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The London Splosh Games was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came and made it a brilliant evening We're hoping to start planning the next one soon, so watch this space! Photos will be released soon and hopefully some video footage too xx

We still haven't managed to build the Gunge Tank in our new place, but hold your breath and it might just happen! Watch this space

I'm not able to offer customs at the moment, as we have nowhere to film. If this changes I'll let you know.

If anyone fancies treating me to a well-deserved gift, I have a wish list here:
Or feel free to pick out things you'd like to see me get messy in

JnC x
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From messybudd2016  3/27/17
gorgeous pro pic look smashing
From TheDon88  3/26/17
Love the new profile pic <3
From MyPieRogative  3/22/17
Congrats JnC!! Well deserved you beautiful woman!
From mr_nbs  3/22/17
congratulations on wotd
From BBWWamFan  3/22/17
Congratulations on wammer of the day
From JellynCustard  1/7/17
New status: There's an event coming, on March 14th! Put it in
From JellynCustard  12/3/16
New status: London Christmas Splunch on December 11th folks!
From MessyWeeb  11/26/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From MyPieRogative  10/25/16
Congrats on WOTD!!! You hot sexy lady!! KAPOW!!!!
From JellynCustard  10/25/16
Woahhh, thanks for WOTD folks! What a nice surprise!!
From jurning  10/25/16
Congrats with WOTD !!!
From MyPieRogative  8/29/16
Congrats on WOTD! Splat!
From JellynCustard  8/29/16
New status: Woo, WOTD! Thanks!!
From NormanMabeld  8/29/16
Congrats on WOTD, JnC! Those are fantastic new pics that you've been posting of you & Maria and the others!
From challenge  8/16/16
Please upload last nights shoot
From reverendsl  6/15/16
Thanks so much for the W.O.T.D Really appreciate it. Keep up the amazing work
From JellynCustard  6/4/16
New status: Check out my Twitter for a store discount code!
From INDIWAM17  11/3/15
Hi R u interested in doing a wam sessions with me let me know based in London thanks
From JellynCustard  7/29/15
New status: Get messy with me in the Splosh Casino!
From NormanMabeld  6/12/15
Congrats on WOTD, JnC!
From BinnayandKitten  6/12/15
Congrats on WOTD
From challenge  6/12/15
I understand warmer of the day means a dare? I dare you to sit dressed up in your short dress, black tights and heels and take 2 buckets full of baked beans. Sit messy for a hour before cleaning up. Thank you for you help as well.
From challenge  6/11/15
You are amazing. Is you free green gunge video still available as well please?
From upiemeipieu22  5/1/15
Congratulations On your runner up!
From JellynCustard  4/26/15
New status: About to release a very revealing movie!!
From CustardCrazy  4/8/15
Thanks for adding!
From steve_892  8/19/14
congrats gain! cant wait to see you get gunged in the leather outfit!
From NormanMabeld  7/30/14
Here we are again! 2 days in a row! Congrats!
From James1990  7/9/14
Congratulations on WotD... again!
From monkeyman1  6/2/14
Don't mention it- thanks for posting so many hot pics!
From NormanMabeld  6/1/14
Congrats, again! And again! Very well deserved, Sweetie!
From NormanMabeld  5/28/14
I love all the pics from dare #5! The whole thought of you doing it is sooo sexy, and the pics are so HOT! I love that you snuck some pics in the store's mirror! You did an even better job on this than I could have imagined! (And you look so hot in your blue undies!)
From NormanMabeld  5/23/14
Congrats on WOTD! Very well deserved!
From piesub  5/18/14
Thanks so much for friending JellynCustard! You look gorgeous and I dream of you pieing me mercilessly one day, while I stare at your lovely big wobbly boobs and then get pied more for doing it! ;-D
From clownsnap  5/15/14
Congrats on WOTD😊😊😊😊
From Cakeboy  5/15/14
Congrats!! WOTD...
From superbikes  5/15/14
thank you for adding me x
From nywamfan  5/14/14
Congrats on being wotd.
From CandyCustard  5/13/14
Thanks hon xxx
From NormanMabeld  5/11/14
And again! Congrats!

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