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"The delightful Jayce and Dixie having fun"
While it's always fun watching Jayce getting messy, for me it's a special treat watching Dixie getting nice and messy. I'm also a big fan of one-piece swimsuits and clothes filling, so this was a nice treat. Nice and thick slime that was used, too. The twerking was a fun bonus, too. clue1, 7 hours ago
"Wet muddy slippers"
As a massive fan of wet, muddy or messed up slippers, this video must be one of the best, if not the best, on the web. To see a sexy guy walk up to a river in his pajamas and slippers and then get everything wet and muddy was amazing to see. Thank you wetlookmale... You have made a wam slippers guy very happy :D :D :D. bertiebump, Saturday
"Jayce's clumsiest clip yet!"
Hands down my favorite clip of Jayce her natural clumsiness combined with a love for mud makes this a clip you'll want to get your hands on. The mud is enough to make you wish you were there blanketed in endless slop but watching Jayce do it is much more fulfilling! Highly recommend picking this up! PerfectPies, Friday
"Nice girls+superb Mess But no nudity. misse chance one is enough."
Well to say It's not my taste. Wrong buy.

But first: nice girls OK. Superb messy OK. No nudity Bad.

That could have been a superb tape. Missed chance. opal1x, Friday
"Great fun and value"
Really fun scene! Poor Casey! She gets an impressive amount of mess at the end. Mia also takes some great pies and gunge and Charlotte receives a good gunge tanking! Also I can't believe Charlotte is so cheap to bribe! Mia does a good job of not giving the game away. rb2844, 6 days ago
"Great sliming"
What a tease! I wish things would've gone further but this was still well done and sensual. Hope to see more in the future!, 6 days ago
"Pete's swift retribution on Al messy,humiliating and wet!"
Never mess with Pete! Al did and is now paying the price! Pete does not spare him at all and Al gets well and truly messed. He takes it well but does not look too happy. Loved the 'down his pants' gunging, could have done with more of that--sorry Al!. After getting well and truly trashed he then has the obligatory wash off. He does not disappoint and ends up stripping down to just his pants. Hope this sets the bar for future victims, sorry guests. Perhaps Al will try and get another revenge with Pete?

One minor gripe and that is the chat goes on a bit at the beginning but otherwise another excellent video. Thanks Al! wills, 6 days ago
"Jayce says "Best mud in years.."...and yes it is."
Jayce doesn't disappoint in this fun little romp in the mud. The best mud in years she proclaims, and I tend to agree. The consistency is spot on, not to thick and not to thin. And just who doesn't love wondering around in a mud hole wearing lingerie, who?

This here is another Jayce and her House Of Mess classic! hooter, 6 days ago
"Epic gunging of the host"
Epic gunging as ever and so happy to see Pete get it after giving out so much to those poor boys! I may be there one day who knows! Well worth the purchase! sexystew90, 7 days ago
"This one is very hot"
I really liked this scene. I had thought that it would be out of focus or the good stuff would be out of frame, but you can see everything.

She also seems to genuinely masturbate rather than just rubbing her pussy once, which is important to me as a viewer. Hope to see more videos with her in. scroggle, 9 days ago
"I wanted to dive through my screen and into the mud with her."
How can you not love watching Jayce play in the mud? She wastes no time diving in headlong, and it's a treat to watch. The mud looks amazing and Jayce looks incredible in it. It's the perfect creamy texture, and there's plenty of faceplanting, diving, and bathing int it. I don't think it's possible to watch the mud coat and caress Jayce's gorgeous skin and not want to dive in with her. The only thing I would have added is a few dives and faceplants with her mouth open wide, but that may just be me (I can't get enough of seeing her spit out big mouthfuls of mud). Still, this scene is super hot and a ton of fun to watch. Definitely pick it up. WritesNaughtyReviews, 9 days ago
"Nothing but the best from Candy!"
I will never get tired of watching Candy systematically slather mess all over herself. As always, she's obviously enjoying herself tremendously, and that fun energy alone makes this scene a must-watch. And when she lays back to play, the camera is in the perfect place to let you see every sensual, sloppy detail. Once she's satisfied, the way she basks in the gooey afterglow will be sure to put a smile on your face. Definitely glad I picked this up. WritesNaughtyReviews, 9 days ago
"The most fun you can have with one cake!"
Erica really knows how to get the most out of that cake. There might not be enough mess for fans of full coverage, but if you like your ladies naughty, then you'll definitely want to check this out. That close-up of the messy panties stuffing is worth the price of the video all by itself! WritesNaughtyReviews, 9 days ago
"An "Intimate" Romp in the Mud"
"Intimate." That is the word that singlehandedly best sums up this clip. It's straightforward: just two hot girls enjoying each other's company in a bathtub full of mud. Don't mistake me for saying it's average; on the contrary, it features what is quite possibly the hottest kissing I have yet seen in a girl-on-girl mud clip. It's quite clear, from the fashion in which they go at it, that Saraliz and Mina were quite comfortable together. They're all over each other, kissing and caressing and fondling every inch of one another's bodies all while getting increasingly coated in the creamy gray mud that surrounds them. Both girls are a delight, whether clean or messy but Mina alone is worth the price of admission, her petite body, perky breasts, and cute smiling face truly a sight to behold. Two muddy thumbs up! MudBoi88, 10 days ago
"Just desserts for Pete literally"
Well, we all saw this coming even if poor old Pete didn't! Pete takes it well enough though. Loved to see him get really messy and the wash off afterwards! I think AL Wam will have to watch his step now, have a feeling his next appraisal interview may be a bit messy!

Well done Pete--you took it like a pro (but somehow do not think many people will have any sympathy for you.) wills, 10 days ago
"More please"
I had to pinch myself. I've always wanted you to do something like this. There are other Mud Wrestling sites, but they seem to scripted, and to take it too seriously. They wrestle in white clay, and spend much of their time trying to remove any clothes the girls happen to be wearing. Your fights are simple fun, the clothes stay on, and it looks like real mud. And that's how I like it. More please. earthrod, 10 days ago
"Great energetic fight"
A terrific start to a new set. Just like her earlier fight with Danielle, Ania was as enthusiastic as ever. A thoroughly enjoyable fight. earthrod, 10 days ago
"To me, good--a bit of an anticlimax to the series."
A good idea to do something different, but it didn't work for me. I suppose 17 fights in a single session was just too much for you all. But for us the viewers, we saw them at intervals. So we didn't get bored with the same format.

And I didn't like the bubbles. You probably had a lot of fun, but I couldn't see anything through the bubbles. earthrod, 10 days ago
"Brilliant energetic fight."
Elegant Danielle and enthusiast Emily--what a combination. Like Corinne, Danielle is another smart lady who is just as elegant whether rolling in mud or not. earthrod, 10 days ago
Brilliant energetic non-stop fight. Corinne always looks so elegant, particularly in mud. Keem 'em coming. earthrod, 10 days ago

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