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foam, lather, batter, food, beans, pies, cake, gel, messy, glue, shaving cream, chocolate, goo, slime, clay, gunge, spaghetti, condiments, ice cream, mud
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From  Friday
New status: We're looking for someone to run our UMD page. Contact Us
From  Friday
New status: We're looking for someone to run our UMD profile. Contact U
From  4/30/17
New status: We have a gunge tank in our office! Nuts!!!
From WAMfan007  4/17/17
Love a girl with her own gunge tank!
From  4/17/17
New status: Sadistic Girl, Has Own Gunge Tank!!
From  4/9/17
New status: More Members Than Ever Before... Messyworld
From BBWWamFan  3/23/17
Congratulations on being WOTD
From messyjods  2/21/17
Congratulations on WOTD
From noideer  5/19/16
Congrats on word what's next in messyworld?
From NormanMabeld  5/19/16
Congrats on WOTD!
From noideer  12/21/15
Love your new profile pic
From gungyhair  6/21/15
I love your work! Great gunge, tanks and models. Just wish I could experience one of your gungings. Lol 😆
From harryv8  6/21/15
Hey.Would love to try the human carwash with you.
From noideer  6/21/15
and who is in the picture it looks amazing i love the pink foam
From noideer  6/21/15
Hey were is that new profile picture from?
From GungeLucyTV  5/30/15
youre awesome i am so jealous xxxx
From noideer  10/13/13
When is the video with jen in the vat of gunge coming out?
From gungedwam  8/13/12
heads up!
From 26WAMGAL  5/27/11
I love the pics, the consistency of the gunge and - of course - the gunge tank!! My ideal scenarios, keep up the good work!!
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