Splosh Casino Home Edition: Savoury!
Produced by JellynCustard
Starring the following model:
"Another awesome interactive movie, this time with savoury mess"

Following the huge success of the first Splosh Casino Home Edition movie, we decided to continue the series.

This time it's completely savoury and there is a Lot of mess, so expect to get completely trashed in revolting goo, while watching me do the same!

The game for this one is our version of Higher/Lower: We both turn a card and the lowest one loses. With 10 items each there is a lot to play for!

The dress code is a white shirt or blouse (something thin and cheap is fine!) and black trousers or a skirt. Don't forget to wear your underwear! I wore stockings and suspenders, but that's an optional extra ;)

Here is your shopping list:

A can of baked beans

A tin of spaghetti hoops

A tin of soup--your choice of flavour (I use mushroom in the movie)

A tin of whole plum tomatoes (not chopped!)

A tin of mushy peas

Half a dozen eggs

A pot noodle--again, your choice of flavour, but I use Bombay Badboy

A jug of thick, warm, lumpy gravy

A small (500ml) bottle of cooking oil

A bottle of brown sauce

A bottle of mayonnaise

Bring these items to the bathroom with this movie and also bring an empty jug and your mobile phone

See you there!

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"Great fun and very messy."
I bought this and played along ages ago, but only just realised I could write a review here. I had a fantastic time doing this! It took quite a bit of prep and there was lots to clean afterwards, but it was totally worth it. So much fun. dunkeddylan, 2/17/18
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