What's New: Wednesday, December 17
Bundle: Splatter Island Greatest Hits--Episodes 1--4   From PieRSquared Media Download Store    
Get Episodes 1--4 bundled together and save 50%. Regularly, this would cost you $40 if bought separately. You'll get 80 pies and 10 gallons of slime...
Veronika in the Skirt   From Perfect Wetlook    
112 pics (1280960 size), 03:49 minutes long video Veronika takes a fully clothes swim wearing black skirt, ballerinas and white shirt. She slowly g...
Ho, Ho, Hoe?   From Gunge Master's Games      
Jessica's excited about Christmas, but has she been a good girl in 2014? Sounds like any old excuse for a challenge I say. Two of her favourite mess...
Pie Face- Chcolate Covered Speedo   From Speedo, Singlets, and SLIME    
I get pied in the face from a friend im wearing a nice tight red speedo. He then proceeds to fill my speedo with a tasty chocolate filling. You can...
Unedited site: Movie and images of 2 girls in a lake in a dress/shorts and tights.
Behind the Scenes: The Jungle Jane Pond Fight   From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
Behind the scenes raw footage from camera 2 while we were shooting the wetlook pond fight between Jungle Jane and the native girls of "Pantyhosia." T...
Custom PieVid: Coco and Redd   From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
The following scene is a vintage video archives custom pie video scripted, produced and directed by Lenny from PieVids Productions and assigned to Wam...

What's New: Tuesday, December 16
Sisters Prank War: Jayce Vs. Jilly   From Jayce & Jilly's House of MESS    
It's like 8 videos in 1! I decided to start a "prank war." It starts out innocently enough; I decide to do the classic "shaving cream in bed" prank w...
Messy Lace Dress   From cammilesweet.com    
Home alone, dress in my expensive off white lacy dress. I was getting bored and thought I want to do some messy fun, so i decided to get my dress soa...
It's a Muddy Life For Me   From Ryuuwammers Messy Place    
This is another old video I made back in 2007 with my old camera. It was filmed at the same location as my other pond video. This mud pit was actual...
Sean 3   From PieRSquared Media Download Store      
Sean, the firefighter from Peach Tree, GA, comes back to try to win more money. Instead he wins: 24 pies 2 slimes Messy Feet Peanut Butter Pits...
New DL: Ariel shows off her new 36DD tits in lots of colorful batter and sexy lingerie. She loves to talk dirty to you!
The Shaving Cream Bucket   From Gunge Monkey    
I got 2 cans of cheap shaving cream from the store the other day, and finally found a shallow but wide bucket i could dunk into. I fill it up with fo...
Hot Chocolate Slime Face   From Gunge Monkey    
I was using J Lube for a while to make clear or colored slime, but I never tried chocolate powder. Tasted like hot cocoa but really slimy. The strin...
Limestone Clay Bath   From Gunge Monkey    
Overcast day, so i went to the limestone quarry down the road where it's so white, perfect lighting all the time. I wear black speedos and my spike e...
Few videos was just added to the section and one of them features Maya, soaking a superb, satin evening gown in the pool. Enjoy the view.
Kinga had an epiphany :) What is the point of having nice clothes if they are not admired by the people? Enjoy her in the new dunk tank session.
Behind the Scenes: The Tractor Repair Girls   From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
41 mins of behind the scenes raw footage from camera 2 while we were shooting the mud scene with Jo as the farmer with Keeley and Micki as the tractor...

What's New: Monday, December 15
Movie and photoset of 2 girls in the shower in shirts, skirts, pantyhose and heels.
A game of Rock, Paper, Scissors goes messily wrong.
video--Marion is dressed with a shiny gold spandex. She jumps from a dock several meters high above the mud.
Smearing Oil All over My Body   From messyboy123      
Hey guys! I covered my body with a lot of shiny oil and then spread it all over me (including inside my boxers). It was great and I'd do it again an...
Two new videos this week with Lexi getting dressed in the shower and AJ and Kelli playing water war
After a busy day at the office, Daisy arrives back home looking forward to having a nice long relaxing bath! Update contains 174 high quality photos!
Muddy Maid (Part 3)   From mudmadphil's store    
What do you do when you are a millionaire but a lousy housekeeper? Oh and a WAM fetish? Well you hire a Muddy French Maid, a super hot looking one,...
Tiffany Doll is back in action at Tainster, and given her long absence, she wants to come back with a big splash! This nasty French chick can never ge...
Stains   From CaseyCumz    
"Oh no babe what am I going to do? I was planning on wearing this shirt to the book club today. Oh NO! The kitchen hose isn't working. Ill just us...
Yellow Painted Face and Tongue   From Gunge Monkey    
Short video where I hop in the shower, get the washable yellow paint and slowly squirt it all over my face. I keep dripping it so it covered my hair...
Behind the Scenes: The Blue Grotto Hot Tub Shoot   From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
Behind the scenes raw footage from camera 2 while we were shooting the wetlook hot tub parade at Blue Grotto Springs in Central Florida in 1994. The...
Custom Pie Video--Cindy XXX--23 Mins   From Wamtec's WAM Archives    
The following scene is a vintage video archives custom pie video scripted, produced and directed by Lenny from PieVids Productions and assigned to Wam...
wambabes.com  umd sponsor
The best in wet and messy babes :) Hi, I'm Ariel. I've been running wambabes.com for about 13 years now! I have one of the longest running exclusive content wam sites there is! My members section contains 511 full photo sets and 36 full...
asiamoviepass.com  umd sponsor
Asian sex site with lots of gooey, slimy sex-massage scenes. First they get naked and bathe, then it's on to the mat where the girls lube up and rub their slippery bodies all over the man, Soapland style. Then they end up having hardcore...
jeansgetwet.com  umd sponsor
Girls take showers, fully-clothed, while wearing their jeans. They wear acid wash, stone wash, boot-cut, skinny jeans--you name it.
muddygirlsworld.com  umd sponsor
Beautiful girls wreck a wide variety of street clothes in the mud. From fur coats, satin dresses and high heels to jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. Muddy Girls World is back!

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