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Jun 29
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applesauce, pastries, batter, food, beans, pies, fruit filling, pudding, cake, messy, cheese, shaving cream, chocolate, gunge, spaghetti, condiments, ice cream, syrup, custard, icing
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I'm a 39 year old male who lives in WI and loves seeing and getting wet and messy in all kinds of clothes. I love cake sitting and clothes filling the most. I also love to write messy stories and interact with others online over chat with their messy adventures or just chatting about anything. Feel free to email me if you like to chat or have a mess idea that you like into a story.
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From flyboy  21 days ago
New status: Getting messy in a bit. Anyone want to watch
From flyboy  11/17/17
New status: Really want to get messy by someone
From flyboy  9/15/17
New status: May get messy
From flyboy  8/21/17
New status: Headed to see the eclipse
From Jayce  8/2/17
no! i dont have a gunge booth! i will be making a tub of a substance soon enough! hey! i need you to email me again please!! my email is whack!!
From flyboy  7/30/17
New status: Looking to get messy today
From flyboy  6/22/17
New status: Just used my gunge tank
From flyboy  6/19/17
New status: Really want to get messy with someone for my birthday
From flyboy  5/3/17
New status: Doing some cake smashing tonight
From flyboy  4/19/17
New status: Going to se my gunge tank tonight
From mago  4/17/17
Thanks for loving my pictures!
From flyboy  4/1/17
New status: Happy April fools
From GungeMasterUK  3/25/17
Thanks for all the photo loves!
From flyboy  3/15/17
New status: Pied myself for pi day
From flyboy  1/14/17
New status: Really need a messy session
From Jayce  1/1/17
From flyboy  12/25/16
New status: Merry Christmas you filthy animals
From Jayce  12/20/16
and you are now, #3 in the running for the drawing for free video ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING ON THE STORE!! YOU ARE JUST TOO MUCH!! xoxoxox
From Jayce  12/17/16
thank you for the lovely review! i am starting more reviews for the new year and i have 3 already!!! i am giving away 3 vids if we can get up to 10 reviews on the store!! not just videos but also, on the store itself!! its my new thang, but your review sitll counts, luv! you rock!
From flyboy  12/17/16
New status: Back from Europe
From Jayce  11/13/16
I JUST PUT A CHOCOLATE BAR IN YOUR PANTS....NOW, DONT TAKE IT OUT....LET IT MELT! haha, i still havent gotten my vip thing set up yet XD oh and then i filled your pants with warm caramel....just to help things move along with the melting candy bar ;)
From Mrs.jurning  11/8/16
Thanks for all the
From upiemeipieu22  8/9/16
Thank you for all your sweet loves
From flyboy  5/24/16
New status: Can't wait til I can break in my leotard
From flyboy  5/16/16
New status: need to get messy
From upiemeipieu22  3/14/16
Thank you hun,
From flyboy  3/14/16
New status: Happy pi day
From flyboy  11/15/15
New status: needs to get messy
From flyboy  10/12/15
New status: sorry not on gf of 6 yrs left me & was depressed
From glopguy06  6/7/15
Every gunge with another guy. I'm not too far away. Looks like we could make a good mess!!!
From flyboy  6/2/15
New status: breaking out the gunge tank later
From flyboy  4/27/15
New status: Really want to get messy soon
From Ariel  11/18/12
VERY slim chance of that happening!
From BinnayandKitten  10/1/12
Thank you xo
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