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applesauce, foam, lather, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans, fruit, pies, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, gel, messy, cheese, methylcellulose, shaving cream, chocolate
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Hi, I'm Sophie, I just love getting wet & messy, especially with an audience!
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From MessyWeeb  11/30/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From Egils  7/21/16
So Hot
From Egils  7/14/16
Nice photos
From Love2bmessy  4/6/16
Fansatic videos : :
From MessyMissMarie  4/4/16
Thank you very much I'm really glad you like them
From mcmess  4/3/16
You have a pm in you inbox sweetie
From Love2bmessy  4/2/16
Thank you for becoming a friend
From GungeLucyTV  1/14/16
So cute xxxxx
From pieme55  12/28/15
Thank you for accepting my friend request! Love all your great pics! A natural born wammer!
From zosojay024  12/27/15
Best WOTD yet!!
From Binnay  12/26/15
Congrats on WOTD!
From MyPieRogative  12/22/15
Damn!! We should have done a video together! Awesome pics Sophie!
From GungeLucyTV  5/23/15
lush messy mush xxxx
From Il_Sovrano  1/10/15
I wish you come back soon
From messy davey  4/5/14
incredible photos
From wamman90  1/25/14
Thanks for all the stunning wet and messy pics and videos long may they continue many thanks
From beasty  12/8/13
Congrats on WoTD
From clownsnap  12/8/13
Congratulations on WOTD Sophie, thoroughly deserved
From Dale Cooper  12/2/13
Thanks for the kind words! Windy and I were quite tickled!
From wamnovice  3/1/13
Thanks for accepting my friend request, sweet, sexy and messy you are the perfect girl
From MessySurvey  1/7/13
How do you make your green slime
From muckyduck  11/10/12
wow Heavenly breasts you have,
From Danmessy1  9/21/12
you are so sexy. Going to get messy myself now. Chocolate in the tub!
From chocolick  8/15/12
Thanks for accepting my friend request =)
From Messy_Art_Agency  2/3/12
Thank you for your friendship! Kiss Hanah .
From Ready&Willing  1/21/12
Thanks for the friend request beautiful.
From vettepier  10/30/11
Keep up the good work : )
From   10/22/11
Lovely pics sophie ! Love your work xx
From Wamrocker  10/20/11
hey hey , cheers for the add! hows tricks!? messy halloween ahead? x
From   5/29/11
thanks for the suggestions sophie ill do my best to please you !! personally love custard too.
From FETISH JADE  4/25/11
bravo sophie!!! come play in Los Angeles!
From zosojay024  2/12/11
From   1/20/11
Thanks for your comment, have much more of these pics
From   1/14/11
Thanks for adding me as a friend - NN x
From SSJ_Vegeta  11/30/10
Please make those topless with a thong and thick slime videos in the download store!
From beasty  7/18/10
hey i love ur messy action ur also incredibly cute XXXX
From SSJ_Vegeta  7/17/10
Please make videos!!!
From zosojay024  7/4/10
hugs hugs
From zosojay024  5/23/10
Love ya baby XOXOX
From Smoothmud  4/21/10
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