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Hey there! This is Nicole. I am an extremely submissive transfemme loves nothing more than to take a massive load of green slime to the face, especially from another girl. This is my fetish, and I love sharing what I do with Lilin and all of the other beautiful ladies.

Basic Tfc history: The Fetish Couple was established when Lilin and I began dating in 2019, and we were a heterosexual couple (Mister and Misses) who made WAM clips. It was my idea. I've had a fixation with seeing women get messy for as long as I've been able to talk. In 2020, Lilin began her career as an online financial leather dominatrix, and she still makes content and has clients. In 2023, I came out as transfemme. We frequently hire new female models for extra variety.
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AlexaJane  18 days ago
And I would love to be slimed by you!Report
UMD User  11/6/23
Any scenes with Misses coming up soon?Report
Gunge1050  8/15/23
Happy birthday! Mine too!Report
The Fetish Couple  8/15/23
It's my birthday!Report
The Fetish Couple  8/3/23
Another incredibly busy week of filming Normally by now, i would have uploaded a brand new scene. I am debating between getting to it tonight and releasing it for Saturday, or waiting until next mid-week. Either way there is so much content you wouldn't believe it. I will basically be having all-new scenes every week hitting my clipstores, onlywam and Patreon until October. Yeah, you heard that right! Buckle up!Report
AlexaJane  7/21/23
Thanks for the loves! You both look great messy! xxReport
deadpool  6/21/23
Congratulations I wish you both the best Report
ChocolateCakeFan  6/21/23
Congrats on coming out! Happy Pride, too.Report
Potatoman-J  6/20/23
Congrats on coming out! Wishing you both the best! Report
Potatoman-J  4/17/23
Wishing you both the best. Sad you can't make it.Report
The Fetish Couple  4/17/23
I've been putting this off for literally a month, because it's so hard to make this call officially, but me and Misses won't be able to attend this year. Way too many destabilizing things have come up since I got the plane tickets. Sorry for anybody who may be disappointed. Misses and I are fine FYI. Hopefully life will be more normal for the 30th anniversary.Report
LeRex  4/16/23
Congratulations on WOTD, your scenes are amazing Report
The Fetish Couple  3/13/23
Favorite feeling ever? Delivering a fully finished custom to a customer, and hearing their initial response! It's a ton of work from start to finish but hearing back from them is just the greatest feeling.Report
The Fetish Couple  3/6/23
Just bought the plane tickets for Vegas!Report
Potatoman-J  1/21/23
You guys are amazing, and you have really raised your bar with new models and everything this last year. So glad you guys are here!Report
The Fetish Couple  12/19/22
For sure Joe. We actually have a video just like that with her real hair on the way.Report
JoeYoung  12/19/22
hi! just wondering, i'd like to make a request to see the Misses with her original hair again at some point? She's so pretty/cute! (Obviously, you know this). I just always wondered what her real hair was like and was kind of blown away when it 'twas finally revealed. anyway, Happy Holidays to you both!Report
wetmart2240  12/17/22
Thanks for the friendship Loving your workReport
The Fetish Couple  11/10/22
We have an all new site. ! Check it out.Report
Timelord88  10/23/22
AHHHHHHH some of my favorite Wammers!! Congratulations, you all are so awesome!Report
newpieguy09  10/23/22
Grats on WotD!Report
Jayce  10/23/22
Congrats on WOTD!!! Deserved times a thousand!Report
Wolfsbane  10/23/22
Congrats on Wammer of the day!Report
The Fetish Couple  9/1/22
Now offering Patreon streaming!Report
The Fetish Couple  7/22/22
Currently on and also hiring new female modelsReport
Messygirl  7/16/22
Glad to be an inspiration for you two. Report
The Fetish Couple  6/29/22
Currently looking for new female modelsReport
The Fetish Couple  6/29/22
Currently looking for new modelsReport
The Fetish Couple  6/13/22
We are officially on onlywam! Check us out at
The Fetish Couple  1/20/22
Damn this latest scene is selling like crazy!! It's super fun to see you guys are taking advantage of the latest upload Report
The Fetish Couple  1/4/22
Might be filming for the first time in months tomorrowReport
The Fetish Couple  12/30/21
New messy scenes coming soon...Report
ruinedwhite  9/14/21
I hope to see same white jeans for next messy scene.....thanksReport
newpieguy09  9/12/21
Congrats on WotD! Also, happy you both are safe. May I recommend setting up shop in the Northeast? LolReport
The Fetish Couple  9/2/21
We will be permanently relocating out of the south and into a different part of the country. We have unedited footage of scenes that we will upload once we have a place with wifi setup. Thank you for your patience! New content is still on the way.Report
The Fetish Couple  9/2/21
We evacuated and we are safe!Report
The Fetish Couple  4/26/21
Here's a trailer for our scene this Wednesday:
Timelord88  4/25/21
Thank you! You all are the BESTEST!! thank you for everything you do!!!Report
The Fetish Couple  4/24/21
Just a quick reminder that it is you all, the fans, customers and supporters, who make our content what it is. We are nothing without you guys. UMD is an amazing place and we are so thankful to be on here and share our art. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.Report
The Fetish Couple  4/9/21
Check out our latest trailer at this link! The real video is in much higher definition than this..
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