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Hi Guys!

Me (Tom) I've been in to messy things for years, ever since watching get your own back, all i wanted to do was jump in to a huge pool of muck!

Since then Iv'e been experimenting with loads of other messy stuff and love diving in to some thick creamy mud.

Then along came Emily who has been amazing at joining me in getting messy and now even enjoys getting messy on her own!

We both log in to this site under this name so it could be either of us commenting or messaging but we'll try to make it clear who it is

We've been getting messy together for a while now and have taken a few pics and videos for you guys to take a look.

We're now offering customs, so if you're interested, send us a message and we'll sort you out

We are seroiusly thinking about getting another pair of hands to help us get messy or get gunged by us, so if you think you're interested in helping, give us a shout

Tom and Emily
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Tom and Emily's First Mud Bath
Emily's Away I Have to Play!
Tom and Emily Mud
Porridge Bath with Emily
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Higher or Lower with Emily!
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From messytomandemily  7/25/18
Can't wait to cool down in our mud pit at the weekend!!
From messytomandemily  5/28/18
We just had sex in our mud pit! Blimey!
From messytomandemily  5/28/18
23DC! Perfect mud temp!
From messytomandemily  5/22/18
Canít wait for Tom to get home for his messy treat!!
From messytomandemily  5/22/18
Canít wait for Tom to get home to have his messy anniversary
From GungeMasterUK  5/7/18
Thank you for the photo likes!
From messytomandemily  5/6/18
This weather is to nice! Time for more mud!!
From messytomandemily  4/22/18
Mud Weather!! We haven't wasted any time!!
From messyjods  3/3/18
Congratulations on wotd
From messytomandemily  1/20/18
New video up now!! Will upload photos later in the week!
From Poursomesugaronme  1/11/18
Wow you two are so lucky to be doing what you do , looks great fun.
From Binnay  8/14/17
Congrats on WOTD guys!
From messytomandemily  8/12/17
New status: Getting the gunge pool back!!
From messytomandemily  6/8/17
New status: Messy Sunday! Any suggestions?
From buzzlightyear  6/6/17
Amazing profile! Love to see other couples enjoying getting messy! Thanks for sharing your good times with us!
From messytomandemily  5/19/17
New status: Smelly, boggy, marsh anyone!?
From twankey1961  3/13/17
Love the new pics! Great to see you two having so much fun!
From messytomandemily  3/13/17
New status: We love getting messy at any chance we get!!
From wetmana  1/22/17
would love to see you both do a full oil set ( business suit ) lots of slippery oil
From kevin57  1/21/17
Second that WOTD awesome
From sigunge  1/21/17
Well deserved WOTD!
From TheDon88  1/21/17
Congrats on WOTD!!
From jurning  1/16/17
What can I say : These messy pool gunge tank pictures are so awesome. Thanks for posting and sharing them . Wow !!!
From Messygirl  1/14/17
Thanks for the friends request! We enjoy your stuff too!
From TheDon88  1/13/17
Loving the pictures guys! A bit cheeky for me to ask, but are you thinking of doing some savoury food mess?
From messytomandemily  1/4/17
New status: Can't wait for a messy weekend with Tom!
From Android  1/1/17
great new photo set
From messytomandemily  12/25/16
New status: Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
From funtbunter  12/14/16
Awesome pictures guys!!!
From Mrs.jurning  12/9/16
Waw looks like Emily had a lot of fun..and Tom to...
From jurning  12/9/16
Hi, just wanted to say, that I love the way you live with wam is super. The things you do, the posts you make, with all that fun. Just wanted to say thanks and WOW !!!
From jurning  12/8/16
And we love to see it all !!!
From messytomandemily  12/6/16
New status: We are bloody loving getting messy!!
From dboyyz  12/4/16
Congrats on WOTD, very well deserved, wow!
From FunWithSlime  12/2/16
From Binnay  12/2/16
Congrats again guys! I'm not surprised though
From jurning  12/2/16
Congrats being WOTD !!!
From MessyWeeb  11/26/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From messytomandemily  11/26/16
New status: Emily's gunge Chair punishment today!
From blueslimed26  11/26/16
Hey thanks & I like your pics as well!
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