Vintage Cassandra's Messy Hair Treatment
Produced by 1 and Only Messy Jessie UMD Store
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I am wearing a black a dress with my long blonde hair down and Cassandra is also in a black dress but hers has a red bow and a red belt.

I have asked Cassandra to come over so I can practice on her hair for my college course. Cassandra is more than happy to help, unfortunately, I dropped my notes from both my hair dressing class and my cookery class and they all got mixed up! I assure Cassandra that it's probably all fine and I continue!

I am going to give Cassandra's hair a deep conditioning treatment. I start with a special mousse that I smear all over her beautiful auburn hair. I refer to my notes and I pour some thick pink goo onto Cassandra's head. She says it smells of strawberries and I explain that some fruits have great oils for the hair and that I also have some avocado to apply. At this point Cassandra asks if I'm sure I have the right products. I admit that I got my notes mixed up but I'm sure I've got it right.

I massage in the pink goo but I have made a mess of Cassandra's dress! I tell her that it will wash out, so not to worry.

Next, I apply the green avocado stuff. I rub it in and then add some spaghetti! Cassandra is startled by the cold but I tell her that the cold makes your hair shine more. I have made quite a mess of Cassandra's hair and dress by now. Her face is also covered in spaghetti!

I sprinkle on some flour to absorb some of the moisture. Makes sense, right? I pick up the hair dryer and accidently end up blowing the flour all over Cassandra! I am so clumsy!

I tip the rest of the flour over her head and massage in the mess before pouring a banana mixture all over Cassandra. Even though Cassandra is covered in all sorts, she says it feels fine! So add some more mouse. I admit that it's not looking exactly how it did in class but Cassandra is happy for me to continue. I pour on the rest of the avocado whilst telling my patient friend that I was confused by this particular product as it said to mix in tomato and lime juice! I then go on to say that we were making guacamole in cookery class before I tip the rest of the green goo over Cassandra's head.

Despite making a complete mess of Cassandra, she seems pleased with my work. I wonder if she will volunteer again?!
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