Boss Ariel Humiliates and Destroys Secretary Jayce
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"Part One. Ariel uses loads of fantastic pies, and a bucket of chocolate goo"
Preview trailer:  So, the scene starts off with Jayce in her pristine white shirt, black skirt, hosiery and heels. Her hair up in a bun with her glasses on. She is working hard at her computer to get these orders out but just keeps messing up! Ariel (who is Jayce's boss) comes in to check on her numerous times. Each time, Jayce has messed up even more than the last! Ariel is getting more and more frustrated each time she comes to see Jayce's progress to find, she is just a really shitty secretary! Jayce fears for her job when Ariel gets really angry!

Ariel starts to take away Jayce's computer, her desk and her chair. Jayce is at the point where she is begging to keep her job. Ariel has her way of dealing with things that Jayce knows nothing about and that is humiliation! Ariel pulls out what she has in store for Jayce and that is 25 creamy filled pies and two huge bowls of chocolate goo! So, Ariel begins after explaining to Jayce she does this to All her workers to help them keep their jobs. Jayce is in complete awe and shock with each sloppy pie hit! She cannot believe Ariel is ruining her work clothes and all this to keep her job?! Jayce takes it whining and asking if there is anything else she can do. To her dismay, this is her only alternative to losing her job. She is completely shocked when she gets a huge bowl of thick chocolate poured down her which ensures her, her clothes cannot be saved at all! Followed by more pies! Jayce is trying her best to take them all like a champ but she just cannot believe this form of punishment!

The full scene:
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