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"A sensuously slow build-up to a generously great climax!"
I'm going to start this review by celebrating its ending this one has a wonderful climax! It begins slowly (to be frank and forthright) and there is nothing wrong with this... life is one act creating anticipation after another... the four women in this film will fill their rubber boots (each with a different concoction) and then attempt to create a splash worth of the moment when they take turns stepping into their boots (indirectly we learn something about what is necessary to do this)... the playful preparations are part of the pleasure... in the end, the resulting mess is magnificent (and, in my eyes, something of an act of generosity)... I enjoyed this film more and more with each viewing... and the very messy climax is excellent! Cheers! dapratt49, 16 hours ago
"Playful pleasure before washing up! The boots need cleaning!"
Jessie's sky-blue Hunters are still a bit muddy after the last time she wore them... but before washing them, she essentially says "Let's have some fun!" Jessie is standing in an indoor wading pool wearing a short white dress and white thigh-high stay-up stockings. She slips her feet into the boots to start the fun by jumping onto two pies. But this is just the beginning! She follows by repeatedly taking off the boots to fill them with the various concoctions waiting in nearby bowls and, after each filling of her boots, she steps into them and then lays down in the wading pool to allow what's in the boots to slide downward over her Nylons onto her lap! Over and over again! Midway through the first part of this feature, she calmly says that she will (as usual) finish by pouring the whole mess over her head this creates a magnificent moment of "build-up" for the viewer and we are indeed treated to some great close-ups of what she does to fulfill her "promise"! The last five minutes of this film is in the shower cleaning the boots (the rationale for this micro-moment). All in all, we are treated to a thoroughly enjoyable visual adventure with a wonderful woman! Clearly this is one for those who love boots! Cheers! dapratt49, 18 hours ago
"Clearly loving it"
Alex has a great body even before he gets covered in thick gunge, and he looks absolutely stunning when he's all slicked up. He clearly enjoys getting covered and his bulging underwear for the first few minutes gives a great teaser to the big dick he's got in there. Really erotic from start to finish, I just wish I was there with him! RubberNLube, Sunday
"Magnificently messy where it merrily matters!"
A perfectly playful seven-minute miniature from Jessie in an outfit completed with the Hunters she's wearing (just for us!)... when she starts by lifting her skirt we can guess what's in store: cake sitting involves getting merrily messy where it matters (if I may put it this way)! She has several cakes (in pie plates) to enjoy the way she's going to enjoy them. After she's lowered herself on the first one, she attends to her boots (spreading stuff sensuously over the black rubber of both boots) she knows what we love to see! Then she turns around to give everyone a view of the white material she's wearing that is not going to stay white for very long! The cakes she's prepared are colourful and she herself gets more and more colourful as she sits on each one! She spreads the "oozing out" contents of each cake over herself both front and back: joyously coating the top of the outfit she's wearing as well as what she's wearing below her waist. The focus is on how messy a woman can get when she sits on something and she ends this short film being delightfully messy where it matters with her boots being merrily messy too. She does not go overboard in this one and this is fine with us! Cheers. dapratt49, Sunday
"A classic by design"
The frock is a classic of design. Actually, even though it is very sexy, apart from the bare back, it reveals very little. It covers much more than it shows which leaves everything to the imagination. Thankfully, when it comes to imagination, I have a vivid one of those. Like all classic frocks it can be worn anywhere. In this case the bath. Skip forward and Jayce does something in this video that is the sexiest thing I have seen for some time. The dress is held up by being tied in a knot at the back of the neck. As Jayce walks into the living room, leaving a trail of water behind and with her back to the camera, she reaches up and unties the knot. That's it. It doesn't get much better. Anyway, to continue. Interestingly, by keeping her underpants on, she reveals the rest of her glistening wet body without distractions which is absolutely stunning. Jayce, may I just extend my thanks for allowing me to stare. Splosh Lover, Sunday
"Seven minutes of playful pleasure!"
This seven minute miniature is a genuine gem! There's no pretense we know why we want to be watching and so does Jessie! The scene opens with a pot of spaghetti that first needs to be cooled down... and from the first scene we're given a gracious glance at a perfectly playful part of this presentation her captivating cleavage! There's a lot of laughter in this one (when the world needs more laughter if I may say so!)... while kneeling she fills both boots with the substance du jour and then she stands (saying "we're going to go for it now")... she steps into each boot... she takes her time doing this much to our delight... and in the process one of the straps of her dress slips off her right shoulder (just saying!). As her left foot penetrates the second spaghetti-filled boot, Jessie says "There's something amazingly satisfying about that..".. we have no doubt! This magical micro-moment concludes with her pleasure in playfully pouring the spaghetti from her boots over herself (and onward to getting more messy) in a wonderful way to end up! And what can we say about fallen straps? She handled it naturally all part of a wonderful short film! Cheers! dapratt49, Sunday
"Sensational match, more mud wrestling please!"
Another great mud wrestling vid from MostWam! Casey & Nadia give their all. Well worth the $10. The first two series of mud matches were excellent. What a shame they didn't sell tickets... look forward to more mud wrestling from MostWam in the future. rosie, Friday
"Lisa at her very best, great wet and muddy and leggy action"
We got used to Lisa as a host, forgetting she's a perfect model as well. Here she is, and although it's a solo scene, this video is so sexy. Appearing in a great office outfit, Lisa starts cleaning the couch with water, getting quite wet herself. You'll see her kneeling while the camera is zooming in on her feet and bum. Then it's time for the big muddy spot to get washed off... The floor gets cleaner, which means that pinstripe suit gets muddy. When there's a bathtub next to you, why would you leave a clean spot on that suit? So Lisa takes a dive. This is a very attractive scene, showing Lisa as an ideal messy & wet model. There's a special focus on Lisa's legs in tights. Lisa herself is acting in a way you're going to notice how wonderful her feet are! More scenes like these please. Jansson, Wednesday
"A perfect messy scene where sexy Harper gets messy and wet"
Harper is applying for a messy job, the discussion between Lisa and her is as professional as it can get.

Then there's good messy action starting with golden syrup on Harper's face, treacle on her back and it continues...

One would only wish they continued with a pie in the face or some cake sitting.

The cherry on the cake is the wash off. Lisa got stained, so she takes off her shoes and we see her sexy feet in tights getting wet. Both ladies looking very attractive. This is a perfect scene in many ways. A good script with flow all the time, fine professional camera work with zooming in & out, showing the ladies from different angles.

Last but not least the excellent play by lovely Lisa and sexy Harper, which could be the office lady around the corner. Oh, hopefully, Harper got the job and we'll see more of her. Jansson, Wednesday
"Jacy loves pies "What can I say!" And she proves it!"
This 19-minute film begins with Jacy sitting sensuously (delightfully topless) beside a table of pies and it will end with her still sitting beside that table but with a pile of empty pie plates at her feet. There is next to no "dialogue" but we're treated to the sound of the pies smacking into her face as she pies herself over and over again! The viewer has to be prepared to sit back and simply enjoy Jacy getting messy and massaging herself with the contents of pie after pie. She does this magnificently (for example: once she begins she does not ever wipe her eyes!)... she covers herself from head to toe. She does this beautifully she has a body that wants to be massaged sensuously and she spreads the pies over herself just the way her body wants her to!

We're "in the room" to enjoy her performance and I certainly did (over and over again)! The film simply presents a wonderful woman being playful (giving into temptation)... she's by herself in the film (so she is with just us her viewers!)... but voyeurs with a sharp eye will note that someone we do not ever see silently moves the pies on the table so that Jacy can reach for them without effort when she's ready for the next one: after all her eyes are completely coated almost throughout the entire film after the first pie!

I thoroughly enjoyed the show! I love Jacy! I love her breasts (they are perfect for this film!)... I love her willingness to be playful. This one is quintessentially quite quiet and this makes it special... cheers! dapratt49, Wednesday
"A simple, sexy display"
A classic performance from an expert at her art. Fully-clothed (well, sort of) in material that clings to show off the exact shape, every curve, every detail of her stunning figure. She has great legs, nice bottom, slim figure (flat tummy), lovely breasts, long hair. All shown in beautiful detail. And a great performance. This is not play acting, this is a master of the art putting on a show to entertain and excite the paying public. She is expert at the various ways of entering the water diving, jumping, reverse entry in the tuck position, tumbling in from the inflatable etc., various pays of posing in and out of the water, even ways of climbing out. It keeps the performance varied and interesting while always keeping to the basics of exhibiting her stunning body while very wet. I love it. Splosh Lover, 6 days ago
"Two fit, sexy girls getting very wet"
Whoa. Wow. I mean gosh. Now I knew that Ariel and Jayce are beautiful women with trim, fit bodies ideally suited, tailored, to the task of turning me on by getting wet while dressed--dunking, emerging streaming wet, posing all dripping wet. What came as a surprise was Ariel's abs. I never knew she had abs like that. Two stunning bodies. Also, can we raise a glass to whoever invented plain, white, cotton t-shirts. And maybe the first girl to take them swimming should also get a mention. They have a unique ability to mold themselves to the shape of the body beneath which, in the case of Ariel and Jayce, is really rather a good thing. More. More. Splosh Lover, 6 days ago
"A masterpiece of playful pleasure!"
This colourful creation is a genuine joy to watch... both Penelope and Jacy are delightful... this twenty-two minute film is the right combination of everything it promises: the right amount of nudity... the right amount of preliminary pleasures (the first seven minutes are worth watching over and over especially if you have a denim fetish)... and the right amount of slime! There's ultimately a lot of slime! The women get messier and messier in the second half (as the game progresses)... frankly the way the different pails of slime flow over their heads and their bodies is magnificent: some great colour combinations! As well, there are little micro-moments of pleasure in this film that add significantly to the voyeur's vicarious viewing adventure... for example, the way the women take turns sitting on the stool to reach into the hat to see what comes next is a lot of fun... Jacy and Penelope really seemed to enjoy being in this one (for example they each took their time choosing what pail to pour over the other's head all part of the fun)... I enjoyed watching their game! Cheers! dapratt49, 6 days ago
"One hot sticky dude"
Another hot vid! Great coverage with slop and he manages to keep that adorable smile on his face! Love the suspense of waiting to see what his entire body looks like covered in all that mess, and he does not disappoint with the ending! glopguy06, 7 days ago
"Classy outfit totally trashed, shirt ripped open, dildo playing"
So this shiny outfit gets totally messy & wrecked and the shirt ripped open, while Ariel is having a lot of fun during the act of trashing.

The opening scene is Ariel sitting in a white pantyhose with stockings on top of it, looking like the ideal secretary that makes you dream... That dream gets hot when Ariel bends over to show you her Nylon clad bum just before it is pied... and with all those pies around her, you know what is going to come! There won't be left a clean spot on this wambabe! At the end the white hosiery has got totally black to a point you almost don't recognize Ariel, who's even more sexy though.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a little bit more of clothes ripping (blouse, skirt, tights) which I think Ariel is so good. Also, perhaps half a bucket of water midway the action in order to have a shiny wet & messy climax before getting all messy again. How could I forget to mention that Ariel's circular boob caressing and dildo playing makes this a very erotic scene! Definitely looking forward to many more of these classy & messy scenes. Jansson, 9 days ago
"Naughty and highly erotic scene with suddenly lots of dirty talk"
It all starts with Jayce in a gown, I did not care for it when I bought the scene but it's soo sexy when it gets glistening messy.

Both girls in black stockings. The action starts with Ariel messing Jayce up, both gown and stockings, then after a couple of minutes the roles are reversed. When Ariel is messy, all of a sudden Jayce starts talking dirty... both girls suggesting you a lot of naughty ideas, slowly encouraging you. I wouldn't have thought of any effect before but the whole scene then gets very erotic. After that Ariel starts with the ripping her shirt, slowly messing up her bra with circular movements... One climax leads to another...

This scene is so good with all the built-in climaxes, that it took me some views to get to the end. Two superb and sexy ladies make you dream. Very erotic indeed. Jansson, 9 days ago
"Very muddy, very naked and very sexy"
I am in a dilemma. A quandary. A forked stick if you will. I have the advantage of a WAM fetish so the more that Ariel covers herself in mud the better I like it. Then when we get rather a good look at her pussy as she massages it with the mud followed by a vibrating dildo it inevitably ends with a nice relaxing but intense orgasm. Yes, and for Ariel as well as me. Love it. Brilliant. On the other hand, this video starts with Ariel standing naked in front of the camera and ends, post clean-up, with Ariel and Jayce also naked. It isn't WAM but they are very beautiful women and being give permission to simply stare is really very wonderful. Maybe I'll buy a lot more their videos and do some more research. Splosh Lover, 10 days ago
"Green for go-- or gunge! Al does both and shows how green he is!"
Wow. This is one hell of a video. Al is just in a pair of quite revealing shorts and gets dunked several time. He looks as if he really enjoyed this and wallows about in and under the gunge. Nice wash off which shows I think that he was quite excited!

Please more like this. Thanks Al for being such a tease. wills, 10 days ago
"Messiest solo movie ever made."
I remember seeing this movie for the first time some years ago so I was super happy to see it again. I have to purchase it again. Poor (or lucky) candy gets an utter onslaught of mess. Lots of batter, eggs, custard, beans, margarine and treacle. This must have felt awesome, and as Candy is a die hard splosher, she must have loved it.

I just wish it was me. ItsJay, 11 days ago
"Deep and gooey."
Louise is new to the WAM world, and she clearly loves it. When she steps into the gunge, hearing her say how nice it feels, its obvious she loves it. The way she gets naked and sinks into the gunge, seeing it get in every nook and cranny is hot as hell! ItsJay, 11 days ago
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