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I am Rebecca, I love chatting about anything really. If you want to roleplay with me feel free. I chat to both male and female but please accept the fact that I am 100% sub. If I feel disrespected I will block you.
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From GungenaughtyRebecca  24 days ago
Ok guys, messaging is now working again.
From GungenaughtyRebecca  25 days ago
Can't receive or send messages at the moment. Working on it
From ScotWAM  25 days ago
I have done my best to keep you clean - unfortunately i don't think it will be enough...
From mess4u  25 days ago
Heyy Rebecca, are you staying clean?!? :p
From buzzlightyear  26 days ago
I voted for you BECAUSE you said you won't upload pics! I'm not one to pressure anyone into anything... But the fact that you're here means you know you want it, so you're gonna get it!
From Poppy  27 days ago
Congratulations on most wammed person!
From GungenaughtyRebecca  6/22/18
Have setup a gunge vote, keep me clean please 🙏
From messy_tommy  6/20/18
Love the profile pic
From kelly  1/8/18
Ah thanx for the add hun xxx
From GungenaughtyRebecca  12/20/17
New status: Have setup a gunge vote, don't forget to vote... for Willis
From GungenaughtyRebecca  12/1/17
New status: When can I get a gyob gunging?
From Messy_Mr  12/1/17
Wow! A fan using one of Messy_Miss photos for their profile picture! I'll be sure to let her know!
From princess2565  6/5/17
Wow you got a lot of wams fast. Guess i'll follow suit :p
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