Red Experiment
Produced by Madman's Wam Pit
Starring the following model:
"What Is That Stuff?"

Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot for the life of me figure out how I created such an interesting substance, but in this video, I decided to see what it would be like to surround myself it in! At first I try some head dunks minimal coverage. This stuff just won't stick! I then proceed to pour it all over and that's where the magic is. The slime was so heavy it stayed in a big glob on my head and ran down slowly, covering my face and mouth. It may not have been sticky but it sure felt like normal slime. Through a combination of batter and a strange mix of oil, this red experiment pours and feels like a mess, but doesn't leave one. Of course, it leaves my body oily and slippery, and felt especially good while touching myself. I had a ton of fun with this stuff, it might return in the future..

File count:2
Total size:840.58 MB
Total runtime:28 mins, 1 sec
Date added:2/27/16

Includes all of the following files:
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500.26 MB
16.7 minutes
4,193 Kbps
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11.3 minutes


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