SchoolGirl Ariel Puddle Jumps, Gets Off In Mud!
Produced by Ariel's Wambabes
Starring the following model:
"Ariel skips school to play in the mud and play w/ her sisters vibrator!"

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Total size:878.24 MB
Total runtime:29 mins, 59 secs
Date added:9/07/17
Year produced:2017
Scene ID:24381

It's a beautiful summer day, Ariel is dressed in her best new schoolgirl outfit--a crisp white bodysuit blouse, pretty yellow plaid skirt, expensive white seamless tights and new black Mary Jane shoes. She has her hair in white bows and she has her backpack on her back. She skipped school today, and she's out walking on her favorite dirt road because she wants to jump in some puddles in her new shoes and tights! She finds some good puddles and begins to jump, laughing about how much fun she's having messing up her pretty white tights. She keeps walking until she finds a nice muddy spot to sit down and do her homework. She pulls her binder and pencil out of her backpack, but she quickly gets distracted by the mud all around her. She lies back in the mud and begins to smear it on her clothes, ruining her crisp white blouse and tights and her pretty skirt. She gets on her hands and knees and starts to hunch the mud, then she lies back and takes off her shoes to show you her feet. She opens her blouse to expose her tits and make them muddy! Next, she removes her skirt, grabs the empty pie tins out of her backpack and begins to fill one up with mud using her hands. She reaches into her backpack and takes out the vibrator that she stole from her sisters room that morning. While up on her knees, she begins to masturbate with the vibrator, then she plants her face into the muddy pie! She then lies back in the mud and rubs all over her body and uses the vibrator again for a big muddy orgasm! Then she pulls her tights back up and shows off her muddy and mucky she's made herself!

Next, you see her at the river, nude and attempting to clean her shoes lol

She continues on, rinsing and cleaning herself in the river, shampooing her hair and using a loofah to wash herself with lots of suds. She uses a bucket for rinsing and big naked splashes!
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