Vintage Louise and Jessie Pie and Chocolate Fight
Produced by 1 and Only Messy Jessie UMD Store
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Date added:1/12/18
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Louise and I are preparing cakes at pies for a party. I am wearing a new dress and Louise asks where I got it from and I tell her I got from a designer outlet. She then says that it's similar to one she was going to buy and that she pointed it out when we were shopping.

I try to avoid the question by asking Louise about her dress. I say it's really nice and ask if it's new. Louise says she couldn't afford to buy a new one so she borrowed it from her sister. I tell Louise that she really ought to be wearing something special as a lot of important people are coming to the party. I even say she can borrow one of mine, if she can squeeze into it!

Louise is really upset by my nasty comment but I say I'm just being a friend and trying to help. I tell her she has to change anyway as she has something on her dress. Louise looks down and I fling some chocolate at her dress! Louise retaliates by flinging some of the pink whip at me! I fling some more chocolate at Louise and she throws at pie at me! This starts a food fight and I pour more chocolate over Louise!

I pour a load of custard all over Louise's dress and head so she picks up the bowl of foam and puts it on my head! I giver her a pie sandwich and she flings chocolate at me.

Louise pours a load of chocolate over my dress and then over my head. I am so angry, I pie her in the face.

We are both covered in mess, our hair and dresses are ruined but we continue to fling stuff at each other. I wonder if we'll still be friends after this!
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