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"Been waiting for something like this"
this is exactly what Ive been waiting for from mr wam. Would love to see this happen as the result of losing one of the games, loser gets humiliated. barefoot, stripped (preferably to shorts/boxers/Speedos) then eventually stuck in the tank would be even better. yourpoint, Wednesday
"A must have waders video"
This video is the second rubber hip waders video from the Wet and Muddy team. If you like women in waders, especially when they also wade in deep water, then this video is a no-brainer to purchase it. Those hip waders are just perfect for a fossil hunting even if it ends in wading through deep water. The scene is perfect just as the model. Bothax, Wednesday
"Messy Boy Louis. Yummy!"
Messy Boy? Most certainly.For the first time I think Louis has regrets for this one! Pete is relentless in pouring all sorts of food over Louis.-- who-- much to my great surprise goes topless half way through so we get my favourite--gunge directly onto flesh! I think some of it is pretty cold going by his reactions. On and on it goes with Louis getting absolutely trashed. A good wash off as well rounds this video off nicely. A great video.-- special thanks to Louis for being such a great sport. Perhaps he will get his own back?

Well done all. wills, Wednesday
"Jayce performing at her sexy wet-look best."
Jayce goes for a swim with her clothes on. Sounds simple but it is so much more. This is Jayce, the consummate performer, the peerless professional, putting on a display for her WAM fans. So it involves a lot of getting wet and particularly submerging.

Please note that, it is filmed with a hand-held camera from the poolside so we get to see the same as if we were there personally. I like that.

Jayce takes care to vary the way she enters the pool. Apart from the initial 'Geronimo Jump' and the final feet-first entry there is a beautiful one best described as sitting on the edge and sliding under. Surrendering to the water. Very lovely and new.

But mostly this is about Jayce submerging. Again and again. and again etc.

By the way, her cotton long sleeve shirt proves that she doesn't have to wear anything see-through or thin and clingy to be sexy. Simply shiny, wet and hugging every curve does work awfully well. Perhaps having a body to die for is an advantage.

I'll give this a top rating. Clearly it is not up there with some of her more extreme messy performances but as an example of wet-look, fully-clothed swimming and diving it is as good as you will ever see. Jayce, you're the best. Splosh Lover, Tuesday
"Gorgeous girls getting gunged. Great."
There is advice that a nice young lady should be given when growing up. Such as 'keep your knickers on' and 'never gamble on cards'. Then maybe later other advice such as 'try everything once except incest and Morris dancing'. We can only imagine the path that led Naomi to House of Mess.

But anyway, after her pre-Christmas encounter with custard pies and vibrators, that path leads here and to playing games with Jayce.

There are a couple of points that mark this as a HoM video. The first is that fairly early on, both Jayce and Naomi get completely naked which is how we find out that neither girl was wearing anything under their dresses. I find that really quite sexy. They both have stunning, tight, fit bodies which, of course, we already knew, but any excuse to confirm it and to admire them is always welcome.

The second HoM point is that, when they pour mess over each other, they start at the head, particularly the upturned face and let it cascade downwards. Their heads are repeatedly engulfed in gunge. That works for me. Yep. Works for me. We knew that Jayce is the best but I tell you, Naomi is really very good at this sort of thing. I love it. More, more please. Splosh Lover, 6 days ago
"Great wearing a suit in the water"
Great wearing a suit in the water but greater when removing the jacket, showing off the sexy wet white blouse. Curly, 6 days ago
"Very sexy underwater with the ruffles and frills"
Very sexy underwater with the ruffles and frills billowing and flowing. My heart throbbed when she removed her jacket. Curly, 6 days ago
"Another sexy wet white sheer blouse"
Very sexy in the shower and in the pool. Very beautiful underwater. Another sexy wet white sheer blouse that has turned into a second skin when wet. Curly, 6 days ago
"Beautiful underwater, but poorer quality compared with the rest."
Very beautiful pretty and sexy with wet and shiny white sheer see-through blouse, second skin. Beautiful underwater. However the quality of this video is poor where as the quality of the rest is super excellent. Curly, 6 days ago
"Very pretty, beautiful, and sexy to the extreme."
My favorite one of the lot. She looks very beautiful in the water with her satin clothes on. Swimming the length of the pool with her back turned she looks like a cowgirl crossing a river on horse back. The underwater scene was a real heart throb. She is a complete bombshell in that scene with her pretty white satin blouse gleaming underwater, the sash, her skirt, and her long hair flowing and billowing underwater. She looks like a real princess in white satin blouses. I wish she would have done an underwater scene in the white satin HQ video. Curly, 6 days ago
"Very pretty, beautiful, and sexy."
I love it. She looks very gourgous in wet white satin. She sexually aroused me when I first saw that picture. Her wet white satin blouse really satisfied my fetish. I have a fetish for satin, and more so when it is wet. Curly, 6 days ago
"Highly recommended slime video starring the Hot Slimed80!"
Fantastic slime video where Slimed80 continues his series of " Spencer and Kyle." Once again it appears as though Spencer is tricked into getting green slimed. Slimed80 always looks hot getting a nice sliming. You can watch him get slimed in real time and in slow motion up close. Sean Gunge, 8 days ago
"Just a wonderful wet woman"
Just a wonderful video. It is great to see a real woman who loves to get wet fully-clothed and clearly does not care what happens to her clothes. leeming, 8 days ago
"A sexy WAM video"
Some might say that this is a melodrama of jealousy between girlfriends played out by two experienced actresses with a complex script in which the girls do all their own stunts. I say that it is simply an excuse for two gorgeous girls to get messy and then strip topless and later naked. Dress-mess-strip-repeat Works for me.

One thing that came as a bit of a surprise was how sexy it is to watch a girl having her clothes cut and ripped off her by somebody else. Something to do with being willingly naked for the camera but more likely it is simply down to how gorgeous Ariel looks topless, then naked then Jayce naked. I tell you, they are very good.

So they both end up messy and naked which is always brilliant. Sorry, I mean, the drama plays out leaving honors satisfied, the girls reunited and they all live happily ever after. Which is nice. But mostly it's a sexy WAM video. Splosh Lover, 9 days ago
"Jayce at her best"
I can only speak personally but I think that this is a beautiful beautiful example of just how good Jayce is at this sort of thing.

I have a fetish for girls getting wet with their clothes on. I know it is strange, weird even. I really do not understand it. But Jayce does. She understands perfectly.

This video is Jayce fully-dressed in a business suite. Well, maybe the skirt is a bit short for wearing suspenders but not really. By the way, nice legs. There are usually far too many distraction to notice she even has legs but now we see they really are very beautiful. Also (ditto) pretty face. Sorry, off the subject. Anyway, we have Jayce fully-clothed.

There then follows over ten minutes of Jayce swimming, diving, posing and generally getting wet as only she can. It's not play acting. Not accidently falling in. This is a professional performer err, well, performing.

And the cell deep inside my brain goes ping and my fetish fires off. It's fun. I love it. It works.

Jayce, in other videos, is more that comfortable going completely naked. So clothes are not there to cover her shyness. Far from it. They are there to compliment her body and enhance the sexual performance. She knows what she is doing.

By the way, I found something she is less than perfect at making a big splash by bombing into the pool. She's just not heavy enough. Even the reverse entry in the tuck position is done stylishly. She can't help but be beautiful. Keep up the good work. Splosh Lover, 9 days ago
"A fun read if clowns are your thing"
Disclaimer: I'm not particularly into clowns or clowning, but I do like comics and the idea of an anthology book with a messy hook got my attention. The art in Clownbook is very attractive and the whole thing is professionally done; the "host" characters are fun, and I even learned a few things about the different types of clowns. The price is fair for a niche item, comparable to what you might pay for a single issue in print. Most of the stories are about women being transformed (sometimes permanently!) into clowns, running away with the circus, letting their desires run wild, etc., often with a mind control or abduction theme. I personally would have liked more focus on the messy aspects of clowning--there are some pies and slime, etc., but not as much as I would like. However, I can't say that the book doesn't deliver what it promises, which is clowns and lots of them. My single complaint is that the stories are very short, just two or three pages, and I wouldn't mind getting a little more development out of them; it's really only enough space to set up a premise and most end just when they get going. I like the idea behind Clownbook, and I think there is space in the market for a WAM type comics anthology; I'm not sure if this is it, but I am open to reading future issues, and obviously if you are into clowns and comics then this is something you should check out. Nollvane, 10 days ago
"Great video. Lots of sloppy mud, muddy clothes, stripped"
just purchased you latest video Muddy Fatigues and wow what an awesome video. It was very exciting watching you slip and fall face first int the mud and then just get totally covered in mud.Then you started to strip of you muddy gear.My cock was so hard and I thought you would never get those pants off over those boots. Then down went your boxers and you were stroking your muddy cock so hard. I think i was stroking mine at the same speed. You looked so hot, naked muddy and your big muddy cock looked amazing. then the walk off down the track naked in just your boots and you muddy pants slung over your shoulder. Loved it. aussiemudd, 12 days ago
"One for the slapstick fans, great acting and funny throughout!"
The scene is a great example of what sets Mad Lovers Cosplay aside from other producers. A lot of effort is placed in the finer details, such as the costumes, makeup and lighting, pair this together with the fine acting skills of Genevieve and you have yourself an excellent slapstick scene.

Bringing to life the scenario initially conceived in the Simpsons, this video features almost 30 pies, delivered in a variety of ways (e.g classic square on in the face, pie sandwich etc).

The quality of slapstick in the scene is brilliant, together with the superb acting skills mentioned earlier, Genevieve exhibits herself as a truly natural slapstick stoogette. Whilst the scene is primarily pie based, fans of slapstick will enjoy the addition of the bowl of foam and also the final action of Genevieve putting her hat back on, only for it to have filled with all the mess throughout the scene!

Overall I am really pleased with my purchase of this download and I encourage any lovers of pies, clowns or slapstick to do the same! Hue and Pie, 13 days ago
"Mud and Fatigues Down Under"
Another great video from Down Under. Our friend this go-around wears simple fatigues, and after a brief scene showing the natural beauty of the locale, he gets down to business. As usual, first he must check out the quality of the site, a task which includes doing pushups over the muddy ditch. Three guesses what happens! As with his other videos, Mudadventurer gives the viewer plenty of mud action, covering himself completing before spending a good ten minutes or so masturbating in the mud (and possibly trying to find an ideal position). At 22 minutes, the price is right, and anyone interested in solo mud action outdoors should take a look (a trailer is also available, for the hesitant). TonyA, 13 days ago
"Hold on to your dress and buzzer for this one!"
Great to see Justslimed back! Always one of my favourites...

2 poor girls playing and getting attacked by the Mrwam lads pouring from behind. Well we all know the lads are going to have lots of fun in this scene haha... And so are we!

amie's screams of shock as she gets abused with slime were hilarious... while Mel's seriously regretting her choice of dress. Can she hold on to her dress and her buzzer or will they both fall?

Lets all prey, there'll be more episodes on this! CalGungeFan, 13 days ago

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