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Welcome to MessyWorld Social - dive into the gunge.... is the official home of 'The Human Carwash', 'The Destroyer' and various Industrial Gunge Tanks...

A Fully-Clothed Gunge, Pie and All Round Messy Site featuring impressive devices, lots of girls, lots of messy games, interactive gunge votes and of course, the many gunge tanks...

We are proud to say that is updated at minimum, every other Sunday by 7PM (utc). + additional updates in other areas like PhoneTrap, MW Xtra and Votes pages. * We have never missed an update!

Plus, every update is guaranteed to be totally Brand New, 100% Original, Fresh New Content. * We never repeat updates!

... And, the best bit, we are very lucky to have gunge tanks and devices that no other website has and we want to bring our fantastic, completely unique videos to everyone, so we don't charge you for every video you want to see. Instead, sign up and access our whole range for Just 14.99/month... Always exceptional value from messyworld!

stream & download all of our Gunge & Slime filled HD Videos at

Free Trailers:
Free Previews:
Join Us:
Contact Us:

Features Include:
Gunge Galleries & Videos
The Human Carwash
The Gunge Tank
The Destroyer
The Supagunga!
The Pillory System
The Gunge Tub
Messy in Bondage
Pies & Slapstick
Food Fun
Messy votes

and, Messyworld Xtra for additional bts, interviews and specialist content.

Come on in, the gunge is lovely.....

* This social media account is often managed by more than 1 person.
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From  1/18/18
dive into the gunge...
From  12/18/17
New status: A Decade Of Gunge - 01.01.2018
From  10/20/17
New status: Messyworld announcement due Wednesday, 17:00 (utc)
From  10/13/17
New status: We're looking for someone to run our UMD page. Contact Us
From  4/30/17
New status: We have a gunge tank in our office! Nuts!!!
From WAMfan007  4/17/17
Love a girl with her own gunge tank!
From  4/17/17
New status: Sadistic Girl, Has Own Gunge Tank!!
From  4/9/17
New status: More Members Than Ever Before... Messyworld
From BBWWamFan  3/23/17
Congratulations on being WOTD
From messyjods  2/21/17
Congratulations on WOTD
From noideer  5/19/16
Congrats on word what's next in messyworld?
From NormanMabeld  5/19/16
Congrats on WOTD!
From noideer  12/21/15
Love your new profile pic
From gungyhair  6/21/15
I love your work! Great gunge, tanks and models. Just wish I could experience one of your gungings. Lol 😆
From harryv8  6/21/15
Hey.Would love to try the human carwash with you.
From noideer  6/21/15
and who is in the picture it looks amazing i love the pink foam
From noideer  6/21/15
Hey were is that new profile picture from?
From GungeLucyTV  5/30/15
youre awesome i am so jealous xxxx
From noideer  10/13/13
When is the video with jen in the vat of gunge coming out?
From gungedwam  8/13/12
heads up!
From 26WAMGAL  5/27/11
I love the pics, the consistency of the gunge and - of course - the gunge tank!! My ideal scenarios, keep up the good work!!
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