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Love getting messy with pies, cake batter, custard, frosting, peanut butter, mud... Especially like to see pie in a guy's beard or smeared over a hairy chest or in his hairy armpits.

I like to wear athletic clothes for pie/mud sessions...I like to see and feel the mess getting worked into my hairy chest and pits. If I can't see my beard or hairy pits at the end of a session: success! And a happy ending...

Also love the feeling of tennis shoes with no socks...I fill my shoes with pie, cake, whipped cream...feels amazing.

I can't chat with my if I'm online and not responding to chat requests, please send a message instead...thanks. Always like to talk about getting messy!
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From HairyPitSlop  5/3/18
New video should be up soon...
From HairyPitSlop  4/24/18
Thanks for all the likes! Will be posting more pics very soo
From Prof.Gunk  2/14/18
What Burg42 said!
From Burg42  2/14/18
I think I've said this before, but you have so much hot stuff on here that I don't have time to "like" each of your individual posts. So just take this comment as a collective "like" to all of your posts. Times ten. With each post I think, "congratulations, you are once again completely and utterly tantalizing and sexy in every possible way." What else is new and what more can I say?
From HairyPitSlop  10/18/17
New status: Just added some feet pics...
From HairyPitSlop  9/22/17
New status: Thanks for all the likes! Much appreciated!
From mudman2010  9/20/17
Do you take orders for birthday cakes? LOL.
From MessyBen  6/22/17
Congrats on being WOTD!
From HairyPitSlop  6/22/17
New status: Thanks for all the votes!
From Prof.Gunk  6/3/17
Super damn hot.
From Burg42  5/22/17
Just...holy smokes dude
From Burg42  5/22/17 did I not come across you earlier?! I can't even comment on any of your pictures because EVERYTHING you post is insanely hot and I'd be here all day. Not only is your stuff quality, but you have an incredible body as well. Sheesh.
From justinlords  2/19/17
Want to mess your feet up good!
From Sneakerpup  11/13/16
Be Mine x
From CountryBoyJason  10/9/16
Dude! You are freakin awesome!!
From Rubbernono  9/19/16
Where is your aaaaaaaassssss man
From HairyPitSlop  9/9/16
New status: Thanks for Runner Up #2 Wammer of the Day!
From HairyPitSlop  9/9/16
New status: Thanks for making me Runner Up #2 Wammer of the Da
From HairyPitSlop  9/9/16
New status: Thanks for making me Runner Up #2 Wammer of the Da
From Letmehaveit  4/24/16
Damn. So hot!
From Bodypaintguy  4/2/16
You're pretty good looking. I would love to see you do an all nude mud session. Can I count on seeing that in the future?
From Mmaster  2/29/16
I love everything on your profile so much. you are so hot and I would love to have my hairy pits and chest messed by you any day
From andrewjamesx  2/24/16
Super hot messy pits mate
From HairyPitSlop  1/21/16
New status: Just submitted marshmallow cream, part 2
From HairyPitSlop  1/19/16
New status: New video coming soon!
From MessyBen  12/14/15
From HairyPitSlop  12/7/15
New status: Messy foot pics coming soon
From HairyPitSlop  12/1/15
New status: How shall I get messy in longjohns?
From Mmaster  11/21/15
gunge me. over cam if we have to but gunge me
From cestwhat  11/10/15
so amazing buddy. where are you?
From GungeKing  10/27/15
WOOF!!!!!! Such a stud!!
From HairyPitSlop  10/26/15
New status: Time to slop the pits soon...
From NastiBoiLV  10/20/15
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