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Veronica, Swimsuit and Pleather!
Added 10/17/18    1433 views
This set didn't quite go to plan. What Veronica was meant to do was quickly pour a carton of cream, and one of custard, down the front and back of her swimsuit, and then pull on her brand new, Marks and Spencer pleather dungarees, and enjoy the feeli...
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Very Long Hair Wash
Added 12/7/17    1665 views
Cynthia has some of the longest hair we've ever seen, when not tied up in her usual plait it comes all the way past her thighs. And in this scene she washes it for us, in the shower while wearing a black and turquoise Spandex full-length catsuit. Te...
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Veronica's Adidas Mudbath
Added 11/28/17    4057 views
Veronica Ravenblack pulls on a genuine Adidas jumpsuit over her one-piece swimsuit, and absolutely throws herself into the mudbankks! Veronica sits, crawls, slides, and throws herself face down into the mud, getting her Adidas suit and herself total...
Victorian Bathing with Modesty
Added 8/27/13    3549 views
When bathing, one should always be modest. Modesty knows this, and so she takes to the river below the viaduct in one of the household's beautifully demure 19th century style bathing dresses. Modesty wears black plimsolls and dark blue tights with...
Viaduct Boilersuit Blue
Added 7/11/13    6346 views
Action-girl Modesty, practically dressed in a well-fitted bright blue boilersuit and blue Wellington boots, gets herself absolutely soaked, and wades almost neck-deep, in the river below the viaduct at the southern boundary of Lady Jasmine's estate....
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Victorian Swimwear Gunge Test
Added 6/11/13    7462 views
Having previously had a lovely river swim in one of the Hall's replica Victorian swimsuits, Chastity decided she'd like to find out what it feels like to be gunged in one. So she donned the full outfit, including the dark blue tights and lace up bla...
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Veronica Does Some Clothes Filling
Added 6/26/12    7775 views
Veronica wears: Mid-thigh length short khaki dungarees, a plain black one-piece swimsuit, and black wellington boots. Veronica likes to get messy. So much so that it's become her practice, following a formal or official gunging either during an ini...
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Veronica: PVC Gunge Queen!
Added 4/14/12    12166 views
Dressed to thrill in a skintight shiny PVC catsuit, black PVC opera gloves, and big bad eighteen-hole Doc Marten boots, eyes wild and hair still damp from the rainstorm sweeping up Langstonedale, Veronica Ravenblack struts imperiously into the dungeo...

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