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"The Legend Of Stella: The Perfect Mud"
This is my favorite video from Stella. She goes on an incredible journey in the woods to find some deep mud. Her findings get better and better until her search ends with a very satisfying climax. I love Stella's mud scenes and this is her best one yet. I can't wait for the next time she finds more deep mud. CutieJeans, 17 hours ago
"Stella's Perfect Blue Jeans Bath"
One of my favorite scenes from Stella! She takes a nice hot bath in her blue jeans with a special bath toy. I love Stella's jeans in this video and she looks absolutely stunning in them as they glisten in the bathwater. I wonder if she might wear them in the mud next time. CutieJeans, 17 hours ago
"An excellent entertainment"
Now, I like girls who take all their clothes off and let me see them naked. I like that. Apart from the beautiful bodies, it is the style, the attitude, the uninhibited approach to entertaining the fans with some full frontal nudity. I find that very sexy. Add in a fetish for girls getting messy, and messy is best done naked, and the formula is clear. Which is where this excellent video comes in. A very fine example of two beautiful girls getting completely naked and very messy. Dear Ariel and Julie, thank you very much for an excellent performance. I love it. Splosh Lover, yesterday
"A demonstration by the best"
Jayce, the boss, the best, knows exactly what to do to trigger my little grey cells. It starts with a beautiful, fit, sexy and flexible body and an uninhibited attitude to showing it all off. It includes a careful choice of exactly where to find the best mud and a nice choice of clothing to be worn and then removed. I like the underwear. But mostly it is the wonderful way she surrenders herself to the mud. She dives in, she disappears under, she emerges caked in it, she rubs it everywhere, she excites herself to orgasm in it. She is the best. the most extreme, the dirtiest, messiest, muddiest woman ever. I love it. Splosh Lover, Saturday
"Simple things done beautifully"
Oh I love it. I mean, that body, all naked, and wet and shiny, then wet and soapy. So simple and yet so completely amazing and sexy and wet and naked and cold and shiny and just amazing. I think, as well as the Drop Dead Gorgeous body, it's the style, the confidence, the self-assurance, the flair. But mainly it's the wet naked body. A demonstration of how to do it from the best in the business. It's brilliant. Splosh Lover, Thursday
"Absolutely Amazing"
Really great scene this. Saw a preview for it on the MostWam insta account and been looking forward to it for a while now as I'm a savory mess fan and it does not disappoint.

Not much of a spoiler to say that both of the girls, winner and loser, get absolutely covered in lots of savory. Fair play to both of them, especially Sky who seems to have become a lot more comfortable with savory recently.

The bowls of mixed mess at the end are some of the most brutal and disgusting MostWam gunge have done, and I mean that in a complimentary manner!

Well done to the girls, Charlotte as host, the cameraman, and the customer who came up with this twisted idea! Great value and some fun outtakes at the end! rb2844, 6 days ago
"DD is adorable, the mess is huge! What more do you need to know?"
DD is one of the cutest ladies I have seen anywhere in the WAM universe. She tackles her role in the video with enthusiasm, giggling and laughing all the way through.

Not to mention she has a very nice little butt! Nerblenerble, 7 days ago
"Nice wet and muddy scene"
Great little scene, Boychucker ges her clothes wet and muddy in a puddle, she looks great in a wet shiny t-shirt and panyhose! No nudity or sex, still very hot. sauceboss, 8 days ago
"Very nice basic work!"
It is very advantageous video that sexy nude of Jayce is covered with caramel & soap.

Because it is simple, it is a work where you can enjoy the splendor of the material(Jayce!).

This is a wonderful work filled with her natural charm, I highly recommend this! JpWam, 9 days ago
"Sexy white panties ruined--with more to cum"
There are two sections to this video, and I can't decide which one I like more. The first is Boychucker getting increasingly messy in thick chocolate batter, completely ruining a pair of pristine white panties in the process (and showing off her lovely sexy body). In the second half she pulls out a huge dildo and makes herself cum good and hard.

So I don't know which one I like more, but it doesn't matter--they are both great! sauceboss, 9 days ago
"Cassie getting it"
Wow what a vid. Cassie is getting it good and proper love the way they throw food at her more like this please. MessedUpDresses, 10 days ago
"Pie Throwing and Pussy Licking"
Tit for Tat is another great video from WAM with Benefits. I last reviewed Hardcore Pie Pod, which was a terrific pie in the face/messy fuck video where Lilly James gets fucked by two guys and takes two cumshots, one in her face, one on her tits, after getting pied and slimed.

Tit for Tat stars Lilly James again, along with Audrina, in a messfest complete with pies in the face, pussy pies, pussy licking, hardcore penetration, a huge facial cumshot to both girls faces and Audrina taking some face pies after the popshot. WAM with Benefits continues to do a great job combing WAM and hardcore sex, consistently ending his videos with facial cumshots, which to me is where the popshot should always go in videos, especially pie videos.

One minor suggestion: I would like to see a tiny bit more footage of the girls with cum on their faces before they take a final couple of pies in the face. In Tit for Tat, we get a fade after the pop, then a couple of pies to Audrina's face. It's hot and definitely welcome, but I would have liked just a tiny bit more anticipation before she took those ending pies in the face. Nonetheless, it's great to see a girl get pied after the facial and I'm very happy WAM with Benefits went that route with Audrina here. More of this please!

Tit for Tat is excellent value for the money. The new camera WAM for Benefits is using makes the new 4K scenes look clear and fantastic, even on bigger screens. You get two girls getting pied, slimed, licking pussy, fucked and facialed, then Audrina finished off with a couple more pies to the face, all shot in 4K.

I can't wait for the next WAM with Benefits video and I would love to see Audrina in it. She is very cute, looks great with pie and cum on her face, and looks best getting fucked from behind while licking Lilly's pussy, both girls covered in pie and slime. I'm so glad WAM with benefits is back in business, making new content and making it look so great! 77wabc, 11 days ago
"Short and sweet naked pie in the tub. I recommend this vid!"
Awesome video! Short and sweet! Great guy naked in the tub taking a nice green pie to his clean face. Nice impact! GDude28x, 13 days ago
"Sensational Messy Interview!"
What a great scene. Casey is beautiful as always & talks us through the messy process she follows. Then as a bonus Lisa joins in the messiness.

A great fun episode! Nothing like the job interviews i've ever been involved in...

Well worth a look. rosie, 13 days ago
"Rip and Strip my Cash from me! Cos this is Brilliant!"
Sky and Lucy are always a joy to behold... Watching their chemistry explode like this is so beautiful to watch... we all know that they have become best friends due to working together... And lucky Mostwam have seen this and use it to benefit every person on UMD that watches these 2 and surely making Lucy and Sky life at mostwam happier as a result. Beautifully shot! No Zooms or pans anywhere... This is what Al and Leon should be doing everyday. Making the camerawork invisible and allow the talent on screen to dictate the joy that the consumer has! CalGungeFan, 13 days ago
"Waste of time and energy"
Was really looking forward to this scene on paper. Loving Jem right. But what the point of having a interesting set up when you can't see it! The camera really never stopped zooming and panning throughout. It was terrible. Such a disappointment from start to finish. CalGungeFan, 13 days ago
Wow! Mister is one hunk! Very sexy man who loves his slime! Loved when rolled around in the gunk in the floor. And his enjoyment of the slime was so cute! Let's hope for more of him to come! ;) messyaf, 16 days ago
"Incredibly hot and messy"
Both girls were thoroughly enjoying themsleves and the video is absolutely amazing for it. Great slime, great views and just an amazingly sexy video. Definately worth getting. joninalex, 16 days ago
"Extremely intimate, explicit, and sexy. Definitely recommended!"
I'm not usually into sticky messes, but I will absolutely make an exception for Kaydens playing in melted gummy bears. She looks amazing as always, and the thick, translucent, stringy gummy bear goo looks delicious on her. Also, she's not lying when she says this is the naughtiest melted gummy bear video ever. It's always fun watching Kaydens play with a vibrator, but the heat really gets dialed up to 11 when she abandons the toy. She starts spreading melted gummies on her pussy and each time she pulls her hands away, the sticky goo stretches her pussy wide open. The camera position is perfect, and the result is easily one of the most intimate, explicit, and mouth-wateringly sexy things I've ever seen in a messy video. And if that's not enough, the next thing she does is wind a handful of goo around her fingers and slide it deep inside herself. My mouth dropped open when I saw that, and I immediately backed backed up the video by a minute because I knew what I wanted to see when I came. Definitely check this out. You won't be sorry. WritesNaughtyReviews, 16 days ago
"One of the sexiest muddy boots and Levi's vids I've ever seen."
One of the sexiest muddy boots and Levi's vids I've ever seen. It had me on edge, too, wondering when he was going to fall in. Getting mud soaked slowly made it especially erotic. Thanks for sharing your mud adventure. Hope to see more like this one. Gaelic, 17 days ago
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