Mirror Miss
Produced by Messy Dixie
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Runtime:14 mins, 25 secs
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Starring Kendra James

Kendra is listening to a podcast about urban legends when she decides to try one of them. There's a legend called the Mirror Miss about a spirit that's trapped inside the mirror but if you say her name while tapping the mirror 3 times she is released. Kendra stands in front of the mirror, she smiles to herself because she knows it's silly but then she decides, what the heck and taps 3 times while saying, "Mirror Miss, Mirror Miss, Mirror Miss!"

A flash of magical energy starts to fill the mirror. Kendra is shocked and amazed and as she jumps back the spell comes out of the mirror and envelopes her. She is engulfed in bright magical energy and when it finally subsides back into the mirror she looks at herself and she is now silver from head to toe! She inspects herself in the mirror and while she's completely freaked out that her body has been turned silver she can't help but admire how beautiful it is and how much she likes the way she looks. She stops to think, though, and wonders what could have happened. The legend is that the Mirror Miss would come out of the mirror, not that it would turn her silver. As she contemplates this, her body suddenly starts to convulse and she is overtaken with a powerful feeling from within. She drops her head and when she lifts it back up, she is the Mirror Miss.

It seems that the Mirror Miss needs a body to posses to survive outside the mirror and so she has taken over Kendra's body. Now that she is out and in control she looks over her new body in the mirror and what a nice body it is. Mirror Miss is so excited to be released from the mirror again after all these years and so aroused in her new body that she begins to touch herself. She rubs her hands over hear breasts, ass and eventually down to her new clit, rubbing her way to an orgasm. After she cums she is weakened momentarily and Kendra is able to burst back through and take back control of her body.

Now that Kendra is aware she is possessed by the Mirror Miss, a battle ensues. Kendra is trying to take back control but Mirror Miss is not giving up without a fight. The two go back and forth, taking back control from one another until finally Kendra knows she's beat. Mirror Miss is just to powerful and she can't defeat her. Knowing she's won, Mirror Miss allows Kendra to come back out momentarily for her last words. Kendra tells her that she knows she's to weak to beat her and knows that she has lost but just has one last thing to say. With that she quickly turns to the mirror and taps it with her finger 3 times while saying, "Mirror Miss, Mirror Miss, Mirror Miss!"

With that the bright flash of magical light returns and sucks them both back into the mirror. Kendra has sacrificed herself to put the Mirror Miss back in the mirror where she can't hurt anyone else and Mirror Miss is stuck in the mirror. She can't believe she was outsmarted by a mere mortal and wonders how many more years before she'll get another chance to escape.
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