Thigh Boots, Leather Pants and Sex Toy in the Deep Mud Pit!

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"Brooke gets stuck in the mud before stripping naked and using her vibrator"
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Hello my Wonderful Wammers! You all know by now how much I love tight, shiny clothes and getting messy. Especially getting messy in my thick, gooey, deep mud pits. Well this scene is one of my favourite all time visits to the mud pits as I was wearing my incredible genuine leather pants and my thigh high, black patent, high heeled boots! These sumptuous leather pants are from Zara and have been one of my go to, high end, going out and date night pants for about 18 months. Everytime I slipped into these wonderfully tight and beautifully soft leather pants, I would always get a little tingle between my legs thinking about getting messy in them, but I've never been brave enough to sacrifice them! Well, I couldn't resist any longer and as it was a lovely summers day and I planned on heading to my mud pit for a wallow and a messy play session I decided today was the day my favourite leather pants would get messy! I finished my outfit with a simple black cotton tank top vest, with no bra, so my big DD tits would feel amazing as my top flooded with thick, gooey clay!

The scene starts with me full of excited nerves as I walk along the bank of the deep mud pit and silt, quicksand pools. I'm so aware that I'm wearing very expensive leather pants and they will be ruined but at the same time the thought of that skin tight leather filling with mud as I wallowed and sank was driving me wild! As I show off my pants to the camera and walk ever closer to the mud pit, my tall 7 inch heels start to sink into the ever softer ground. I know what's about to happen and I almost can't wait, the anticipation oozes out of me as my boots start to slowly sink in the mud as I have that last minute should I or shouldn't I moment about my beautiful leather pants!

Before I know it my patent thigh boot sinks to shin deep, I gasp and as I try and step my other boot sinks. Oh No! Now my boot sucks me down and my leg sinks to the top of my boot, to my upper thigh. I'm completely stuck as I wiggle and shake my ass. The boots vanish under the mud and now my leather pants are getting muddy! I cannot move and I struggle until I have to zip myself out of my thigh boots and then pull them out of the mud! I'm now covered in mud, my pants are flooded with thick, gooey mud and my pussy is wet from the excitement of sinking and being stuck. I slowly strip out of my clothes and as soon as I'm naked I fully indulge my messy fetish! I shampoo the mud into my long hair, I smother my big tits in the sloppy mud and I rub the gooey clay into my pussy and between my cheeks. I'm now covered from head to toe as I wallow naked in my mud pit. I get my powerful vibrator and slide it between my mud filled lips, teasing my gooey clit. I start to fuck and tease myself as I submerge in the mud, I gasp and moan with every touch on my mud filled pussy. As I pleasure myself I splat and smother handfuls of mud into my own face until I call out in orgasm and cum all over my mud covered vibrator!
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16.9 min
Pierre537183  11 days ago
J'aimerais beaucoup te rejoindreReport
LeRex  12 days ago
A lovely little beauty spot...I can see 2 not so little ones for a start Report
bob1987564  13 days ago
Wow!!! This is amazing and hot!!!Report
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