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"I need to own a Krusty's."
By Old Man  6 hours ago

Rich, are you offering franchises? I would really like to own a business where two beautiful women came in and asked me to pie them. Great job as usual. Krusty's should be located everywhere so WAM fans could have a great day.

"Love seeing nice dress and model messed up."
By Old Man  9 hours ago

Breana has an excellent scene. I always like seeing a nice dress messed up more than the other clothing worn. Just something so naughty about ruining a nice looking dress (and model). Nice to see the clean up scenes with the one in the outtakes section being especially nice. And Breana reacts so well to each pie.

"A great first mess, plenty of slop and pies"
By WAMGuy7  9 hours ago

For a first sploshing, angiewam really goes for it. This cute sexy girl gets covered no-stop in mess. If it is not being poured over her head, she is getting pied in the face! Angie keeps wiping the sloppy mess off her face to reveal her lovely face and eyes. Nothing too thick or too messy and no nudity, so a delightfully messy video for anyone!

Hope to see her second big mess as she now has to top this one!

"Great laugh from the model who took the pies like a pro."
By Old Man  22 hours ago

Great video. Jess has a wonderful laugh and took all the mess like a pro. Glad to see the clean up scenes as it gave a couple of more chances to see her beautiful face. Really nice figure that shows she is a fitness model and a really nice bum when she did the twirls.

"Heavy messing in greate dresses"
By Ilovmessy  6 days ago

In this video we see Felicity, dressed in a stunning wedding gown, and Morgana, dressed in a beautiful red evening gown. The video beginns whit the girls taking turns pouring thick golden syrup and black treacle inside the front of each others dresses and they do seem to have quite fun doing so. (But we don't hear it since this video has no sound). It really does take quite some time for the messy substances to stain through the fabrics. The girls then continues to pour the mess but this time on the outside. At the end of the video both girls are sitting on the floor and their once so beautiful outfits are gone completly black and sticky. There is a hosedown scene that comes whit the video but I will not tell if the outfits gets clean or not. It's up to you to see for yourself!. But I did enjoy that part as well...

Based on the outfits and the action I really wanted to give this video a better rating but as I want to be honest I can not. As I did mention there is no sound but the worst part of it all is the cameraman that does not do his job properly. There are quite a few moments in the video whit extreme closeups and other annoying camera movements. I still loved the movie and it comes at a good price so why be to harsh?

"Messy pies all over a lovely naked woman who loves being messy."
By Estragon  6 days ago

If you like a woman who clearly loves pieing herself and being a sloppy creamy mess, this is the video for you. The fact that you don't get to see the first few pies is a negative, but is more than made up for by everything else, including how insanely sexy boychucker is.

"Super debut!"
By Holysmoke84  6 days ago

The model is incredibly cute and the quality of the video is evident from the get-go--looks like 1080p. The top of the frame is cut a little fine, so you don't see the drop in the mess from above, but you do see the 'assistant' delivering the pies to the model.

The model takes a real dumping of the mess (what looks to be finely blended oatmeal with food dye?) and at least a dozen shaving cream (with crust) pies.

She stands, giggling and wiping throughout, but by her penultimate bucket of the poured mess, she is happy to take it like a champ. This, for me, is a solid debut, and it leaves me keen to see more. The quality of the mess: attractiveness of the girl has an outstanding price-point, and could very easily command a few dollars more. Although, I'd personally like to see a lot less wiping--and perhaps some cake batter instead of the blended oatmeal- I think this is an excellent scene, and a great start for a very promising, amateur producer.

"A well-known regular meets one of the most fun newbies in years!"
By flansomeman  7 days ago

I've been on the fence about picking this up for a while, but at the current discount it's an absolute steal that I can't recommend highly enough. one of the most fun shaving cream scenes I've seen in a long time.

"Elegant wetlook, wonderfully captured"
By furai  7 days ago

I am a huge fan of formal wetlook and this most definitely tickled my fancy! At first I didn't particularly care for the "Silent Movie"-esque commentary, but it definitely grew on me.

Acknowledging that tastes vary widely in wetlook, I must say that I was mildly disappointed in the fact that we were not able to judge for ourselves "the aesthetic properties of water on" this lovely lady and this beautiful dress as she walked slowly out of the pool to end the video. However, I am still quite content to say, "Well done"!

By J.Bond  9 days ago

I never thought I would see anyone more excited to do WAM related stuff than Jayce but I have to say Nikko went above and beyond. Love the enthusiasm and that contagious laughter!

By J.Bond  9 days ago

Scarlett proved herself to be a hardcore champion here big time! For a first timer she takes the savory deluge so well as if she has been doing this for years! Five stars!

"One of the best I've seen"
By J.Bond  9 days ago

This is without question one of my favorite Jayce vids if for no other reason than for the pov-style pieing! Jayce erotically rocks it as always! You're awesome Jayce!

"Such great energy!"
By J.Bond  9 days ago

Along with her perfect reactions, Dixie has a wonderful energy about her! Gotta love somebody who can stay laughing when you dump mayonnaise on their head lol.

"Hair of steel"
By J.Bond  9 days ago

I swear I think Jayce has hair of steel because it always looks so perfect no matter what it gets put through!

"Perfect, genuine reaction!"
By J.Bond  9 days ago

I have to say Jayce always impresses me and this is yet another video I love because of her perfect, genuine reactions. I have seen some videos (never from Jayce) that are obviously scripted and obviously rigid but the fact that Jayce goes out there and does stuff like this genuinely with real reactions is just awesome!

"So jealous of these two!"
By DeepMud  10 days ago

There is so much chemistry between Stepfawn and Officer C. You can see it when *spoiler alert* Officer C puts his hands on both sides of Stepfawn's head and gazes into his eyes while f*#cking him. Definitely makes it a worthwhile purchase!

"A+ Buy It"
By byeah24  12 days ago

Awesome vid. Especially love the face smearing part. Totally worth the price. Boychucker is the best mud gal currently on the internet.

"Gorgeous full figured white girl vs thick black mud. Buy it!"
By chris494  12 days ago

If you enjoy seeing a gorgeous young full figured blond with porcelain skin and great tits squelching and gyrating around in thick black mud, you'll enjoy this offering.

She looked so sexy in the white underwear and i just loved the contrast of the dark black mud against her pale white skin. I only wish the producer offered photo-sets too.

"Amazing shiny syrup covered boobs!"
By WAMGuy7  12 days ago

Another sexy video from Messy Cleo! This time, just syrup and lots of it over Cleo's head and boobs!

Great to see how Cleo's huge boobs bounce as she first gets covered in clear shiny syrup and then rubs it. But the time the blue syrup is poured over her head, Cleo's boobs are covered and as the blue goo pours over her face and between her boobs, she is obviously enjoying every second!

"The messiest, sexiest pie in the face, mess over the head BJ ever"
By WAMGuy7  12 days ago

Where to start with this video, apart from wow! This is a very naughty video, but if you enjoy seeing a couple having fun, this is incredibly sexy fun!

Stunning massive boobed WAM sensation MessyCleo is a wonderful girl and in this video we see her and her lucky hubby, Bob having some very messy and very naughty fun! It starts as it means to go with a topless Cleo getting a pie to the face and then proceeding to give Bob the blow job of a lifetime! Cleo looks amazing and not only gets pied, but has chocolate pudding and then thick custard poured over her head as she continues to enjoy giving Bob a BJ to remember! Bob even pies his own cock and the Cleo ends up with her face in pie, before even more mess is poured over this gorgeous woman. Before the end, Cleo even takes Bob's cock and rubs it between her massive boobs, with mess poured over those huge boobs! Her eyes in the pic above show how much she enjoyed the session and Bob shows his pleasure at the end, when he can hold it in no more!

X-Rated throughout, but very sexy and very, very messy!

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