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Just a friendly, fit guy who loves to get messy and see other athletic bodies covered in mess (especially guys).

Feel free to send me a line. And I really appreciate likes and comments! It's how I know I'm going in the right direction and gives me more incentive for that extra rep in the gym. ;)
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From hhound  Thursday
Awesome hot new pics
From toledopieguy  7/20/17
Good god great photos and wonderfulcock
From MuddyMcMudd  6/29/17
Crazy hot!
From hhound  6/17/17
Congrats on being Wammer Of The Day
From YorksGunge  3/19/17
Thanks for the likes! Great pics by the way
From penncop911  3/10/17
Great job best pics on this site. Would love to joining you in the tub.
From RuBBeRaWMuD  2/5/17
Completely hot and slimy the best kind, certified personal trainer /kick boxer here bro.....would love to chat more with you!!
From SplatBoy  1/20/17
Whoa! You are RIPPED!
From spankandgunge  1/4/17
Every time I see your profile pic, I wind up misreading your username as thickhard. I can't imagine why...
From MessyWeeb  12/27/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From Pies4guys  12/19/16
Thanks for all the likes. Really appreciated. I love your pics. Super hot!
From StvWETman  12/5/16
yr ic in the title is sexy, hot and horny in one!! there is nothing sexy then a guy with a perfect body in sexy, in very sexy messed shorts and creamy body!! i love it
From shortfoot78  12/4/16
i agree, so hard !!!!
From wetlycraboy  12/3/16
"thinkhard"? No, made-me-hard!
From jonnyk1981  12/2/16
Beautiful new set of pics as hot as ever
From thinkhard  11/29/16
New pics are up! Leave a comment on them and tell me what you think!
From asiboybi  11/19/16
Very nice
From dirtymudding  11/8/16
What I would give to have a session w/ you...
From splishsplosh  10/15/16
Stunning esp the one of your bum with green slime pouring down it
From GungeKing  8/9/16
You... are SO so sexy! I especially love when you're covered in mess... I would especially love being waist deep in mud with you... WOOF!!!!!
From shortfoot78  8/7/16
You have a so great body...
From nmmuddboy  8/7/16
Wow.. LOVE the pics! I wish I could find a secluded outdoor place here... Looking forward to your next adventure!
From nick d  7/4/16
Excellent... its hard to get over
From londonboy  7/1/16
From mudboi  7/1/16
Now that's what I call a man! Would love to see you muddY...
From thinkhard  6/30/16
New status: Sometimes you just get possessed.
From thinkhard  3/9/15
New status: Cannot wait for more hot, muddy days!
From essexcruiser  6/27/14
Excellent pics!!!!!
From DeltBoy  5/9/14
yo apreciate the note buddy, glad u like it! u may get more! send a message yo, thanx for bein friends!
From thinkhard  2/22/14
thanks guys! i totally missed it :'/
From GungeKing  2/21/14
Congratulations Super Sloppy Wammer of The Day!!! SPLAT!!!
From hhound  2/21/14
congrats on being wammer of the day.
From mudboi  2/20/14
Please post some photos of you in the mud!!!! Please????
From mudboi  2/20/14
Your BF is VERY lucky - doesn't know what he's missing!
From cardinalboy  2/19/14
You are so unbelievably hot - was never a part of GungeZone so I can't wait to see more posts from you! Hopefully some videos too
From Slimed80  1/29/14
You always have some of the best pics around!
From covga640000  1/28/14
Glad to be back and have some fun.
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