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Just a friendly, athletic guy who loves to get messy and see other fit bodies covered in mess.

I get a huge kick out of reading comments on my pics, and appreciate every love! I just soak them up like a pair of compression shorts soaks up thick slime, haha.
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From gungeidn  8 hours ago
From thinkhard  6/22/18
Thank you for WOTD June 21!
From hhound  6/21/18
Congrats on Wammer of the Day!
From hhound  6/20/18
Great new pics, I'll throw you both a bone and a boner ;)
From thinkhard  6/19/18
New gifs are up - throw me a bone(r)!
From MudSlogger  6/9/18
Got any mud plans for summer? ;)
From gguy254  6/3/18
Just now catching up on your new stuff. Looks incredible as always.
From nmmudboy  6/1/18
WOTD again!!! Well deserved!!! I'm pacing myself this time.. LOL
From thinkhard  5/31/18
Holy glop! Thanks for WOTD everyone!
From hhound  5/31/18
Congrats on being wammer of the day! Keep up the great new stuff
From thinkhard  4/30/18
Need some goop in my life!
From sploshwam  4/29/18
incredibly hot
From DesparateForGunge  4/27/18
You are soooo hot
From MuddyMcMudd  4/23/18
Congrats, sexy man!
From mudboi  4/23/18
SUCH a sexy man.....
From Jayce  4/21/18
congrats on WOTD! well deserved! love your pics and gifs!!!
From mudfkr  4/20/18
From Pie lover  4/20/18
Congratulations on WOTD. XX
From hhound  4/19/18
Congrats on being wammer of the day! Love the new pics
From gguy254  4/18/18
How are you so fucking hot!?
From mudfkr  3/30/18
Sweet new gifs.
From thinkhard  3/27/18
Thank you for the love and WOTD!
From CutiePie  3/27/18
Congratulations on WOTD!
From Allpied  2/28/18
You are amazing, sir. Your body looks great, messy and clean. What I wouldn't give to have you destroy me with pies and gunge.
From justinlords  2/28/18
Excellent pics! Now let's see your feet getting messy!
From thinkhard  2/28/18
Thank you all for Wammer of the Day!
From hhound  12/25/17
You have amazing pics, I hope we can see more sometime and maybe you can graduate from gifs to more longer videos, that would be cool to see
From gguy254  11/12/17
You are an artist and that smile is killer!
From WAMfan  11/12/17
It's just crazy how freakin hot your photos are. Awesome work.
From kinkmethpig  11/9/17
Your posts are so FU@%ING HOT! Great body and such thick, amazing gunge! Let me know if you ever need assistance with a video shoot (PLEASE)! You're my hero!
From pmessy  11/9/17
Love your covered in thick sticky gunge
From hhound  11/9/17
Congrats on being Wammer Of The Day!
From nmmudboy  11/9/17
Congrats on Wammer of the Day!!! Well deserved!!!
From shoji  10/26/17
I wish I could play with you,,,
From dirtymudding  10/19/17
Loving all these new gifs!!! Soooo hot!!!!
From cdeeander  10/19/17
loving all these gifs, sooo hot
From hhound  10/12/17
Awesome hot new pics
From toledopieguy  7/20/17
Good god great photos and wonderfulcock
From MuddyMcMudd  6/29/17
Crazy hot!
From hhound  6/17/17
Congrats on being Wammer Of The Day
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