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Gunge me baby, one more time!

Messy hugs and sloppy kisses.
- Carmella the UMD Goddess

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What's New: Thursday, April 17
Modesty's Gold Dress Paddle  From Saturation Hall Downloads    
Dressed in her lovely floor length pencil-skirted gold formal gown and lace-up leather boots, Modesty goes for a paddle in the wide river by the estate's Southern boundary, and soaks her dress and boo...
Spaghetti Jennifer  From GooeyGirls's store    
Jennifer Starts calmly eating some of the spaghetti from the tub in front of her saying that she doesnt mind cold spaghetti. im sure Stacey can change her mind! And then the assault starts with jugs...    
New movie and Picture set online from Messy Miah. Miah's fully protected in hunters and waterproofs as she plays in the thick tidal mud
Strawberry Passion  From CaseyCumz    
Are you ready to get messy? I know, I am! Watch my mouth fill with syrup, then swallow the dick while the syrup pours out the side running down onto my tits. Watch my fishnets get ripped open while...
Sarah D Gets Frisky  From Always Wet & Sexy      
Watch as Sarah D gets more than a little turned on while she douses her self in the thick white slime. All the while she is using a Lelo vibrator that is being controlled by the photographer. She c...
Winter Wardrobe Wrecking!  From Jayce & Jilly's House of MESS    
"Spring is finally here, ladies and gents! So you know what that means getting rid of all those drab fall and winter clothes! So last night I decided to wreck these clothes, and of course I did it...
Jordan's Initiation  From Skylar    
New girl Jordana gets her messy initiation. Jordana is wearing blue jeans and a cute t-shirt. She takes tons of pies to her face and gets a decent helping of slime poured over her. She takes the me...
Super Sloppy Syoja  From Layla's WAM Room    
Watch the lovely Syoja find out what it's like to see what an average day with Layla Moore is like. In the shower, Layla introduces her friend to the most fun you can (*Legally) have with cake batter...

What's New: Wednesday, April 16
Jeans Shower  From Perfect Wetlook    
26 pics (1280960 size), 09:05 minutes long videos Jane takes the fully-clothed shower in white socks, blue jeans, grey long sleeved shirt and black tank top underneath. She steps into the bathtub a...
Leia Return from School  From Gossin's Wetlook    
Leia visit to me for talk when and how we make her portfolio. I try ask her for make some wetlook set and she agree. She want do it right that day and left everything what she had. She come to me r...
Amber by the Lake  From Gossin's Wetlook    
Amber is rest by the lake. She want try the water and go there right she is. Later she take her sneakers off and relax on the air mattress. She realy enjoy this day.    
We have a new update in the download store: Andrea has a new fantasy story for us, and she ends up fully-clothed in the pool. Her jeans and denim jacket look just as good as her boots when she soaks...
Afternoon Messy Delight  From Candy Custard's store    
I had a few messy substances lying around and decided i really needed to get messy! I made up some purple cake batter and took it to the bathtub with me, along with some ketchup, custard and golden s...
SwimSuit Filling and More!  From Skylar    
I fill my swimsuit with pudding/custard. After I get a good beginning on the swimsuit filling, I briefly stop so I can pie myself in the face and pour slime over me. Then back to more filling up the...
A Pie for a Pie!  From Layla's WAM Room    
Layla Moore just got done baking several beautiful, ultra colorful pies for her boyfriend, Billy. As she is arranging the pies on the kitchen table, there is a knock at the door... who could that be...      
Unedited site: Movie and images of 2 girls in a lake in jeans and boots.
SlimeStar's Leather Dress Custard N Vibrator Play  From The Secret Diary Of a SlimeStar    
SlimeStar is feeling horny, and wants to have a little more fun than usual on this shoot! She has put on her sexy leather dress, and brought along her little pink vibrating friend! She sits in the p...
The Agreement to Be Gunged  From Gunge My Red Hair    
Sitting in the makeshift gunge tank, my first assignment as part of my new job is to read out an agreement whilst being film. Unbeknown to me, it's an agreement to be egged and gunged for the viewers...
Getting Wet In My New Dress!  From Slimey Sophie's Store    
After buying a new dress, I want to see if it will stand up to my wamming so I test it out in this wetlook scene! I start off with a little bit of water causing the top to go see-through and then end...

What's New: Tuesday, April 15  
Before they know it they're in full shower-down mode, washing each others hair and getting real cozy with their completely soaked, blouse wearing selves! Leony loves it when her friends come by for a...
Tim--Episode 8  From PieRSquared Media Download Store    
Tim is a Tax Auditor and he wants to tax Splatter Island. However, The Island has other plans. Tiay know how to work a tax form, but does he know how to stay clean? spoiler alert: No. With tough q...    
Lottie joins us and jumps straight into the shower getting wet and soapy in a red dress and white stockings in a new video.
BBW Hotdog Crush  From MaliceBBW's WAM Store    
Malice crushes all these hotdogs and buns under her massive weight and chubby fat feet. These weiners don't stand a chance under her over 350+ weight.    
Movie and images of a girl in the pool in a small black shiny jacket over a pink top, tight black shiny pants and sports shoes.    
Imola knows when a casual outfit is sexy when its covered with slime. So she got her jogging outfit really sexy for us. She also strips topless during the clip. Free pictures on the site. Update c...    
New video for the mud fans added to the WAM outlet store. And a question: Can we get Simonne's brown satin dress even browner? And the answer is yes! More details and free pics on the site.
Always Wet and Sexy    
Savannah loves getting wet. She wears her chiffon top, tight skirt, thigh high Nylons and little black boots!      
SexyslapstickVideos has Angel Rose doing a her first-ever chocolate video shoot. Check it out in our members area for just $5.95. Available in Android and Apple viewing devices as well!
Foot Gunge  From JellynCustard    
Exactly what it says on the tin! After a session the other day we ended up with a bowl of leftover gunge. It had been left out all night and had turned pretty thick. I thought of all the suggestion...  umd sponsor
Girls take showers, fully-clothed, while wearing their jeans. They wear acid wash, stone wash, boot-cut, skinny jeans--you name it.  umd sponsor
Home of the best booted babes in the web, Featuring muddy,Messy and wet boots. Weekly updates and instant access  umd sponsor
Beautiful glamourous women get wet in sexy clothing and high heels. Business suits, dresses, jeans, anything that looks sexy with heels. We specialized in sexy fully-dressed Asian female wetlook.  umd sponsor
Sweet girlies and teenies show wet and messy bondage action--Bad girls take bondage and frozen torture--Femdom teenies celebrating wet and muddy games--Little naughty muddygirlies in trouble
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