Swim in Jeans, Keds and 2 Polos W/ Popped Collars
Produced by Ariel and Jayce Drenched!
Starring the following model:
"Ariel swims in Michael Kors jeans, Keds and 2 Polo Shirts--Popped Collars"

Preppy Ariel is at the pool ready to go for a swim, but first she has to change into her Aeropostale polo shirts. First she puts on a navy blue one and puts a red one over top of it, then she carefully pops both collars while talking about her polo shirts and how preppy she is. She uses the pool ladder to get in and start getting wet...she dips her legs in first, showing how her light blue jeans turn darker when wet! Now it's time to get drenched! She takes a running jump into the deep end of the pool! She swims and shows off her sexy jeans, Keds and polo shirts, keeping her collars popped the entire time!

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Runtime:9 mins, 32 secs
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