Malcom: Third Time Mucky
Produced by The Splat! Show
"Malcom is back and this time he goes in the tank!"

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Malcolm is back on The Splat! Show after a three year break. This is Malcolm's first Splat! Show with our world famous Gunge Tank and we made sure the tank was on top form with some fantastic gungings and some very challenging games for Malcolm, many written especially for this show by a bug Malcolm Fan! We want to thank Malcolm for being such a great sport, he is always a pleasure to work with and he seemed to really enjoy The Gunge Tank! We hope you enjoy his brand new Tank themed show! This Show Features...

The Splat! Interview--Red White and Blue

It's been nearly three years since Malcolm was last at Splat! HQ so it's time for a quick catch up interview. This was Malcolm's first time in the tank and you can see he is a little nervous. He takes questions from the Splat! team and then it's time for his first tanking. Malcolm served in the UK armed forces for a number of years before becoming a model and actor, so we made the Gunge a very patriotic red, white and blue and it looked amazing! The Splatty! Gym

Malcolm informed us he had been working out hard on his body since his last Splat! appearance so we thought this was the perfect time to resurrect the Splatty! Gym to put his fitness to the test. Pie push ups, sloppy bucket holds and all manner of messy workouts feature with plenty of foam and gunge. Oh, and we all get to look at Malcolm's awesome new body! Back To School Messy Quiz

Since Malcolm's last visit to Splat! HQ he has been back to school, namely acting school. So in this messy quiz complete with custard pie throws and Gunge blasts, Malcolm is quizzed on all things acting and theater. If Malcom get's more wrong then right then a tanking awaits! Eat Your Words

Malcolm loves to talk, you will know that already if you have seen any of his pervious Splat! Shows. He talks so much but can he remember what he spoke about on his last shows? Will he back up and defend some of his statements he has said on the show in the past? We find out in Eat Your Words and a messy forfeit comes his way if he forgets or fails to defend his statement. Will he get a Tanking? He hoped not wearing that white Lycra singlet...but did we pull the chain? Of course we did! Splat! Show Debrief--Pull It Yourself It's the end of Malcolm's third and possibly last Splat! show so he takes the hot seat in the tank for what could be his last Gunging with us. Malcom wanted to pull the chain on himself so we of course let him do just that after we did the Splat! Show Debrief. A cracking show. We want to thank Malcolm for being a great sport throughout his time with us. He is a star.
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