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Strictly a straight guy! I would love to be pied by laughing, mischievous, teasing, scantily clad women, (dressed as schoolgirls, clowns, maids, cheerleaders, etc), with huge shaving cream clown pies. Love Mistress Taylor's wamdom, Messy Girls revenge, Bizarre Novelties, Messy Latin Girls. My ideal fantasy would be the Piegirl from days gone by (sadly) but wearing less and with a busty friend! Messy Jessie and Miah would also be heaven. Love to see women get messy too of course. Pievids & Piefightgirls rock. Kym is a Goddess!
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From AlanD  7/4/18
Thanks for loving my photos
From Vonce111  7/2/18
Thank you Piesub! I'm sure there will be more pies headed my way soon!
From PlainJane  6/2/18
Thank you for the follow and the compliment!
From SweetiePie  5/22/18
Thanks for the follow!
From GungeMasterUK  5/21/18
Thank you for all the new photo likes!
From Whitestar  1/2/18
Thanks for the loves on the MyPieRogative Christmas Countdown
From Whitestar  5/1/17
Thanks for the love on my photos
From dunktankVanessa  3/9/17
Can I pie u in the stocks then force you to eat messy food from my gorgeous feet!!!!!!
From GungeMasterUK  12/1/16
Thanks for liking all our photos and vids! X
From Whackit  11/12/16
Hi piesub, Thanks for accepting my friendship and the very kind words you posting on my wall Would you like to talk Wamdom as I love your photos and would to chat
From darkduck  8/9/15
Hi, great photos!
From pieme55  4/25/15
Love every pic! Pies,sexy women,nudity,wow!
From PieMyFace  1/8/15
Thanks for the friend request! And I echo your comments completely! There's nothing better than getting pied by girls in skimpy outfits
From Ariel  10/22/14
and thanks for accepting! Anytime you're feeling froggy and want to make that fantasy real you let me know......we love doing sessions very much!
From NormanMabeld  6/19/14
From NormanMabeld  6/16/14
Great pics in your gallery!
From Jaysus2.0  5/29/14
Thanks for accepting my friend request, and I'll get right on that ... all I need are the scantily-clad cuties.
From PlanetWAM  4/21/14
hi! thank you very much for your comment on my profile...
From Mr Wammer88  4/5/14
Thank you for your kind wishes. Mrs wammer88 is not into the bikini. But I sure she would love to pie me.
From PiePiskie  4/1/14
Thanks for the friend request and nice to find a fellow Wamdom fan. Love the ideas you've posted.
From Timmons  3/27/14
Thanks man. I believe it is Bianca she is so hot. Got to love a girl in latex.
From Pie Slave  3/27/14
Thank you Piesub.. Yes I think we do have a lot in common its nice to see people come on here that like Femdom and WAM... When so many people on here just like seeing Women get pied but not the Girl pieing the Guy... And thanks for all the comments on my pics I need to upload more I have so many but I have a busy life and I work a lot so I don't always have the time or the energy... I love the Wam...
From MyPieRogative  3/25/14
If you continue to be so thoughtless I will find you, tie you down, and pie you until your brain explodes! Now try to behave!!
From MyPieRogative  3/21/14
"saucy pie spanking"....?! My word!
From y7jtr8  3/19/14
Cheers to you my friend
From Pie My Face  3/18/14
Happy to! & I'm with you on that! Girls need to pie guys more often.
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