Soak the Bride
Produced by Messy Pervert
Leila gets into a large jacuzzi tub in a vintage satin wedding dress. The dress has a large bow on the back and puffy short selves embroidered with beads. She slowly kneels into the water letting the long dress billow and float on the water around her. As the dress gets wet it becomes see-though and you can tell she is not wearing anything under the dress. She plays with the fabric in the water showing off the lovely gown. Once the skirt is completely soaked she lays back to get the top of the dress and her hair wet as well. She then turn the jets on and enjoys the bubbles in the tub moving the skirt of her dress around. She leans back and fully submerges under the water. She pulls the top of the dress down exposing her breasts, then lifts up the see-though skirts over her boobs. After about 7 and a half mins of enjoying the bath she stands up and turns the shower on and shows off the dress some more. At the end she slowly removes the dress and wraps the wet dress around her body.

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