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I'm A twisted male and
Just love getting messy
the greater the mess the better
My 1st love is mud but I enjoy food just as much
fully dress to naked
I love taking photos getting messy and posting them for others to view and comment on. I love getting messy with any one willing to join in , Male , Female doesn't matter to me as long as they love being messy

you can find more pics and video of me on Xtube user 2Bmuddy.
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From WAM Photography  11/10/17
Thanks for the feedback & FR!
From MessyJC  8/26/17
Thanks for your loves mate, really appreciate that one!
From kevin57  8/4/17
Great set of new pics looks like great fun
From QSHun  7/18/17
From mudman2010  7/18/17
Congrats Mate! You are the perennial favorite. Wishing you the best down under.
From muddoug  7/18/17
Congratulations on making wammer of the day!
From MessyJC  7/1/17
Congrats on being site rank no,1. You've sure earned it!!!
From Knickerfilling  6/26/17
From MuddyMcMudd  6/26/17
Congrats, sexy!!
From muddyagain  6/26/17
Congratulations on WOTD well deserved those web cam pics were hot
From Whitestar  6/11/17
for the
From Naoko  5/25/17
Thanks kevin
From softhit  5/18/17
Thanks for all the loves! *sits on pie from aussiemudd*
From aussiemudd  5/13/17
New status: Custard beans and pies feel so good
From Whitestar  4/14/17
Thanks for the new loves!
From WetNikki  4/11/17
Love your one-piece fun - yum
From Whitestar  4/11/17
Again Thank you for the many loves!
From Whitestar  3/15/17
Thank you for the loves on my photos
From Sinbad316  2/6/17
Hey! Congrats for bieng wammer of the day!
From TheDon88  1/22/17
Thanks for all the s on my photos
From aussiemudd  1/21/17
congrats for another WOTD keep that hot sexy messy stuff coming
From jurning  1/14/17
Congrats being WOTD !!!
From aussiemudd  12/15/16
New status: first play in my new mud pit today
From MessyWeeb  11/26/16
Thanks for adding me here as well!
From Mrs.jurning  11/13/16
congratulations WOTD !!!!!
From jurning  11/13/16
Congrats being WOTD !!!!!
From messytomandemily  11/13/16
Nice work with WOTD!! They are some bloody hot pics! Thanks for all the love on ours to x
From Mrs.jurning  10/25/16
Thanks for the friend request. And the Lovely comment.
From TorveaFilms  8/20/16
Thank you for the friending!
From aussiemudd  12/30/15
New status: Fully dressed wet fun to see in 2016
From aussiemudd  12/30/15
New status: Pool set up ready for som fully dressed wet fun to
From aussiemudd  11/8/15
New status: Looking forward to my next forfeit
From aussiemudd  10/13/15
New status: thanks for all the support to give me another WOT
From aussiemudd  10/4/15
New status: Getting muddy tonight
From aussiemudd  10/1/15
New status: WOTD Thankyou
From milfdunk  7/3/15
Congrats on WOTD! Keep up the great work!
From challenge  6/11/15
You may wish to comment again?
From aussiemudd  5/3/15
New status: I just love getting messy
From wamwright  5/2/15
Congrats on your WOTD streak!
From aussiemudd  5/2/15
New status: Thanks for all the support to make me WOTD
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