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Emergency Rain Poncho in Peat
Added 10/31/09    3538 views

Nessie wears a transparent $1 rain poncho over a black bikini to a small-in-diameter but bottomless peat bog. Short but clear shot of bare muddy foot going in. She sinks and then emerges repeatedly (no bottom to the mudpit? No problem!), relishing...
Naughty Girls in the Mud
Added 11/27/09    5265 views

Two of the lovely ladies of 3G frolic in the mud, playing dirty tricks on each other in a video of 3 minutes & 47 seconds! Watch as their skirts and stockings get heavy with mud whilst they roll around with each other. Guest director Dan.
Red Silk, Slow Wamming
Added 12/26/09    4532 views

The peat bog was in good form on this summer day in 2008. A light flow of water over the top kept it freshly aromatic! This scene was originally not meant for life as a video clip. The purpose behind it was to pull vidcaps, to post as stills, or t...
Latexgirlies in the Mud
Added 12/26/09    10259 views

A girl is kidnapped by her dominant girlfriend who seduces her in the mud. Both wear sexy fetish clothes--mostly latex.
Stuck in the Mud
Added 1/5/10    15429 views

1 review!
Sandy is pretty tied up, almost nude, and left alone in the Mud. She tries to get out but she gets stuck more and more. Exhausted, she lies there until sundown!
Zlata: Contortion in the Mud
Added 1/22/10    14859 views

Zlata is a famous contortionist. This means she is a very flexible girl. In this movie clip she is visiting a mud hole for the first time but seems to like it already! Now Zlata tries to do some contortion in the mud and she loves to do it t...
Sarah's First Mud Exp Erience
Added 2/9/10    14121 views

Sarah is having a walk on the shore of a pond. She wears short Bavarian leather hotpants and rubber boots. After a while she is getting deeper into mud but she enjoys the warm stuff. She begins to fill her paints slowly with mud and then she co...
Eve's and Franky's Mud Games
Added 3/6/10    13053 views

Eve and Franky play a very muddy game frequently. Franky plays to attack Eve near a little lake with muddy shores. He binds her and forces her into the deep mud. She is covered and creamed all over with the slimy mud. At the end he throws her for...
Exploring Mississippi Quicksand
Added 3/1/10    2743 views

Janice and Jenna exploring quicksand along the banks of the Mississippi River. You can clearly see how the sand melts away under their feet as they sink in soft early evening light.
Knife Girl
Added 3/1/10    5632 views

Brittany is seen running from the scene of a bloody crime. She wants to strip off her incriminating clothes and lose her scent in a river, but a dangerous bog intervenes.
Portfolio Quicksand
Added 3/1/10    6065 views

Paris plays a beautiful model hoping to add some spice to her portfolio by posing in a bog. She starts out in a nice dinner dress and poses for the camera while sinking chest deep. She then strips down to her pantyhose and continues with the shoot....
Added 3/1/10    4742 views

Witness firsthand what happens to Paris Kennedy when her family ignores the warning on a Ransom note. Paris is pretty and smart, but her charms are useless in the clutches of angry kidnappers and a deadly peat bog. An intense quicksand scene inspir...
Added 2/11/10    4113 views

Nessie stars in an original screenplay that she wrote herself, loosely based on somebody she knew years ago who isn't going to be named. That's because this portrayal of a young woman who had an ax to grind against every man on the planet is unflatt...
Leather Boots in Deep Mud
Added 2/7/10    3149 views

In this scene, our male character steps his kneehigh leather platform boots into deep mud. Slowly, he sinks deeper until his boots go under the quicksand and he is up to his knees. He wasn't quite expecting to sink even deeper up to his thighs! Hi...
Peat Boggin'
Added 7/12/10    3662 views

3.65 MB
Non-stop peat bogging all summer! Nessie (blonde, blue-eyed, slim) wears a shiny black tank top and shorts. or a blue metallic spaghetti-strapped top and shorts. or a white tee with a black skirt. while testing out the bog during several stages o...
Playtime With Nessie
Added 7/21/10    3583 views

4.09 MB
Early, lower-def video. Sir Tripod The First (er, old cheap camera) follows blonde boggy Nessie as she arrives at the park, sneaks into the cattails, and whips off her long white t-shirt to reveal a turquoise-and-black crop top with a black flirty m...
The Gift
Added 7/3/10    5996 views

1 review!
A short film in a sort of "tales from the crypt" horror vein. A jealous husband finds his wife has been unfaithful, so he convinces her he has a special surprise for her. He blindfolds her and leads her into quicksand and watches as she meets her e...
The Kidnapping
Added 7/3/10    6455 views

1 review!
A common thug kidnaps a woman from her hotel room, hoping to get a hefty ransom. The bound woman makes an escape attempt out in the woods and ends up tied and in quicksand. Her captor toys with her predicament before a bystander comes by, rescues t...
33.7 min
2 files
Sylla The Jungle Girl
Added 7/5/10    5072 views

Two downloads with this scene. The first of the two quicksand scenes that were in my original video "Sylla The Jungle Girl." Removed the rest of the story and just features our blonde heroine in her two sinking scenes, once alone and once with her...
Kristine's First Time
Added 7/17/10    8342 views

This video features Kristine, who has gone on to make a multitude of videos in this genre. This is her first quicksand/deep mud video shoot along the banks of the Mississippi in Chester. No script, just ten minutes of Kristine stepping in and tryin...
The Explorer
Added 7/26/10    8023 views

One of my first attempts at a vague story line, shot with Ann and Chuck in Chester. Great locale that was never available after the first time we used it. Very cool looking locale. About nine minutes long.
Quicksand Slideshow #1
Added 7/3/10    6591 views

1 review!
Slideshow of images of women in quicksand, featuring three different models: Kristine, Christy, and Ann.
Bikini Quicksand Fun
Added 7/19/10    14438 views

1 review!
Featuring the delightful Christy North, this was my first time shooting a topless model. She starts off in a bikini that struggles pointlessly to hold her in, but she tosses the top aside. This was her first experience in quicksand, and she was a t...
Quicksand Hunter
Added 3/14/10    2811 views

1 review!
The Quicksand Hunter considers herself an expert on everything deep and sinky. She's knows everything there is to know about quicksand! She's all dressed in her generic Explorer outfit and the camera's running. Now, she and the TV crew have arrive...
Short Sink
Added 7/25/10    5998 views

A short little segment filmed at the wonderful location where we filmed the Explorer. Just a great location that was never available again after that one year. No script just an impromptu sinking in this great locale.
Face Plant
Added 7/1/10    7262 views

A pretty long clip featuring Kristine Lynn. There's no story to it, just 27 minutes of Kristine playing on the banks of the Mississippi. She's chest deep most of the time, then sinks up to her neck before going face forward to dunk her head under.
Bondage Model
Added 3/26/10    5552 views

1 review!
Jenna is tied up and then cast off into a dangerous wilderness. She's hopelessly lost by the time she stumbles into yet more bondage. Will she escape?
Deep Thong
Added 3/26/10    9326 views

Jen strikes gold in the setting sun in the form of a perfect little beach that just melts under her feet. She jumps in wearing a white thong and bra and then slips in and out of the water and out of her undies and goes completely out of her mind rub...
Kristine's Creek Dress Adventure
Added 3/26/10    4154 views

1 review!
Kristine tries to cross a muddy creak bed. There is something special about how Kristine sinks in deep thick mud--and this scene captures it in style. Folks who have seen this segment before will be pleasantly surprised at how well it has been rest...
Tennis Girls
Added 3/26/10    4960 views

Paris and Brittany play Tennis Girls who are waiting for a ride to the courts. They start hitting some balls to each other but one by one, the balls go off into the woods and down a hill. After realizing that these were the only balls they had, the...

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