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I've been getting messy since I was a teen, and now I'm 26! I'm a fulltime artist/musician, so I thoroughly enjoy creating new colorful textures and sensations every day! Nothing turns me on more than fresh messy substances to turn into magical, orgasmic, free-flowing adventures! I'm bi, am very into guys who crossdress, and have the biggest foot fetish!
I'm also into rare horror movies and enjoy working with my favorite cult film makers! I enjoy nature above all things! I'm also into making my own clothes, costumes, and my biggest past time aside from getting messy is djing! Let's talk about messy things anytime..expanding our imaginations together! I particularly love getting pics of colorful or strange mess!

If you'd like to check out tons of messy videos I made when I was a teen..just hop on over to the wonderful revslymsford's video shop at
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From Kaydens  14 hours ago
customs taking longer than expected im sorry!! car trouble!
From MessyShield  8 days ago
You're lucky baby 88? Wow it's only 35 degrees here in Colorado!! And snowing!! Brrrrr....
From Kaydens  10 days ago
Been busy volunteering! 88 degrees in Oct! Yay!
From Kaydens  12 days ago
My stores are buy 1get 1 free today only!
From MessyShield  7/22/18
love your bubblegum shots baby!! MMMMM!!!
From MudSlogger  7/21/18
Sticky bubblegum pics look awesome!
From RagingTengu  6/28/18
Love your work! Are you ever going to repost the video where you sit in the giant green melted gummy bear? I'd love to buy it!
From j.sparrow  6/24/18
Congrats on WOTD totally deserve it
From MessyShield  6/24/18
Congrats on wammer of the day baby!! You totally deserve it!!!! Xoxoxo!! You are so damn sexy!!!
From sissyslimeboy  6/17/18
Thanks for the friends request, looking forward to more of your amazing videos.
From MessyShield  6/4/18
Congrats on being the most wanted person! Your beauty will go on forever!
From MessyShield  5/29/18
Miss you!! Miss you!! Miss yooooooouuu!!!!!
From MessyShield  5/19/18
I hope you're doing well baby I miss you so so much!!
From OKWam  5/19/18
Saw some your latest shots fron one your latest videos.. Well done, you can be my naked, messy fitness instructor any day
From MysticMudBoy  4/1/18
Ever think of trying mud?
From MessyCleo  3/31/18
Congrats on being WOTD!!
From GingerDubberdee  3/30/18
Congratulations on your WOTD!
From Mr_Diego_Wolfe  3/30/18
well as always looking good...
From JSB222  3/27/18
Thanks for the add!
From piedude86  3/10/18
No problem plenty more colorful pies with your name on them!!!
From SOLO  3/8/18
Nice pics !!!
From Mr_MG  2/28/18
Thank you for the friends request.
From SplatBoy  2/14/18
Happy Birthday, Kay!
From Beasty00  2/1/18
Yay! my fave is back I hope we can catch up ;) xx
From OKWam  1/30/18
Love your new pics. The more naked and messy the better. Wish had someone like you could play with in person..
From Stickytoes  1/29/18
Welcome back to the forum and thanks for the FR
From coedwrestle  1/26/18
Thanks for the FR!
From AMWorigins  1/25/18
Welcome back!!! I know I've already told you this before but now it's on your wall!
From wamwright  1/25/18
Glad to see you're still messy and lovely. Congrats on WOTD!
From ChrisBUK  1/24/18
Hi and welcome back Kaydens ;) hope you remember me ;)
From Navy  1/24/18
Very nice glad to be ypur freind loveley pics by the way x
From 24andMessy  1/24/18
Congrats on WOTD!!! You deserve it!
From Knickerfilling  1/24/18
Congrats on WOTD!
From SloppyBoyToy  1/18/18
So glad to see you back Kaydens! You were always such a wonderful member of this community and I loved your personality, videos, friendliness, ahh just so much!
From Surmene  1/16/18
You're welcome. And yes I am, nice to see someone glad about it too.
From Surmene  1/14/18
Welcome back.
From Binnay  1/14/18
Congrats on the double title
From Messygirl  1/14/18
Nice to see a true wammer like yourself back again. Also congrats on WOTD.
From Mr_Diego_Wolfe  1/13/18
if you remember me please message me back, if not feel free to delete this.
From Mr_Diego_Wolfe  1/13/18
I have missed you so badly
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