Luke Gets Wet in the River
Produced by Luke gets wet!
Starring the following model:
"Luke getting wet with nike air max, hoodie, jeans, socks and cap!"

It was a really warm and nice day. So I decided to go wet with the clothes I was wearing. I will get wet with the following: Nike Air Max 90, G-Star Hoodie, Jeans, Sagging pants, Socks, Cap. After I needed to drive home completly soaked!

File count:2
Total size:411.36 MB
Total runtime:12 mins, 6 secs
Date added:5/16/18
Scene ID:28492
Includes these files:
4,755 Kbps
172.84 MB
5.1 minutes
4,732 Kbps
238.52 MB
7.0 minutes

"Very nice first vid!"
By wetsaggerboynick  5/28/18

Great first wet vid! Hope to see a lot more wet vids and maybe messy vids of you! Love the outfit, the nice way you soak it completely!

One small thing though... The vids are a bit upside down. They would be better if you already turn them before uploading ;-)

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