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Sloppy Wamdom Shampoo Vol.1
Produced by Port City Slophouse
Starring the following model:
"the shampooing of a lifetime!"

Sam has clogged the bathtub drain one too many times, and pro-dom Olivia Cannon decides to teach him a lesson. She starts off by dumping a jug of iced water over his head, and begins to pour on the shampoo. After thoroughly lathering up his head she busts out a bar of soap and gives him a rigorous scrubbing. His eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and beard are filled with soap, but its only the beginning. She then unloads 3 cans of shaving cream on his head and face creating a thick, smothering lather. Still unsatisified she produces a large bowl of cake batter, and really rubs it in. She laughs, and smacks Sam around as he gasps for air. Finally she tops him off with 2 more cans of shaving cream leaving Sam totally humiliated, and his hair ruined.

Over forty five minutes of thick, lathery wamdom action. Don't miss it!

Files included:1
Total size:1.33 GB
Total runtime:46.9 minutes
Date added:3/19/10
Production year:2010

Includes the following file:
4,043.00 Kbps
1.33 GB
46.9 minutes

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