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Maddy's Wet Revenge
Added 9/11/12    4574 views

The tables have turned on Heather Blake! Now it's Maddy's turn to take revenge on Heather! Watch Maddy as she playfully taunts Heather and starts to squirt her down. Heather's pretty feisty and starts flinging mud, so Maddy covers her legs in mud!...
Maddy Gets Wet!
Added 9/9/12    4377 views

Heather Blake has strung Madalynn-Raye up with her hands way over her head. Heather pulls Maddy up so tight she's on her tip toes in her black bikini top and small shiny green bikini bottoms. Heather decides to torment Maddy with the hose, using it...
Madalynn-Raye in Abandoned in the Clay
Added 6/17/12    6962 views

4.61 MB
This clip opens as 2 goons toss Madalynn-Raye into the clay with her wrists and elbows tied behind her and her ankles tied together. She then struggles against her bonds and the thick clay for a few minutes before getting her wrists free. She progr...
Maddy's First Mud
Added 3/24/12    7291 views

6.72 MB
Introducing Madalynn-Raye to the swamp; this video is pretty low key, as Maddy gets acquainted with the soft, deep swamp mud. Maddy starts out, barefooted and clean. She steps into the mud, wearing khaki shorts and a tank top. She works her way al...
Mud Clamming
Added 8/3/11    6432 views

Heather Blake is wearing short jean shorts, and she quickly sinks in up to her crotch in the soft mud. She is seen struggling through the deep mud, collecting clams. There is an ample amount of butt shots in this short but entertaining clip!
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Mud Party for Two
Added 10/13/10    16173 views

2.02 MB
1 review!
Stormy and Heather decide to visit the mud pit together. They walk into it, hand in hand. There is a lot of kissing, touching, crotch-grinding, and muddy fun! Stormy and Heather both take their tops off and enjoy rubbing their bodies on each other...
Muddy Heather, Vol III
Added 9/16/10    11322 views

2.77 MB
2 reviews!
Where do I start?? Heather is wearing a silver string bikini top, black shiny PVC shorts, and black knee-high stiletto boots. She slowly approaches the mud and gets in one leg at a time. Heather quickly sinks into the mud up to her waist. Then sh...
Muddy Heather Vol: 2
Added 7/27/10    9048 views

3.9 MB
This clip features Heather Blake in short jean shorts and a white, wet (somewhat see-thru) t-shirt. She slowly makes her way out into the thick, gluey mud where she gradually sinks up to her shoulders. She then turns around and makes her way throug...
Muddy Heather: Vol I
Added 5/24/10    7850 views

This clip features Heather Blake in latex panties and a silver bikini top. She crawls through the soft swamp mud until she finds a nice spot to frolic in the warm, black swamp mud. After that, she struggles out and washes some of the mud off in the...

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