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My name is John and I'm a big pie lover. The thicker, crustier, and creamier the better. Love to give pies to the guys who deserve them most but I can also take a good pie to the face like a champ. I like guys who wear basic gym shorts and a t-shirt while getting pied to a guy fully dressed in a suit and everything in between. Does everybody remember 1990s Nickelodeon and the shows "What Would You Do?" And "Double Dare"? My biggest fantasy is to climb to the top and be pushed down the infamous "pie slide". Flopping and messing around in the slop with another hot guy is my dream come true. I also have a HUGE weakness for CLOTHED men's butts in khakis, dress slacks, and well fitting jeans especially bending over anticipating to be hit with a pie. I'm on here quite a bit and love to have messy chatting sessions on and off cam. No more skype unfortunately but you can find my messy Facebook page (Joe Pieguy).Just state your UMD username and a picture of yourself if you don't have one in your profile when you message me. Get at me guys and keep the pies flyin!
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From NatalyLoveu  3/6/18
From messyschoolboy  10/24/17
From slimyskatr91  2/2/17
Its going good. How have you been?
From Mmaster  1/22/17
I'd rather you Let me have it lol
From Letmehaveit  6/15/16
It's like a drug. I feel like I need to take a pie right now.
From Letmehaveit  6/2/16
New pics up in my main album for shaving cream lovers.
From Letmehaveit  5/30/16
I'd like to thank everybody who liked and commented on my new pics! I'm hoping to take more soon!
From MessyJC  5/30/16
Love your photos mate, love your fitting user name too! Thanks for sharing!!!
From spiker231  5/15/16
Welcome to the site I am in Michigan we should meet sometime
From phoenixazpieguy  5/14/16
You are very beautiful clean. You'd be great fun to pie/soak/slime!
From TommyTrojan  11/4/15
Thanks for the friend request! Would love to see that handsome face of yours take a pie or three!
From Letmehaveit  5/25/14
Thanks man
From hhound  5/25/14
hey, if no one said welcome to the site already, well, welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy being here.
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