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"Best Gunge Tank Scene Yet!"
By legobatmanguy  19 hours ago

Definitely my favorite gunge tank scene. Well worth the purchase! I loved the thickness/consistency of the gunge and the way its poured. The jumps in the flow, the way it pours in a shower head type formation, the colors of the gunge, and the way it spreads over her body is amazing! Only way this could have been better is if she was nude and squealing in the gunge tank!

By noideer  Wednesday

A lovely scenario with a lovely star. The quiz starts off really well until imbo fails and then she gets the mess. She takes it like a champ and it's lovely to watch.

"One of my all time favourites!"
By Scally.gunge  Wednesday

One of my favourite scenes from one of my favourites! So glad it's back online. I love the increasing thickness of the gunge and the desperation and torture of not been able to wipe it off!

"Amazing, horny, kinky and fun! Buy now!"
By sexystew90  Tuesday

I dream of this to happen to me! Amazing! And I dare you to not Cum! Makes me want to be dominated like that! Dare you! But yes buy!

"Fun scene"
By ShavingCreamGirl  Monday

i loved it its like watching charlie chaplin in the 1920s. simply a wonderful video, i will totally come back and buy more.

"A perfect scene for fans of spanking and mess"
By kittenish  Sunday

Cleo looks incredibly sexy tied up and on all fours in this scene. She gets some delicious ass spankings before getting completely trashed with mess. There is A lot of mess and full coverage to Cleo's face, body, and ass.

I especially enjoyed the way Bob pulled Cleo's hair while he spanked her and pied her in the face. Cleo takes the mess so well and it's delightful to watch her reactions, particularly since she's tied up.

Spanking and WAM are my two favorite fetishes and Cleo and Bob check both boxes here perfectly. If you think this scene looks sexy from the pics, you most definitely won't be disappointed!

"Great mud, gorgeous passion + realness"
By dirtdirtdirt  Saturday

Ahhhhhh! this rules so hard! SO much amazing creamy slop, and love the quaking earth quality when grabbing at the edges. love your passion for it and your whole vibe, thank you for shooting this and sharing it. :D :D :D

outdoor mud fans will also be glad to know the sound is really good--no wind blasting noise into the microphone, you get every squish and splat and breath. beautiful.

"One of my favorite chocolate movies ever made."
By ItsJay  6 days ago

Wow, wow, wow!

i love this movie. This is one of the reason I love Ariels Wambabes and Jayces house of mess. Two stunning women, in sexu underwear, getting messy in chocolate. What more do you want?

You can hear every single squidge and squelch in the chocolate. They make sure it gets everywhere. They make sure their hair is covered in it, they rub it all over watch other, its awesome. If you love sexy women, chocolate, wambabes, house of mess, Jayce and Ariel, then you will love this movie.

I hope these two awesome women stay with us in this community for a long time.

"It's all about the model"
By moreslime  7 days ago

The usp with Bob's output is that you always know where you are. The models play a silly game to decide who gets gunged, and the loser strips naked to sit in the tank and receive two gungings. The format's the same, time after time. Therefore, on his site, more than any other, it's all about the model. And in this scene, he's unearthed a gem.

Auburn-haired Tylah, with her pale freckly skin, gets a 10/10 from me just by sitting there; her look has always turned my knees to jelly from a hundred yards. Add that she's cute and utterly adorable, and I just had to have this scene and accompanying photo set. There's a token attempt at trigger-words once she's sat in the tank, but it's the thinnest of contrivances. You know Tylah's going to get gunged--twice and of course she does. She takes them pretty well. I wasn't entirely sure she liked it after the first one, but she warms to it and seems to be enjoying herself by the time the second batch of goo covers her.

It strikes me that Tylah's got the girl-next-door sweetness the Moomins like so much, so I'd love to see her in a shoot for them. Even just imagining her covered in their pies, or dropped in their mud dunk, is exciting. However, that's speculation. For now, I can see she's already done another shoot for Bob since this one. Let's hope there are more to come. Tylah's gorgeous x.

"You won't believe your eyes"
By moreslime  7 days ago

"Wowzers" says Charlotte as she surveys the collection of substances before her epic gunging of Casey. She ain't kiddin'.

If there is another WAM clip in existence of a model taking more mess than this, then I've never heard of it. In fact, if a wammer had taken this then the clip would be a classic and still talked of in hushed tones years later. To have a non-wammer do so is staggering. There was a producer a few years ago who covered two models in a lot of sweet mess but said they cut it short when it was clear the amount was making the girls feel queasy. It was a lot, but still only a fraction of what Casey is deluged in here. She takes it like a trooper. And then like three more troopers.

How much is it? Put it this way. The messing lasts a good 25 minutes. So, if you picture Charlotte turning to the table and picking up something to pour over Casey, and then repeating, how many times do you think she can do that in 25 minutes? That's how much mess there is. It's mostly sweet and the classic Moomin pies, although there's some savoury as well. Over and over. Over Casey, as it happens.

And even then, it's not done. No, the slop is collected in a bowl for a face-dunk, and the contents are then tipped over her head. (NB This is exactly how one of WAM legend Jayce's great scenes finishes, too.) And there's still time for a self-pieing and one last bottle of ketchup. If I hadn't seen it, I would have thought this scene was a myth. But it is real. Watch it and let that jaw hit the floor.

"Extremely sexy scene"
By bloodmire9  7 days ago

Love the huuge jugs of milk in this one, she covers herself completely with the stuff. The cold/shivering factor is immensely erotic, coupled with her genuine reactions of playfulness and plenty of giggling, makes this another one of my all time favorites of this model. Definitely recommend this one.

"Great scene in a new genre of WAM"
By sploshcouple  7 days ago

I'm so glad you are moving forward with this genre. I love it. Hopefully many more like this to come. The possibilities are endless on this new twist. POV is not just for joi anymore! Congrats and great job.

"Treacle and pie sitting!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

The second part of Elizabeths movie. She uses treacle, and sits in a cake. She takes the instructions easily, without hesitation. I wish this had another 2 parts at least!

"She loves the oats!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

This is the movie to get if you are unsure if Elizabeth enjoys getting messy. It wont take you long to realise she loves it. She takes a soft spot to the porridge (Oatmeal)

"Simple and fun!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

A very simple cheeky movie. Elizabeth has snook into the studio and decided to play around with the batter. She starts off in a nice dress and gets naked. She has two huge buckets of batter to play with. Lucky girl!

"The best Elizabeth movie!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

This is my favourite movie with Elizabeth. The batter looks amazing, Elizabeth looks amazing and Candy makes it run smoothly. At the end, Elizabeth gets naked and sits straight into the batter. Listen to the sound it makes! Its one of the best "squelch" sounds I have ever witnessed! Just like in all her movies, Elizabeth wiggles her bum around in the batter, something everyone does when they enjoy how it feels. I do hope Candy brings her back some day. She could be the batter queen!

"Messy glasses!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

Another fantastic movie with Elizabeth. I love the way she keeps her glasses on. I am sure there is a fetish for messy glasses, so this is the one for you. Elizabeth is not scared of pouring the batter over her head.

"Classic s.p.l.o.s.h. batter!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

I love Elizabeth! She is very, very new to the splosh scene but she has no trouble getting into it. This cake batter makes my mouth water. It looks so smooth and gooey. The stuff the late, great Bill Shipton used. Candy has the formula spot on.

"Foamy fun."
By ItsJay  7 days ago

Another fantastic movie from Pippa. The smile on her face is just amazing. She fills her whole bath full of foam. The way she gets really into it proves she really does love it. Foam does feel amazing, and I think Pippa will agree.

"Shabing gel is the future!"
By ItsJay  7 days ago

This was a very original idea. I have never seen shaving gel used before. It surprised me how little gel can turn into big foam. Any foam fan should watch this. It looks like it felt amazing.

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