Lady Emily's Savoury Revenge
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"Emily turns the tables on JnC with a savoury gunging!"
Preview trailer:  We invited Lady Emily to the bathroom to take part in a savoury splosh experience. We just love to get her messy and thought she'd enjoy being coated in baked beans, thick lumpy gravy, minestrone soup, brown sauce, ketchup and spaghetti hoops.

However, Emily was being a little uncooperative in the set-up for the scene and JnC wasn't happy with how it was looking. After trying to get her to sit differently on the stool she decided to show her what she wanted. She got into the bath and sat on the stool herself. Lady E took the opportunity while JnC was in the seat to see how she'd like to take the mess instead! She poured a tin of soup straight over her head, followed by a bottle of brown sauce.

She continued to mess JnC up with the items that were meant for her; pouring a jug of thick gloopy gravy over her head and smooshing handfuls of spaghetti hoops into her face and hair. Emily then got JnC to remove her top, revealing her pretty undies. She filled her tights and continued to cover her in beans and a huge amount of ketchup.

When Emily ran out of mess she used a jug to scoop up the slops from the bath and pour it back over her, before getting JnC's boobs out of her bra and getting her big tits all messed up. She filled JnC's tights up as much as she could before emptying it all out again and she squeezed out her top over her head. JnC played with the mess on her tights-clad feet and pretended she didn't enjoy the experience when we all know she really did!

The full scene:
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