The Wet-look and the 1950's Belle
Produced by Altsplash!
Starring the following model:
"Dreamy 1950s-style elegant and sumptuous pin-up wetlook in the pool."

File count:4
Total size:876.11 MB
Runtime:12 mins, 17 secs
Product ID:J50s1
Scene ID:30402
Fire up your old film projector, pour yourself a neat whiskey and enjoy this wonderfully atmospheric and sensual 1950s test film featuring a stunning young lady submitting to a stylish soaking... all in the name of serious wet-look research of course! Shot and edited in the style (with a suitably post-war soundtrack!) of a 1950s film to give an authentically retro feel--also reminiscent of vintage soft-fetish erotica--doe-eyed Jennie performs her first wetlook shoot. She is wearing a silky swing dress complete with sheer stockings, slip, pearls, heels, matching handbag and a rather fetching hairstyle of pin-curls. All of which of course are sent into the depths and ruined in a murky pool copiously. A rotary telephone may also have come to some harm during the shoot, too! Expect some lovely pre-soaking footage by the pool, plenty of underwater dives and short breath-holding, plus a little bit of soaked posing afterwards. Highlights include Jennie's seamed stockings, applying lipstick underwater, and watching her perfectly arranged hair get perfectly ruined as you'd hope for. By the end of the shoot, you'll be wanting to take her dancing in the rain! The footage also has some lovely sounds from the filming,--listen out for the pearls delicately tinkling, Jennie's occasional underwater mumblings and of course lots of sumptuous bubbling sounds! This bundle contains the six-minute '50s style video, the video without retro effects, several sumptuous stills plus three short and sweet clips selected from the footage. Delicious, unusual and sexy, demure Jennie will innocently tease you while you reach euphoria.
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"Elegant wetlook, wonderfully captured"
I am a huge fan of formal wetlook and this most definitely tickled my fancy! At first I didn't particularly care for the "Silent Movie"-esque commentary, but it definitely grew on me. Acknowledging that tastes vary widely in wetlook, I must say that I was mildly disappointed in the fact that we were not able to judge for ourselves "the aesthetic properties of water on" this lovely lady and this beautiful dress as she walked slowly out of the pool to end the video. However, I am still quite content to say, "Well done"! furai, 9/14/18
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