Rolling in Sloppymud!
Produced by Saturation Hall Downloads
Starring the following model:
"Elizabeth romps on very sloppy mudflats!"

Lady Elizabeth wants a mudbath, a real one! So it's out to the riverbank mudlands north of Marsh House, and into the incredibly wet and sloppy tidal mudflats for an all out romp in the clay!

Dressed in a beautifully well-fitting ladies-fit navy blue boilersuit and Caterpillar boots, she wades semi-carefully through the soft clay by the riverbank, and then happily throws herself into the lovely liquid clay of the river-bottom! Laughing and giggling throughout, she wades, kneels, crawls, stands up and lets herself fall backwards onto her bottom with an almighty splash as she hits the mud, and eventually lies flat and rolls over and over, coating her outfit and a fair bit of her lovely long red hair.

The scene ends with her sitting on the riverbank wearing her drenched and mud-dripping suit, applying a mud pack to her face to finish off.

Note: There are six short video clips in amongst the photos of this set, generally these show the points where Elizabeth was actually getting muddy, including the shot where she falls back onto her bottom in several inches of liquid clay, sending a great mud splash flying!

Shot in 2006 at 3.1mpx, this is a scene from Lady Elizabeth's Lost Archive. The video clips have full original sound.

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Total size:401.68 MB
Total runtime:4 mins, 4 secs
Date added:10/30/12
Year produced:2006
Product ID:gm-1m02
Scene ID:4936
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