Vintage White Jeans, Treacle, Honey and Custard
Produced by 1 and Only Messy Jessie UMD Store
Starring the following model:
In this scene I am wearing white jeans and a red lace camisole with bare feet.

I have some black treacle, honey and custard to get all sticky and messy with.

I start by trickling the treacle over my toes, feet and white jeans. The colour contrast is wonderful! I slowly drizzle the sticky black sticky stuff over my jeans, top and cleavage. It looks very pretty!

I add some honey, which I pour over my jeans and top. The smell of these sticky substances is amazing and I love how it tickles my skin.

Next I pour the custard all over my clothes and chest followed by more treacle. This time, some treacle goes on my hair and face too. It glistens in the light looking luxurious.

I massage the mess in, loving how the custard melts the treacle and honey so it all blends into one delicious mess!

I pour the remaining custard all over my clothes and finally in my hair and over my head. It smells and feels incredible!

File count:1
Total size:59.42 MB
Total runtime:7 mins, 19 secs
Date added:1/09/18
Scene ID:26459

Includes the following file:
1,134 Kbps
59.42 MB
7.3 minutes

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