlier girls! First up Rhiannan took to the bath (trying not to lose too much of her hair...

What's New: Monday, September 22
A Mess In White  From's store    
Dressed all in white, Dark haired Gia is serving brunette Selena at the local restaurant. Unhappy with her pie, Selena complains, and has it replaced...
Blue Dress by Veronika  From Perfect Wetlook    
116 pics (1280960 size), 03:12 minutes long video Veronika takes the fully-clothed swim in warm pool. She steps into the water in blue dress, black...
Bundle: The Eva "DD" Dobiasova Bundle  From GlamourGunge Archive    
Gorgeous blonde babe Eva D (aka Karolina King) just loves getting messy and has shot a whole bunch of sweet and savoury splosh scenes, plus some slimy...
Good Girl Vs. Bad Girl  From GlamourGunge Archive    
Bad Girl Emma Green has been winding up Good Girl Jessica Jayne for too long, so the blonde decides that the naughty vamp brunette needs a messy punis...
Messy Cake Party  From Messy Fun with Erica    
Erica is having a party and no one shows up. She doesn't cancel the party; instead she makes it a solo party, I mean why waste a cake? She starts ge...
My Mud Adventure  From tomnicho      
I am at my favourite mud spot, wearing a pair of boxers an I go on a little mud adventure, taking you with me. I start by having the camera attached...
SlimeTV: Episode 6  From SlimeTV    
Austin has to move pies using only his butt! And he can do so wearing only a skimpy white singlet. The reward for his work isn't much of a reward....
Two Plus One = FUN!  From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
Nicole, Wendy and Tracie in a Threesome wetlook and underwater girl on girl shoot we did at the Wamtec ranch in February 1998. Tracie came up with th...
Wetscape Shoot # 27826_clip1  From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
Wetscape's Canadian models in dresses playing in the pool in a shoot conducted in 1995. Produced by Wetscape Productions in Toronto and licensed to W...
Laura and Charlie  From Street Splash Public      
We approached shoppers Laura and Charlie, Laura said yes right away, but Charlie turned out to be a much bigger challenge! Could the streetsplashPUBL...
Sandra  From Street Splash Public      
Charity Volunteer Sandra was well up for the challenge! The money we gave her went towards her fund raising! Well done Sandra!
Jess  From Street Splash Public      
Shopper Jess Just finished shopping thought why not get in a Hot Tub fully clothed for a bit of cash!
Amy  From Street Splash Public      
Amy was in a very good mood after having a good date! She was very up for the Hot Tub, she would have done it for free if I hadn't insisted on her ke...

What's New: Sunday, September 21
Bundle: Creamy Catfights!  From WAMerica    
A collection of the two girl pie fights from Wamerica! Tit for tat, lopsided, revenge are all covered with the pie! These sexy duos are brutal, hum...
Rose's How to Gunge  From's store    
We join the lovely Rose in making her first bucket of gunge and she chats to camera about what she's doing. Once she has it mixed up then it's time t...
Shirt and Skirt at the Beach  From Mary Water Picture Downloads    
At the end of a very hot day I went at the beac to make some photos. After some shots I'm all sweaty and the water is too inviting. I haven' t a bi...
Lisa in Peril  From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
Lisa is floating on an airbed when she is attacked by two female assailants (Jo Bache and Jo Hobbs). Then it's a struggle to escape as she is dragged...
Maxine  From Street Splash Public    
Shop girl Maxine was on her way home anyway, what's a little soaking here or there?
Sarah!  From Street Splash Public    
Sexy Policewoman Sarah took a little convincing, wearing skinny jeans with vest top that went very see-threw and cardigan with killer heels!
Nia!  From Street Splash Public    
Beautiful name for this cute teacher, just on her way home wearing a great spotty dress with tights, heels and a little snug!
Kathrine!  From Street Splash Public      
Kathrine and her mum were just on the way back to the car! There was just enough time to take a dip though! Wearing daps, leggings, t shirt and he...
Kerry!  From Street Splash Public      
Local hotel worker Kerry was easily pursuaded to take a dip wearing shirt, pencil skirt and open toe heels!
Jenny!  From Street Splash Public      
A very fun Fin Jenny was stopped while trying to get on her bike! Wearing a cute summer dress with tights and pumps!
Hannah!  From Street Splash Public      
We never thought we would be able to covince this beautiful girl to get wet, goes to show you only have to ask.. Wearing a great black dress with ti...
Nicky!  From Street Splash Public      
On her way to get contact lenses but still managed to find her way to the hottub! Wearing a cute jumper with skirt, tights and very cool pumps!...  umd sponsor
Beautiful glamourous women get wet in sexy clothing and high heels. Business suits, dresses, jeans, anything that looks sexy with heels. We specialized in sexy fully-dressed Asian female wetlook.  umd sponsor
Soaking wet, hot, and sexy. Beautiful young girls in various wet clothing. Little naughty wet girlies in trouble. Wet teenies in bondage and unusual situations, from violence to fun.  umd sponsor
I'm proud to say I'm a true life wammer. We are one of the original wam sites dating back to 1997. We offer only the best in wam and feature the hottest girls. You get all this for only $15.95 a month. Why pay more for less?  umd sponsor
Girls take showers, fully-clothed, while wearing their jeans. They wear acid wash, stone wash, boot-cut, skinny jeans--you name it.

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