Toms Star Prize Quiz : With Naughty Bits!
Produced by gungelads
Starring these models:
Hey guys, were back with Season 5 and in this Season the lads are showing us a bit more!

To kick us off, new lad Tom plays Miles messy quiz trying to win a 1000.

Tom (who thinks he's a bit of a smarty pants) turned up to play the game looking very formal in his best-shirt, trousers and tie! He didn't stay smart for long though!

During the game Tom gets covered in strawberry and chocolate sauce, thick cold custard, buckets of green slime and lots of chocolate and custard cream pies.


miles has some very naughty embarrassing forfeits for Tom if he gets the questions wrong.

These are

Sit down bare arsed on a cream flan!

Have you tie cut off and shirt ripped open!

Get Pied in the Crotch (no trousers!)

Get a chocolate cream pie, smashed into your arse and then rubbed in!

Strip down to nothing and receive a naked gunging!

Of course, Miles doesn't stay clean and Tom ensures he gets his own back with another naked gunging.

This show also features lots of after show footage of the two lads rolling around in the gunge totally naked! As the two lads rub the gunge over each others chests, arses and cocks, you can certainly tell they are enjoying themselves!

All which proves "silly IS sexy!", thanks lads

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Date added:11/08/17
Year produced:2017
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"Clothed and naked gunging, can't ask for more.."
By wills  12/5/17

A really messy and cheeky scene. Two good looking--and while I am at it, well endowed too--lads who look as if they really "enjoyed" the gunging. No body parts escaped the goo and well done to both of them. Part two where they both are completely naked rolling around in the gunge is really hot. The nudity just ups the hotness. Hopefully we will see more like this. Well done all!

"Pure indulgent filth!"
By weeyin65  11/14/17

Have just purchased this latest episode from Gungelads.

So is it worth the money and is it any good?

Well I am speechless!

It is absolutely packed full of pure filth!

These boys have finally finally delivered the goods this time. Long have I wished for some naked gungings and as they like to put it " naughty bits'. Oh hell yeah do they ever deliver "naughty bits" Soft "naughty bits" bits! Though I have no idea quite how they stayed like that throughout the filming! I can pretty much promise you that no one else will be soft watching this. I certainly wasn't! I hope this new direction for Gungelads is a direction that they will continue with from now on, with more and more "naughty bits" Show less

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