Mtg 2018 Episode 5 Lila And Casey
Produced by The Mostwam UMD Store
It's time for another Mud Tank Girls.

We have asked Lila and Casey to play the Orange Grabbing Game.

The girls compete to pick up and orange using their knees, they have to pick it the fastest up and hold it for 3 seconds to win a round, Best of Three.

Who Gets Muddy?

Lila or Casey?

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"Oh, There's Juice coming out of Mine"
I bet when Lila and Casey walked into the studio to find the mud tank in front of them, their hearts dropped haha... The dreaded Mud Tank is back but Lila seems so happy, maybe that has something to do with the game, Fruit Grabber. with last time they played, Lila whitewashing Casey 5-0... So can Casey get her revenge and finally win a game of Fruit Grabber? Only one way to find out, with your money Another fantastic fearful Mudding, definitely my favourite way to cover "victims," I mean Beautiful girls in mud haha CalGungeFan, 5/12/18
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