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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans, lube, pies, butter, fruit filling, marshmallow, pudding, cake, gel, messy, quicksand, cheese
About me:
I am Messy Jessie of and based in the uk.
I've been Wamming for business and fun for 11 years as of 27th February 2017.
My business partner,boyfriend and best friend Mike (mjd on UMD) run the business together.
My favourite substance is porridge over my head and I love the stress relief and liberation of a pie in the face.
I've been pied,gunged with pretty everything including shaving foam,cream,custard,natrosol,gunge,chocolate,beans,soup,
spaghetti,rice pudding,semolina,meat in a variety of outfits and sketches by myself,with other girls,straight guys,gay guys,transgender and Crossdressers..
Wam is more than a job to me and through wamming I feel relief but only when I'm doing the things I enjoy.
I'm having therapy that is helping me to stand up for myself and I am beating an long term eating disorder and anxiety disorder.
My 2 kids are the most important thing in the world to me
and Mike is great with them.
I love nature esp thunderstorms,lightning,the beach and laughing.
In WAM I love the anticipation of a pie in the face,the luxury of warm porridge or sweet smelling chocolate over my head.
I have done nude and topless scenes in the past but I prefer not to do that now and although I have scenes for sale now they will be gone on 20th October 2018 as with all the nude/topless scenes I've filmed for other producers.
I'm selling my nude/topless vids in great value bundles before I withdraw them forever.
The only site that pays me now though is my UMD store
Anywhere else and it's an old film I get no residuals for.
I've made some new messy and wetllook films now and I am back doing customs films and sessions again now with an amazing response so far.
The entry level price for a full custom video or session is 275 as there is a lot of work involved so if you haven't got that don't get in touch but if you have then my sessions/customs have good customer feedback.
However that 275 includes the room,room prep time,buying room protection,mess prep,me getting ready,cameraman,doing the film,me getting clean,cleaning the room and sending the rough cut or simple edit of the film.
Pretty good value when think of the work that goes into it!
Then the cost of your mess/special outfits/extra models is on top.
Sometimes though a cleanish short 5 minutes scene is the shower or something like that can come in under 100
I have a phobia of banana's,spider's and banana's and don't allow allow nudity in sessions or sexual contact/kissing/rubbing etc
I don't WAM with bodily fluids from man or beast!
Thanks for reading and thankyou if you are a customer of mine or want to be a customer of mine.
If you are looking to buy any scenes of mine not currently for sale please do send me an inbox message here and we can go into the 700 plus films in the Messy Jessie Archive and locate it for you and sell it you direct and deliver it via email
or put it back into the store as a priority.
We can take payment via cards or direct to a UK bank account by internet banking/international transfer or cash into a UK bank account!
We can email the download straight to you after payment!
Messy Jessie is now a truly international business!
If you aren't interesting in buying my films,booking a session or ordering a custom then I don't want to chat or speak to you about sex or WAM nor do I need a new partner.
Go and look elsewhere because I need to pay rent and feed my kids!
This is not me being nasty but just stating the obvious really.
Jessie xx
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New status: Streaming not dreaming for $40 a month:all films + 3 dloads!
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New status: Streaming not dreaming! $40 a month to see all my films!
From Jayce  6/3/17
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Thankyou Piesub!
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belated Congrats on Wammer of the day, Your Royal Pieness!
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New status: Hurray! Won Rear Of The Rear 2016!!!
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Nice haircut.
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New status: Vote for Jessie in Rear of The Year
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New status: Vote for Messy Jessie in Rear of The Year please!
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New status: 2 New Films out Dream Session and Pranked,Soaked a
From MessyWeeb  11/27/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From NormanMabeld  11/16/16
I love the new vid of Cherry getting tied & pied! But you're a little too clean in all those pics, so I sent you a pie, long distance!
From  11/16/16
New status: New Film out Cherry Resigns so Tied,Pied + Slopped
From  11/16/16
New status: New Film our Cherry Resigns so Tied,Pied + Slopped
From  11/16/16
New status: New Film our Cherry Resigns so Tied,Pied and Slopp
From  11/16/16
New status: New Film our Cherry Resigns so Tied,Pied and Slopp
From  11/16/16
New status: Feeling down with neck and back pain!
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