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Tarzan's Trials, Vol. 2
Added 5/7/18    311 views
In this scene, Tarzan (Doug) is bound across the mud with one arm tied to a tree on one side of the pit and the other arm tied to a tree on the opposite side. His ankles are bound together and he is left to sink slowly into the bottomless mud. The ro...
Tarzan's Trials, Vol 1
Added 4/28/18    435 views
The last time we saw Tarzan he sank out of sight in a bog and we thought he was a goner. However, he was rescued by a band of natives who wanted the opportunity to torture him. This clip is the first trial to which Tarzan is subjected. He is stretche...
The Joy of Thick Mud
Added 4/16/18    414 views
Doug jumps into the mud, grabs his package and begins to sink slowly, into the thick, black mud. He moans loudly as he pleasures himself. He sinks up to his nipples before working himself back up, thrusts his hips against the mud, sinks back down, th...
Trespassing (a.k.a. The Trespasser)
Added 1/26/18    566 views
This is an old video that I shot in 2008 when fngbtm came to visit me. In this video, a trespasser is caught by Doug in the swamp. Doug punches the trespasser who falls into the quickmud and sinks out of sight while pleading for help.
The Crossing
Added 9/26/16    1228 views
Doug is hiking in the swamp wearing tight jeans, boots and a sleeveless top. He comes to a large expanse of mud that he needs to cross, so he uses a rope with a grappling hook to hook a tree on the other side and pull himself across. After he gets a...
The Demise of Tarzan
Added 9/12/16    1721 views
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Tarzan is traversing a grassy marsh, wearing only his signature loincloth when his footing gives way and he is slowly swallowed by the thick, sucking mud, in spite of his best efforts to escape.
The Last Orgasm
Added 6/15/16    2818 views
Doug tries out his new thong with built in cock ring and ball splitter in the swamp. He humps the mud and strokes his cock over 13 minutes! He does orgasm as 12:50 seconds, after which there is a short cleanup scene.
The Rest of the Story
Added 11/2/10    3054 views
This is the 2nd clip recorded on 2010-10-31 in the swamp, wearing red latex briefs. This clip opens with the same fall that opens the first clip, but quickly cuts to the struggle to get back out of the mud after 20 minutes (shown in part 1) of strug...

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