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Role-play combined with pie-in-the-face play is my main thing.

I'm a giver and receiver - I love to pie and get pied. Mutually enjoyable erotically-charged, fun and funny pie-in-the-face play is the best fun you can have with your clothes off.

I love long set-ups with sexy, witty banter. Mutual teasing, raising the temperature, until we're both aching to throw pies and get pied.

I write stories about pie-in-the-face kink. Mostly co-ed and fun, playful, sensual, erotic experiences. Read them on the blog page of my profile, or off-site here:

Outside of mess:
Reading. Writing. Drawling, Stretching, and Fainting in Coils. Cooking. Coq au Vin and a good red wine, you bring dessert. I prefer Agent Carter over Kim K. Sci Fi or Low Fantasy, Firefly, history, biography, music. Sandman Slim. Sam Spade.
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From PieWriter  12/12/17
.. share it.
From PieWriter  12/12/17
New status: Working on a new story, based on a RL event. Can't wait to
From AnnaLee  11/9/17
Those pies....those pies, man, I'm dyin' here I'm dyin!
From Regal5150  10/30/17
Love the new profile pic. Would love to throw those pies at a beautiful woman
From PieWriter  6/20/16
New status: throwin' pies...
From PieWriter  11/27/15
New status: I need a pie-play pie-a-day plan.
From PieWriter  11/26/15
New status: Some people deserve a pie in the face every day.
From hebi  6/28/14
Thanks for Fr!
From PieWriter  5/19/14
Thanks! I shall add more.
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