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Hi Guys I have decieided to take Mrs Wammer off of hear now as she really has no intressted in any of this stuff and I am just going to go back to be being knowen as Mr Wammer 88.
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From custardtrunks  5/5/16
Are *all* those typos in "About me" deliberate :S
From DPA  6/14/15
Heya! The photos of you in slime and custard look great! Out of curiosity, are you planning any savoury wam photos?
From leatherdk  1/5/15
wow you looks greate - are you messing in leather too?
From oilslick  11/21/14
Of course no problem. Keep up the good work!
From dboyyz  11/19/14
Thanks for accepting the FR, you guys are awesome!
From piebob  10/25/14
Thanks for adding great stuff
From Binnay  10/22/14
Not bad thanks how are you?
From tased2  10/18/14
Thanks for the add. My other half is 2011pies. He introduced me to pies two years ago and I "fell in love with them". It is a lot of fun and we really enjoy doing them. I usually pie him in the face because someone has to take the pics.... Right???? Anyway thanks for the add.
From blueslimed26  8/5/14
Hi & Ty for the friendship! Very very sexy & curvy messy pics ;)
From Mr Wammer88  6/13/14
Oh your welcome. We see.
From WamMan91  6/13/14
Cheers for the add, now prepare for the inevitable victory from Chile!
From wamlover19  5/1/14
Thanks for the add
From Thunderwam  4/14/14
Thanks ;) I'm glad you guys like our stuff
From MessyGuyNC  4/12/14
Hello to the two of you too!
From Messy Custard  4/7/14
Thanks for the add, both.
From piesub  4/5/14
Thanks for friend request Mr Wammer88! Would love to see the future Mrs Wammer88 get her own back on you with huge shaving cream clown pies dressed in a skimpy bikini! All the best for the coming nuptuals.
From messylara  3/25/14
hi wammer88 thanks for the friend request. xx lara xx
From wamwright  3/15/14
Thanks for the firend request
From AnnieBody  3/13/14
Great custard gunge pics! Looks like your having a good time in that messy tub. Thanks for the FR!
From LizRiverModel  3/3/14
Thank you for reaching out to me!
From Mr Wammer88  2/5/14
Please make suggestions as to what I should get messy with next. Thanks
From Candleboxxx  10/26/13
Thank you for the friend request!
From Brick  10/9/13
Thanks for the FR!
From MrPigg  10/8/13
Thanks for the friend request!
From muckyduck  10/7/13
thanks for the add
From BinnayandKitten  10/6/13
Thanks for the add xo
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