Who Wore It Best Part 2--Angel Lee and Lucy Purr
From Torvea Films
"Lucy Purr and Angel Lee have a wet t-shirt contest and trade tops."

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Angel Lee and Lucy Purr are having a wet tee shirt contest in their wading pool. They sit in the pool with their skin tight jeans and splash water on each other's snug belly baring t-shirts. Their nipples poke through and they compare who has the more transparent-shirt while grabbing each other's tits. Using cups they pour more water on each other and their pink shirts cling to all of their curves.

Angel's shirt is very thick and Lucy uses her hands to grope the material. Lucy's shirt is almost see-through and her large, dark nipples poke through the sheer fabric. Angel kisses her tits in appreciation and they pour more water over themselves and each other.

The wet fabric keeps them cooler than if they were in a bikini and they love the naughtiness of it. Stepping out of the pool, they strip the shirts and grab orange and coral shirts. Lucy lies on her chest to get extra wet and Angel follows her lead. They smack each other on the ass and enjoy hearing the water splash off. The orange shirt turns darker and the coral one turns red when wet. They continue to pour more water on each other and kiss each other's tits. Their bodies look so sleek as they lie back and let the water drip down their curves. Both shirts allow the nipples to show through and they are greedy to grab each other!

Switching shirts again, they pull the heavy shirts off and swap them out. Angel lies down and Lucy joins her as they try to saturate their clothes.
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