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Just a friendly, athletic guy who loves to get messy and see other fit bodies covered in mess, especially guys. I really appreciate likes and absolutely love reading comments on my pics! I soak up them up like thick slime, haha. It's how I know I'm going in the right direction with my content. ;)
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From Allpied  18 days ago
You are amazing, sir. Your body looks great, messy and clean. What I wouldn't give to have you destroy me with pies and gunge.
From justinlords  18 days ago
Excellent pics! Now let's see your feet getting messy!
From thinkhard  18 days ago
Thank you all for Wammer of the Day!
From hhound  12/25/17
You have amazing pics, I hope we can see more sometime and maybe you can graduate from gifs to more longer videos, that would be cool to see
From gguy254  11/12/17
You are an artist and that smile is killer!
From WAMfan  11/12/17
It's just crazy how freakin hot your photos are. Awesome work.
From JinxyJenny  11/10/17
Damn, boy! You hot!
From kinkmethpig  11/9/17
Your posts are so FU@%ING HOT! Great body and such thick, amazing gunge! Let me know if you ever need assistance with a video shoot (PLEASE)! You're my hero!
From pmessy  11/9/17
Love your covered in thick sticky gunge
From hhound  11/9/17
Congrats on being Wammer Of The Day!
From nmmudboy  11/9/17
Congrats on Wammer of the Day!!! Well deserved!!!
From shoji  10/26/17
I wish I could play with you,,,
From dirtymudding  10/19/17
Loving all these new gifs!!! Soooo hot!!!!
From cdeeander  10/19/17
loving all these gifs, sooo hot
From hhound  10/12/17
Awesome hot new pics
From toledopieguy  7/20/17
Good god great photos and wonderfulcock
From MuddyMcMudd  6/29/17
Crazy hot!
From hhound  6/17/17
Congrats on being Wammer Of The Day
From YorksGunge  3/19/17
Thanks for the likes! Great pics by the way
From penncop911  3/10/17
Great job best pics on this site. Would love to joining you in the tub.
From RuBBeRaWMuD  2/5/17
Completely hot and slimy the best kind, certified personal trainer /kick boxer here bro.....would love to chat more with you!!
From SplatBoy  1/20/17
Whoa! You are RIPPED!
From spankandgunge  1/4/17
Every time I see your profile pic, I wind up misreading your username as thickhard. I can't imagine why...
From MessyWeeb  12/27/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From Pies4guys  12/19/16
Thanks for all the likes. Really appreciated. I love your pics. Super hot!
From StvWETman  12/5/16
yr ic in the title is sexy, hot and horny in one!! there is nothing sexy then a guy with a perfect body in sexy, in very sexy messed shorts and creamy body!! i love it
From shortfoot78  12/4/16
i agree, so hard !!!!
From wetlycraboy  12/3/16
"thinkhard"? No, made-me-hard!
From jonnyk1981  12/2/16
Beautiful new set of pics as hot as ever
From thinkhard  11/29/16
New pics are up! Leave a comment on them and tell me what you think!
From asiboybi  11/19/16
Very nice
From dirtymudding  11/8/16
What I would give to have a session w/ you...
From splishsplosh  10/15/16
Stunning esp the one of your bum with green slime pouring down it
From GungeKing  8/9/16
You... are SO so sexy! I especially love when you're covered in mess... I would especially love being waist deep in mud with you... WOOF!!!!!
From shortfoot78  8/7/16
You have a so great body...
From nmmudboy  8/7/16
Wow.. LOVE the pics! I wish I could find a secluded outdoor place here... Looking forward to your next adventure!
From nick d  7/4/16
Excellent... its hard to get over
From londonboy  7/1/16
From mudboi  7/1/16
Now that's what I call a man! Would love to see you muddY...
From thinkhard  6/30/16
New status: Sometimes you just get possessed.
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