Zeta's Open Mouth
Produced by CaseWam
Starring the following model:
"Zeta opens up to get a mouthful slime and pies over and over!"

Zeta opens up her mouth at the wrong time! With over 40 real whipped cream pies and 25 Gallons of slime this is a crazy one!

Things start off with a huge chunky green sliming stright into her mouth! It's followed by a total barrage of over 40 real thick whipped cream pies rapidly thrown hard while losing her top half way through. She opens her mouth in shock after each one, whimpering while filling her whole mouth up. She spits the the mess out every pie only to have another mouthfull of pie. Then Zeta takes 3 more green slimes right to the face, followed by a super chunky brown sliming at the end. (Of course going right into her mouth while she gargling it out)

After everyhing is done dumping on her, she dives head first into the gaint mess that's formed at her feet while rolling around and pieing herself with the leftover slop.

This is the biggest pie scene we've ever made with somewhere around 45 pies, as well somewhere around 25 gallons of gunk. There's also an "Action Cut" at the end of this video that jump cuts straight to each pie/slime with no delay what-so-ever.

File count:1
Total size:914.74 MB
Total runtime:11 mins, 25 secs
Date added:2/15/18
Scene ID:27057
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914.74 MB
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