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"Such a gooey bikini afterwards... tehehe"
Never a let down from your video of goo-ness greatness, only place i come first to, see what you up too on slime. You have created a masterpiece of slime... and love every min of you playing in it. My fav goo girl is back at it with awesome updates... looks like the symbiote slime got the best of you again... :O. Stay squishy Stella! :3. DaRell, yesterday
"Stella is always my fav goo gal :D"
Always love your way of creating your goo... either color is fabolous on yah... my #1 when it comes to this type of stuff. Also i never get tired of your videos like this too... yummy at it's best. :D It so orgasmic gooey... keep the gooey video coming around ;). DaRell, yesterday
"Fantastic scene with a beautiful model"
Danni wears a lovely top, jeans and white shoes, and has her hair in pigtails. She's very entertaining as she makes her way through the quiz, getting questions right and wrong, and her reactions to the gunge are great, with smiles and giggles.

The gunge is a mixture of blue and purple, and Danni makes sure it covers her in the right places at the right time during the scene. She starts to strip just under halfway through the scene and looks gorgeous as the gunge cascades over her tits and drips off them.

The scene ends with Danni masturbating and finishing with a smile, covered in sticky purple gunge.

Good camerawork, sound, lighting and acting throughout the scene but I'd have liked to have seen more closeups of Danni's white shoes getting messy. There's a very brief edit where I guess the gunge got into Danni's eyes but this doesn't have a negative effect on the high quality of the scene. bluebricks, yesterday
"You must buy"
Literally amazing--this is what UMD is meant for. Fantastic home alone style villainess defeat, but with a great twist. Her outfit! Not only does the tight latex outfit look amazing, it actually comes into play with the story which is awesome. Mr. Torvea you are a god among men.

More like this! WetBootsLover, Saturday
"Garden Naughtiness"
What better way for that scallywag Bob to test out all the settings on his garden hose... by taking aim at the ravishing Cleo in her summer dress of course!

Cleo looks amazing as her dress gets soaked, clinging magnificently to her wonderful curves. She lifts her dress to tempt Bob's water jet with her fabulous bottom as a target... bullseye, great shot Bob!

A great fun scene in a perfect setting with Cleo clearly enjoying the water on her body. The only question left unanswered: Did Bob get any herbs in his tea that evening?! Jacksmithblacksmith, Saturday
"Must buy home alone style video."
If you're into scripted videos, more specifically booby traps, this is an excellent video!

A very nice mixture of messy and stuck, with the stuck portion being a great new idea.

As somebody who loves home alone style trap videos, this is an easy 5/5. MuddyMessy, Friday
"2 hot guys having a lot of fun"
2 hot guys having a great time with a great variety of mess.

Love the concept of drawing randomly via head dunking to determine one's fate. nakedjedi, Friday
"Great scene with lots of mess"
So hot, so messy... love to see a guy in trackies getting slopped and humiilated and so obviously enjoying every second of it. nakedjedi, Friday
"Sensual shower soapy sexiness"
When you see the words "Cleo"; "satin pyjamas" and "shower" altogether in the same scene, you know you are going to be in for an absolute treat.

Boy oh boy, a treat is what you get.

Cleo look absolutely fabulous in her sexy satin pink jimjams. Once she turns the shower on and the water soaks the fabric we are treated to the material clinging tightly to her amazing curves. Cleo rubs the clingy fabric over her body clearly enjoying the feeling.

Then it's time for a sensuous soap over with Cleo rubbing the bubbles around her fabulous breast.

All too soon it's rinse off time. Once done, Cleo seductively unbuttons her pyjama top treating us to a naughty part view of those wonderful boobs. All too soon the scene ends with Cleo blowing us a kiss and waving bye-bye.

A sexy tease of a scene from a lovely lady who clearly enjoys what she does.

Highly recommended. Jacksmithblacksmith, Friday
"A must watch"
Genevieve is fantastic in this but with all due respect the star of this is the cake. Calling the mess here "over-the-top" is an understatement. The mess is absolutely unfathomable. sororia, Wednesday
"Mr Wam's version of "Wet Wet Wet""
It is so good to see and hear both Pete and Al getting involved in the scenes with the other models. Here it is Pete who gets a few dunkings (though sadly he does not follow hunky James and strip down.-- next time Pete?) along with James. Nice interaction between Pete and James plus Al in sound only. A good and unusually clean video! Thanks both. wills, 6 days ago
"A must buy, for any WAM lover!"
This is a most excellent video, well worth the $20 price tag. Plenty of beautiful submerging from the word go by beautiful Ariel Andrews, some head dunking as well thrown in. She mostly does beautiful submerges throughout though, with each submerge she must spend 30 seconds to a minute submerge. She even treats us to a lovely orgasm as well. MudBunnyLover, 8 days ago
"Very funny and very good scene!"
Big fan of Savoury and Sky and Sky with her vibrating thingy so this was a must buy and it very much lives up to that promise! It's very very funny as Sky struggles to keep on reading, especially as the mess keeps on covering up her erotic short stories and makes her glasses pretty useless. Cracking amount of mess, well worth a watch! Also, while Sky hasn't been a fan of savory in some of her other scenes it definitely doesn't seem to phase her here as much! Maybe she was distracted!

I like that this came with two different camera angles and you get the whole feed of them separately, rather than cutting between the two, so you can choose how to watch it. rb2844, 8 days ago
"It even snows!"
Learn to count with Ari, it's more fun than Sesame Street! Daft idea for a scene, but good fun as Ari seeks for the festive treats secreted amongst the mess to earn her place on Wamta's nice list to get her presents! iain-ecgunge, 8 days ago
"A good gungey grapple"
Good fun gungey wrestling with two of the UK scenes top characters. Having wrestled in gunge with Ari several times, she's very skilled, if good at forgetting what she's supposed to be doing. A fun download to watch. iain-ecgunge, 8 days ago
"Andrea goes to great depths) to get her easter eggs :-)"
The central conceit of this is Andrea looking for easter eggs, which have been hidden round the farm. She's wearing shiny PVC leggings, leather jacket and rubber riding boots, though rather loose fitting ones. The first ones are easily found on the yard, but further ones are in a muddy bog where she goes in over her knees, flooding her boots, and ultimately thigh deep. She finishes by sitting down in the bog so she is up to her armpits in liquid mud, and then jumps in a pond on her way home to clean herself up. Note that this is 20 minutes long, so you get your money's worth. Hunters, 8 days ago
"A Lovely New Lady"
Welcome the lovely Jenna to the team. A real fun loving woman. Seems quite bright. Wise enough to know better but fun-loving enough to do it anyway. With all the right attributes. Lovely figure. Nice breasts. Nice bum. Excellent with a pied face and, for me even better, a wet fishnet dress. I did like that bit. But best of all, she seems to enjoy being WAM and loves posing for her fans. Oh I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of Jenna soon. She is lovely. Splosh Lover, 8 days ago
"Lovely waders video--well recommended"
Another excellent video from Andrea. It's worth noting this is almost 18 minutes, so you get quite a bit for your money. In the video, she is doing pond clearance in waders and overalls. She's up to her thighs in the muddy pond almost immediately, and is struggling to move a little as the mud at the bottom of the pond holds her feet. However, despite teasing us by going right to the tops, she doesn't make the mistake of flooding them too early we're 7 minutes in before they finally fill.

Once done, she certainly ensures a complete flooding, sitting and lying in the pond to saturate everything she's wearing. After that, she rubs mud into her thighs and chest before pouring a bucket of it over herself, filling her bra.

She empties her waders and hoses herself off, completely filling the overalls she is wearing my only regret is that she doesn't fill the waders with the hose and rinse them out while she is still wearing them, but that's a minor quibble. Overall, lots of fun, and much recommended. Hunters, 9 days ago
"My favourite all time messy wrestling movie."
My favourite all time messy wrestling movie! Its also my favorite ever MessyAngel movie.

The gunge is slimy and the custard is messy. Both models end up naked pretty soon, unable to get a grip of each other, and the squelching sounds are hilarious. I wish we had more of this. ItsJay, 10 days ago
"Penny is outstanding."
I know Penny loves to get messy, so I bought this looking forward to it. I was not disappointed. She gets naked quickly, and seeing her bum slip and slide on the seat is sexy as fuck. Poor Penny. What a mess. ItsJay, 10 days ago
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