Miss Angel Lee's Shower
From Torvea Films
"A candid look at Angel Lee taking a shower."

From Angel Lee's store!

Angel Lee is getting ready for her shower to warm up and brushes her long, blond hair. When it is nice and steamy, she gets in and the water glistens off her sexy curves. She grabs shampoo and makes lots of bubbles through her thick hair. Angel uses her fingers to really work the lather into her scalp. Lots of conditioner is eased through her lustrous strands.

Now that her skin is primed, she gets her shaving gel and lathers her legs. Long strokes with the razor make gams nice and smooth. Time to shave her pussy as Angel loves having it nice and smooth. A poofy loofah is used to scrub her body clean and she has bubbles all over her body.

When she is done with her shower, she grabs a big fluffy towel and dries off all of the water.

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